other gay stuff


Dear Writers of Voltron,
Are you trying to tell us something?


so its christmas now

i just remembered an art project i did back when i was 12 and like,,,, how did i not realise i wasn’t straight earlier oh my god

basically we had to design these bowl things and decorate them with an issue that was really important to us and most people did animal charities etc. but i did a whole gay rights themed bowl that was decorated with rainbow tissue paper and pictures of wlw couples and i just

i had a fact that was like ‘1 in every 4 ppl are lgbt’ and this kid was like ‘so there’s at least 7 of us in this class who are gay’ and i was like ‘oh shit yeah probably i wonder who they are’


i have some news for u buddy

yall listen

i just spent the past week looking through bad kakuhida doujinshi because im love to suffer and had to find out the majority of people?? draw hidan cute and small?? like??

no, thats a giant nasty boy and i will set him on fire while i tell him i love him

blease im desprate for the short cockatoo and tall hidan content

i hate how this site shames girls for enjoying anything & everything . you like pastel colors n shit? fuck you. plants&succulents? animals? stereotypical tumblr girl.  non-feminine stuff? hairdye? stop being edgy. fandoms? bands? cringe!! etc etc.. like, can we please be nice to girls in 2017? can yall just let them like what they want as long as it doesnt hurt anybody, for once??

I love being a lesbian


Vanilla Fates Marj: constantly frowning, squints angrily at not being able to be gay, face pale at the threat of marrying men

Gay Fates Marj: softer face, eyes open to better take in all the ladies, slight perma-blush of happy and gayness


In my head, you are not welcome.