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After seeing so many videos of Yuzuru lip-syncing (to Brian, before competitions, etc.) I was really curious to know what he actually SOUNDS like while singing. And while we all know that Yuzu skated to Hana Wa Saku, did you know that he sang it as well? I finally found the full video and he looks so cute singing!! 🙈 

More about the event - Yuzuru was invited to be a judge at the 66th Kōhaku Uta Gassen (an annual year-end song contest) in 2015. Here’s him looking all dapper and smiley on TV:

P.S. Check out yuzusorbet’s coverage of the event for more hilarious moments, like how Seimei briefly faced off Darth Vader, and Yuzu had a fanboy moment when they announced Bump of Chicken was coming on stage ^^

  • Viktor: You're not weak Yuuri, and no one thinks you are.
  • Yuuri: Really?
  • Viktor: Absolutely. I've thought so even since I saw that video of you.
  • Yuuri: The one where I skate Stay Close To Me?
  • Viktor: No the other one. The security footage of you fighting meth addicts in a Denny's parking lot.
  • Yuuri: ...How did you find that?
  • Viktor: It was under related videos after I watched you skate my program.
  • Yuuri: Fucking hell I told Phichit not to post those.

Benophie AU: Roadtrip

(Ben footage from x)

Avian Art Refs

I frequently see my posts reblogged with the tag #art ref so I just wanted to quickly make this post to say that if you’re looking for bird reference images I have a load of tags for specific activities, body parts, and angles which may make looking for refs a bit easier for some of you!

Body Language:

aggression - aggressive body language, videos, etc.

comfort  /  happy - comfortable body language

fear - fearful body language

Body Parts:

beak - closeups, weird positions, screaming, yawning, climbing etc.

cere - their nose, nosehairs

eye - visible eye colour, eye closeups, eyelashes

feathers - moulted feathers, feather closeups

feet   /    foot   -  feet closeups, preening feet, perching, flying etc.

fluffenchops - those puffy feathers on either side of the beak

rectrices - tail feathers, moulted feathers closeups

remiges - wing flight feathers, moulted feathers, closeups

rump - the spot right above their tail, closeups, etc.

tongue - open beaks showing tongues, tongue closeups

wing   /   wings   -  wing closeups, in weird positions, closed, part open, etc.


bathing - bathing in tubs, this also has other categories

  • bathing video - footage of them bathing
  • wet - after bathing, wet feathers, funny feather-dos

beak grinding - videos and pictures, behaviour happens when they’re sleepy

climbing - usually in motion, reaching, stretching a leg out, etc.

eating - seeds, fruits, beak closeups, etc.

flying - birds flying in all angles/ positions, this breaks up in to several other categories:

  • front view - flying at the camera/ front of the body is visible
  • back view - flying away from camera/ back is visible
  • side view - mostly the side of the bird is visible
  • flying video - if you’re looking for the mechanics of flight this might help (although they are SUPER speedy)

foraging - solving puzzles, sticking their heads in containers

hanging - by their beaks, feet, one leg, etc.

playing - grabbing objects, climbing, etc.

preening - cleaning their feathers, feet, and one another, sometimes close-up

sleeping - head tucked, closed eyes, videos, etc.

stretching - leg and wing stretches

yawning - open beaks, yawning

I think that’s all of them, and of course if there’s ever an image you need that you just can’t find feel free to ask, odds are that I either have that image somewhere or I can easily snap a new one for you! 

Anyways I hope this helps someone, have a blast and art-away!

                                                   When the morning glories twine around the door
                                                       Whispering pretty stories I long to hear once more

How Mnet Screwed Kenta Over
  • a list i will update continuously bc i know we’re gonna uncover more shady stuff mnet did to him
  • updated as of june 29
  • making him relearn sayonara hitori in japanese two weeks before recording to possibly:
  • justify why their xenophobic ass cut his performance 
  • expose him to criticism for singing in japanese instead of korean
  • give him a storyline as the japanese dude but then had to cut him out because he talked about mnet making him sing in japanese (aka shaded them) in front of the judges
  • make life harder for him (*whispers* bc they hate him)
  • for team battles:
  • didn’t show how be mine team 2 chose kenta as center despite showing all of the other groups’ centers
  • cut be mine team’s performance (they literally skipped to the end) and kept focusing on other trainees during kenta’s (and ponyo ofc) parts
  • gave the person with the most votes in team battles an interview except for kenta they didn’t even show his reaction they gave alpaca and tiptoe a teacher/student story instead which is great but why ONLY them????
  • showed how leaders and centers were chosen in position battles EXCEPT for spring day they never showed how they chose leader which was coincidentally kenta then too wow is it just me or is something weird here hahahaha
  • the thing that happened in be mine happened in spring day too except it was more obvious because kenta only had like two parts this time
  • during his parts the camera cut to the audience and the other trainees without doing that stupid repeating thing mnet does like five times (see: dongho in bil)
  • for comparison see how well they edited bjy’s vocal parts giving him a nice small box for eunki to comment that he’s handsome and not stealing the spotlight from him
  • didn’t show kenta helping sanggyun with his japanese rap (ano ano hajimemashite) or his reaction to his finished product 
  • (comparison: kenta reacting to dongho saying hontoni haha favoritism much but that’s a topic for another day)
  • (another comparison: woo jinyoung helping gwanghyun with his rap)
  • and for open up
  • aha HAHA OH BOY
  • H A!!!!! H A H A H AH A!!!!!
  • once again they completely skip over how kenta (and eunki) were chosen as center
  • instead they give daniel another inefficient leader storyline!!! ya y!! :D!!!!!!
  • why do they keep recycling storylines 
  • @mnet i don’t even write and I could come up with a better storyline for your whole damn show in fact I have like 5 already i can sell them to you so you can release the same season but with all the unused footage you have bc you always annoyingly repeat everything like 10 times god it’s so annoying
  • mnet tried to evil edit kenta and his team but hey it’s the effort that counts at least they made a somewhat convincing edit this time- 
  • (just kidding kenta was smiling in the mirror while kahi was talking all of korea noticed )
  • (also everyone liked how serious kenta looked and his black clothing so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  • kenta vs daniel??? is this a massacre??? did they want to incur daniel fans’ wrath and destroy kenta?? actually that’s exactly what they wanted i know mnet i’ve analyzed them and gotten into their mind i have the whole conspiracy unraveled wake up america
  • it’s hilarious how they tried to make kenta look like he was planning mutiny against daniel and his team from open up (bc he’s a harmless puppy)
  • (also his serious expression?? it’s the same one he made when he was watching open up choreo it’s his focusing on choreo face)
  • (angry kenta doesn’t exist except maybe that time he was talking to haknyeon in open up)
  • fun fact that was the only time kenta ever got an interview the other time was when he got like two seconds onscreen to compliment hoeseung/hwiseung for be mine team 1
  • open up minus the eliminated trainees:
  • kenta’s screentime was still pathetic but we’ve been so deprived this was better than we could have ever expected
  • too bad voting closes in a few hours after the episode airs :)))))))))
  • and fancams are going to be released LATE hahaha i wonder why it’s because kenta killed the open up stage you dipshits wake up to the truth already
  • that deleted preview of kenta and yongguk and sungwoon and hyunbin as the four candidates for 20th place was cruel and unnessecary (also more preview footage that didn’t show up in the actual episode :///)
  • episode 10 (kill me now)
  • they show kenta begging for more screentime in the episode he’s eliminated (cruel and unecessary and made me want to cry)
  • they cut his ment far too quickly why can’t mnet be nice for once
  • they showed kenta in every elimination EXCEPT for the one where he was eliminated bc he wasn’t crying and mnet wanted to break him
  • the final episode (lololololololol)
  • all i have to say about this is that kenta got more screentime here than throughout the whole show
  • anyway
  • to summarize
  • they only used him for reactions shots and never gave him screentime for things that mattered like idk performances and skill and the one time he did get a storyline he was the antagonist to daniel’s protagonist
  • a special thank you to hwanoong and the dance trainer dude and alpaca and seonho for giving kenta the only pr he ever got on this godforsaken show
  • yumi probably doomed herself by choosing kenta as her pick too 
  • is it just me or did she not get much screentime??
  • look if kenta was her pick mnet definitely has footage of her complimenting him
  • conclusion: kenta and all the people who chose to associate with him suffered by mnet’s hands
  • !! NEW !! 
  • didn’t show a single interaction between kenta and the trainers not one nada
  • also the fact that seokhoon called mnet out on not showing kenta at all even though he was working hard should be convincing enough
  • they never showed kenta’s ment for any of the evaluations besides be mine and they even cut that
  • in spring day everyone EXCEPT kenta got an interview when they saw the live voting results
  • they tried their best to make him nonexistent and tbh they succeeded
The Loutten Conspiracy.

You’ve all heard about HarrDuck, but have you taken the time to consider Loutten, AKA Louis the Kitten? This conspiracy might just be one of, if not, the most plausible conspiracy we’ve ever covered on this blog. Let’s get into it.

Most widely popularized by James Corden of the Late Late show (seen above), the conspiracy that Louis Tomlinson is in fact a kitten began when James himself requested a member of One Direction to stand in as his Bond Villain cat. Who would he happen to chose? Without any hesitation? None other than Louis William Tomlinson. While this was a shock to some people, to see him so effortlessly “impersonate” a feline, this conspiracy actually has quite the background of substantial evidence, each piece of proof getting more and more convincing as we move along…

Proof #1: The scrunchy face

Quite the resemblance for someone just “squinting”

The comparison between Louis Tomlinson in his natural state of joyful detestation and that of a cat in a similar state are eerily similar, right down to the whiskers. Does this mean that Louis has been a feline all along?

Proof #2: Sweaterpaws

Sweaterpaws. PAWS. P A W S.

While many a human can control themselves when presented or robed in a baggy/oversized garment, it would appear that one Louis Tomlinson could not do the same. Is it because he’s youthful at heart? Or, more plausibly, because kittens love to paw at floppy fabrics/strings/knits/anything that dangles? 

Here’s where things get really real for this conspiracy…

Proof #3: Exclusive candid photo of HarrDuck and Loutten sharing a smooch

Compared to a photoshopped picture of what “human” Louis and Harry would look like kissing, the resemblance? Uncanny.

This is one of the more startling pieces of evidence in favour of Loutten and HarrDuck. The fact that this piece of proof reflects consistency in both conspiracies is what truly makes this piece of evidence feel more meaningful and important. Still not convinced? Well…

Proof #4: Exclusive footage of other members of One Direction holding “unknown” kittens while Louis remains out of frame or “absent”

Both Tabby cats…blue collars…seems…odd.

Sure, we can look at these pieces of evidence as mere oversights, maybe those are other kittens, they can’t possibly be Louis how absurd! …Or is it? In the first picture, Zayn Malik is pictured with an unidentified kitten. As we know, Louis and Zayn used to be particularly close (we’ve all seen the “joint lit, happy days” leaked footage) so it wouldn’t be out of character for them to have been hanging out outside of work-related obligations. “Human” Louis has no alibi to explain his whereabouts at the time of the picture, which only further pushes the idea that Louis is that kitten.

The second piece with band member Liam Payne seems to come with an alibi, Louis was also on stage at this point (just out of frame of this gif) however because Jimmy Kimmel is pre-recorded who knows what kind of editing techniques could’ve been used here. The fact that there’s exclusive cutting and quick camera work when we get a full picture of all the boys leads us here at 1Dunsolved to believe the “porno background” Harry spoke of was more than likely a green screen to allow a projection of “human” Louis while kitten Louis was cradled in a teacup.

This brings us to our most relevant and shocking piece of evidence. If you weren’t convinced yet, this HAS to do the trick…!

Proof #5: Even Google believes Louis is a kitten

In this case, 2+2=4

So what is the truth? Will we ever know? If this is true, what does this mean for Louis’ future solo career? With 2/4 members potentially existing as human/animal hybrids of sorts, what does the future look like for One Direction? However much evidence we think we have, there is no confirmation of this theory by Louis or his reps. We tried calling multiple times and they blocked our number… Awkward.

Therefore, this mystery of “The Loutten” remains


-The First Ghost

Ok kiddos let me explain you a thing right now:
If you are watching a video and the sound is clear, that video was staged.

You ever actually listen to the shit you record in your phone? You ever wonder why your home movies sound so terrible?

Let me let you in on a little filmmaker’s secret ok:

So the next time you see a video that seems horrible or awful or sweet oh what-fucking-ever, listen to it.

Cause if it looks windy and there’s no wind noise? It’s staged.

If the camera is about 20 ft from the subject yet sounds like the person is sitting right next to you? It’s staged.

Granted there are ways around this, but those require an actual crew. So if you’re watching a documentary that has an actual budget, then yeah sure it might not be staged (though that’s been known to happen in docs as well).

But if this video is being passed off as “candid” or surreptitious “phone” recording, just know it’s fake. It’s staged. There is only so much you can fix in post.

In the five decades since graphic footage of the JFK assassination splattered its way onto our television screens, said footage has been played, enhanced, replayed, zoomed in upon, and declared “FAKE!” by everyone from Oliver Stone to your dumbass college roommate. As such, you probably think there’s no gruesome detail of that fateful day with which you’re unfamiliar, and to that we emphatically say, “No, you are wrong. Unless you have heard of it, in which case you are some kind of macabre history buff, and are still wrong, albeit in a more general sense.”

The most distressing detail of the footage – other than the exploding skull – is the outward anguish of Jackie Kennedy, who in just seconds transforms from a poised First Lady into a blood-drenched widow. What you probably haven’t heard was her insistence on staying that way.

Hours after the assassination, Jackie arrived on Air Force One for the emergency swearing-in of her husband’s vice president Lyndon Baines Johnson – still wearing her watermelon-pink suit from the motorcade, filthy with her husband’s blood and brain matter. She had repeatedly shot down her aides’ pleas to change with, “No, I’m going to leave these clothes on. I want them to see what they have done.”

6 Dark Details History Usually Leaves Out (For Good Reason)


Benophie AU: Pretty waitress

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Hey my pals, I put together a quick video of me applying my Trill spots for my Jadzia Dax closet cosplay that I did awhile back! Nothing really special!

I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW™ Pomade in Medium Brown for the spots (that’s all I had laying around at the time lol)

And my wig is a IMLADRIS CLASSIC in Spanish Brown from Arda Wigs