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AU Meme: Selena and Harry both talk about their daughter, Ella, in their interviews on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Au Meme: You’re Harry’s girlfriend and get many hates. Harry defends you every single time.

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“still writing about that vigilante in a red cape?”
“he has a name, clark.”
“oh so you are on a first name basis with him?”
“no. but i’ve been calling him superman.”

Au Meme: Harry is punk/dark and you two fall in love with each other.

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AU: Marina Hale is the daughter of Talia Hale and the sister of Derek and Cora Hale. She was believed to have died in the fire, in reality she was rescued by Peter and raised by a foster family. She comes back to Beacon Hills and decides to help Scott and his pack.

#3 Master List



#9 You’re on your period

#10 How he reacts seeing your ex 

He yells at you when he’s tired *CASHTON*


#11 You’re sleeping and they say how beautiful you are

#12 You watch him sleeping

#13 It was mentioned in an interview, and you just learned it now

#14 He walks in you changing

#15 Their reaction to you sleeping on skype

#16 Kiss me Kiss me

#17 You’re his celebrity crush

#18 You guys flirt on twitter

They all have a crush on you

#19 You steal his beanie *CAKE*

#20 You steal his beanie *MASHTON*

#21 You guys are about to have sex, but you are insecure about your body *CASHTON*

#22 You guys are about to have sex, but you are insecure about your body *MUKE*

#23 You hear his girlfriend is only dating him for fame *LASHTON*

#24 He wakes you up

#25 He doesn’t like you, you were a bet, he falls for you *Cashton*

#26 He doesn’t like you, you were a bet, he falls for you *PART 2*

They lead you to suspension 

#27 He doesn’t like you, you were a bet, he falls for you *MUKE*

#28 Heartbreak Girl

#29 You accidently turned him on

#30 He doesn’t like you, you were a bet, he falls for you *MUKE*

#31 He gives you space to cry, then asks whats wrong

They both want cuddles and fighting over you *Mashton*

#32: How they are when you guys have sex 

#33 No Idea

#34 What he likes about you

#35 You’re an inch shorter than him *CAKE*

You give them presents and they are expensive

#37 You prank each other *MUKE*

They fight over you *Lashton*

What kind of girl they like *CAKE*

#38 He gets over-protective because of the pregnancy


He dances with another girl and likes it


Y/F/N and You like Calum and Y/F/N confesses she likes Calum, and you think Calum likes her back *GIF IMAGINE*



He texts you when he’s away from tour *PICTURE IMAGINE*

You’re 14 and dating him

You guys were “doing it” in the shower *GIF IMAGINE*

You have music homework and he helps you

You and Calum hate each other, then you develop feelings for him *GIF IMAGINE*


He surprises you on your guys anniversary 

He blurts out his wedding speech 

You both hate each other, but actually like each other

Ashton keeks you and Calum talking and cuddling in Calum’s bunk

He misunderstands about you telling his secret

You are Michael’s sister and you go on a date with Calum

You’re a youtuber

You slow dance with him

He forgets your birthday

He’s your best friend and is in love with you

His girlfriend hates you


Your his crush and the boys want him to tell you *GIF IMAGINE*

Your famous and at his signing, but he doesn’t know you

He finds your tumblr  *PICTURE IMAGINE*

You’re his celebrity crush and go to his concert *GIF IMAGINE*

Liz invites you over to her house to help you with math, and you meet her son along with the boys

You got in a car accident *GIF IMAGINE*

Your boyfriend cheats on you  *GIF IMAGINE*

You both hate each other, and fall for each other

You guys were kissing under the cover *AU MEME GIF IMAGINE*

He likes you and try to get your attention

You and Luke broke up last week *GIF IMAGINE*



You guys are dating, but the boys interrupt you guys when you guys are alone while skyping, or facetiming *GIF IMAGINES*

You ask the boys to join the tour, and you like Luke *GIF IMAGINE*

He asks about your first love

You react to his fetus photo

He’s the new kid

Niall likes you, but you don’t. You love Luke  *GIF IMAGINE*

You see him flirting with a girl, you just get jealous not mad

You guys are a love-hate relationship

He hears you singing their song

He catches you when you falled 

You are in the same records as him *PERSONAL*

You mistake pregnancy

You’re moving to another country

It’s his birthday 


Calum kisses you and Luke see’s it

Imagine cuddling with Luke

You’re shorter than him *PERSONAL*

You guys play spin the bottle

He cheers you up


He has a crush on you and its all over twitter and magazines *GIF IMAGINE*

You break his drums

You and him are best friends and are in love with each other *GIF IMAGINE*

Michael texts you that he’s sleeping *PICTURE IMAGINE*

You’re famous and surprise him on stage

He hurts your feelings *GIF IMAGINE*

The boys know you both like each other, so they trap you in a room *GIF IMAGINE*

Theres a singing competition at your school and he falls in love with your voice and you 

You guys just met *SMUT*

You are graduating

He knows about you fantasizing about him

It’s his birthday *GIF IMAGINE*

Small blurb

He wants another kid

You and Ashton see each other after 2 months breakup *GIF IMAGINE*


He’s being over-protective

He’s your childhood friend and he likes you

You guys are playing a video game and get into it *PERSONAL*

You guys have a argument and ends cutely

You guys are childhood friends and he loves you *PERSONAL*

You guys are a internet couple *PERSONAL*

You crave for pickles

You guys meet based off Wrapped around your finger *PERSONAL*


Dating Ashton would involve

Dating Luke would involve

Dating Calum would involve

Dating Michael would involve

Living with 5SOS would involve

Being 5SOS crush would involve

Being 5SOS celebrity crush would involve

Being Calums crush would involve

Being on tour with 5SOS would involve


#1 How he feels about you hanging with another boy

#2 There reaction to you sleeping on skype

#3 How he is when he is drunk

#4 He wants a kiss in a twitcam *NARRY*


You’re on their You and I set

You and him are on a road trip together and he confesses his feelings

He keeps texting Kendall and on stage, and you go get him

His mum shows you his baby pictures and he gets angry

He meets your parents *PERSONAL*

His band mate introduces you to him

He’s angry from work *SMUT*

You ride horses together

Your halfway through the pregnancy

You’re calustrophobic and at his signing

You’re in labour, but only his mum and sister is with you

How he is when you guys fight

What he does to make you smile

He tells the fans that you guys are dating

He finds your tumblr *PICTURE IMAGINE*

He gets jealous *GIF IMAGINE*

You’re a criminal profiler

He meets your parents *PERSONAL*

Wedding day, you tell him you’re pregnant

How he is when you have cramps

You catch the bouquet

Happy birthday *PERSONAL*


It’s the fourth of july and he confesses his feelings

He gets jealous from you hanging out with Harry recently a lot

You’re on a gameshow with him

Your ex won’t leave you alone 

He was cheating on you for a year ½, you guys get in an argument, he hits you, then apologizes *PERSONAL*

You tell him you hate him because of all the Narbara drama

You guys get in a fight before the wedding day *PERSONAL*

You guys have a baby shower *PERSONAL*

It’s your first time *smut*

You do a prank on him *AU MEME GIF IMAGINE*

You yell at him that you hate him

He’s gonna be a dad *PERSONAL*

How he is when you guys fight

He scolds the twins

You save his life

You guys are childhood best friends and you both fall for each other *PERSONAL*

He’s talking about marrying you

You break up with because of the hate


He gets jealous *SMUT*

Unscripted kiss

The fans ship you guys

He’s sick on the date

He plays with your sisters dolls *PERSONAL*


You go to paris with him

Both of your mums know each other and you guys meet

You guys are being lovey dovey and cute


He likes you or has a crush on you *PERSONAL*


Bad Boy Ashton 






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Au meme: You & you Magcon Boy <3

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AU: You’re Michael’s girlfriend and he loves the way you sneeze. You never realized until the interview came out, but you started to piece the pieces together when thinking back on the times that you sneezed and he could never keep a straight face.


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AU Meme (part 2): You’re Luke’s girlfriend and Ashton keeps teasing him about you. (part 1 here)

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AU: You’re Ashton’s sister and Luke’s girlfriend. Ashton told you to be careful with Luke, and you stupidly thought that you could be careful, especially with all of the nice and lovely things Luke would say to you. In the end, everyone got hurt, including the band, who were now taking sides against each other.

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AU: You’re Calum’s girlfriend and he’d always been the jealous and overprotective type, but lately it was getting more intense. You couldn’t do anything without him overreacting and treating you like a child. You were tired of it and decided to confront him about it. He promised that he would try to tone it down, but he just wanted to take care of you because he’d never loved someone as much as he loved you.

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AU Meme: You’re Luke’s girlfriend and Ashton keeps teasing him about you.

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Preference 11: Dancing

Michael: Just one spin

You always felt awkward dancing in public, and this was something Michael loved to tease you about endlessly. One morning you both laid in bed in silent bliss, “As cute as it is babe, I don’t get why you don’t like dancing.” Michael says. You sit up on the bed as you pull your knees in, “It’s not that I don’t like to, I just can’t. I probably dance just as good as you.” You say and hear Michael scoff behind you, “I resent that.” He mumbles and you laugh. Then it is as if you can feel Michael mischief as he jumps off the bed. “What are you…-,” then Michael grabs the guitar and walks up to you and starts strumming the guitar, “The only way to get over fear is actually do it.” Michael explains and you immediately jump off the bed, “I’m warning you Michael.” You say and that’s when he starts chasing you around the bedroom, “Just one spin sweetheart.” Michael says and you laugh, “Fine, you win.” 

Calum: New Dance Partner

You were a natural on the dance floor, and every weekend would go to the same place with your friends. It was a usual Saturday night with the usual people, at least that’s what you thought, “Do you see the hot guy with the jawline in the corner?” your friend whispers to you as you dance, so you glance in her direction to see the tall, dark haired guy, “He’s not bad.” You say as he is eyeing you right back. He then walks up to you in your direction, “Hey there beautiful, care to dance?” He asks you. “Actually-,” you were about to decline until your friend pushes you into him, “She would love to. See you later girl.” The traitor says as she runs off, then the guy grabs you around the waist, “Do you think you can keep up?” he asks and you laugh, “Please, just watch your own step buddy.” You say and the song starts playing and by the time he was spinning you around you had to admit you wouldn’t mind him being your dance partner for life, “How was that?” he asks once the song is over and he holds you close. You try to control your breath, “You aren’t half bad.”

Ashton: So cliche 

The night was going terrible, Ashton’s car broke down so you both missed the dinner reservation, yours and Ashton’s clothes were both stained with gas from trying to fix the car, your curls were going flat, and you broke your heel so you now was walking with one shoe on, “Sorry darling.” Ashton says quietly as he walks behind you, “I told you Ashton I’m not mad at, I’m mad at this night.” You say still walking forward. Then you smelled the humidity in the air, “Please dear lord no.” you say as you stop to look up. Just as you predicted it started to drizzle, then completely pour all over you, “Are you shitting me!” You say practically screaming at the sky. That’s when you see Ashton get on his knees in front of you as he takes off your other heel leaving you barefoot, “What are you doing?” you ask. He then pulls our his phone and plays music, “Let’s dance.” He says. You can’t help but laugh at the idea, “Isn’t that a bit cliché Ash.” You say and he shrugs, “Might as well make the most of something.” He smiles and you agree as you dance towards him and he grabs you, “At least one thing went right.” You say and Ashton agrees as he kisses you.

Luke: Only Dance

The day is beautiful with the wind only blowing lightly through the leaves of the tree you are standing beneath. You look up at the sky and can almost feel the radiating sun soak up in your skin, “You look beautiful.” You turn to see Luke standing in a suit, and you look down at yourself in your white dress, “Well you did pick out the dress.” You smile and you take his hand that was out for you and give him a spin, “There’s no music Luke,” you say honestly not caring as the only music you need is his heart beating. “Baby girl, we only need to dance,” You nod, “Now wake up.” He says. “Luke I am awake.” You smile, “Wake up.” He repeats as if not hearing you, “WAKE UP!” someone that wasn’t Luke’s voice yell and you jolt awake in class to see your teacher in front of you with a furious face, “Y/N try to stay awake.” The teacher says and everyone in the class laughs and you see your crush Luke two seats up even crack a smile at you. “Great my first dance with Luke would be a dream.” You think as you plop your head back on your desk. 

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