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>GRIMES MEETS MAdM AT BASILICA HUDSON. Melissa Auf der Maur interviews Claire Boucher about what it’s like being women who’s birthdays fall on St. Patricks Day, amongst other topics. Footage of her amazing show at Basilica Hudson follows.

Just found this lovely interview by those queens from Canada back in 2012.

-Kennyy as MELTRICK

[Sat, Jan 20th, 2017]


gif request meme: @blufeniix asked favorite familial relationship + Uncharted
 Sully, Nate, & Elena


                                                        Rey’s Evolution:

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On set of Murder on the Orient Express

After seeing so many videos of Yuzuru lip-syncing (to Brian, before competitions, etc.) I was really curious to know what he actually SOUNDS like while singing. And while we all know that Yuzu skated to Hana Wa Saku, did you know that he sang it as well? I finally found the full video and he looks so cute singing!! 🙈 

More about the event - Yuzuru was invited to be a judge at the 66th Kōhaku Uta Gassen (an annual year-end song contest) in 2015. Here’s him looking all dapper and smiley on TV:

P.S. Check out yuzusorbet’s coverage of the event for more hilarious moments, like how Seimei briefly faced off Darth Vader, and Yuzu had a fanboy moment when they announced Bump of Chicken was coming on stage ^^

  • Viktor: You're not weak Yuuri, and no one thinks you are.
  • Yuuri: Really?
  • Viktor: Absolutely. I've thought so even since I saw that video of you.
  • Yuuri: The one where I skate Stay Close To Me?
  • Viktor: No the other one. The security footage of you fighting meth addicts in a Denny's parking lot.
  • Yuuri: ...How did you find that?
  • Viktor: It was under related videos after I watched you skate my program.
  • Yuuri: Fucking hell I told Phichit not to post those.

Benophie AU: Roadtrip

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