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“stop drawing damien in a binder it’s fetishistic” im sorry janet we just get literally no trans characters in any media ever that aren’t painted as a miserable depressed bastard with that being the only element of their character so we’d like to celebrate finally having good trans rep thanks



  • me with p4 characters: ok souyo is really good... chie and yukiko are super gay too... naoto and kanji are fucking perfect..... shit i ran outta good pairs.
  • me with p5 characters: all of the phantom thieves are in a poly relationship with each other and it’s good and gay and fluffy and also the cat’s there too.

i couldn’t find any phone background edits of just a bunch of fucken poes… so i made one myself. feel free to use if you like i might end up making a finn and rey one too cuz they’re amazing and its surprisingly fun making edits like these


Dear Writers of Voltron,
Are you trying to tell us something?

Spin the Bottle

Where Harry and Draco kiss over a game of spin the bottle.

Word count: 483

“C’mon, Potter. What are you, scared?” Pansy provokes him from three seats down, grinning devilishly.  

“No,” Harry growls, eyeing the empty Firewhisky bottle in front of him. 

“Then spin the bottle!” Lavender pipes up, grinning beside Parvati, both of their faces flushed, undeniably intoxicated. 

“Fine,” He mutters and does as he’s told, watching the bottle spin around his fellow eighth year commoners, heart fluttering in his chest as it begins to slow. There were many people in this room he didn’t want to kiss and… “Fuck,” Harry mutters when the lip of the bottle lands in front of none other than Draco sodding Malfoy. 

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