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Some Mudad HCs taking into account the canon personalities of Dio and his kids that may be read as “edgy” but eh, it’s just how I feel about it:

  • Giorno, despite common depiction, is not Dio’s favourite spawn. Versace is.
  • In fact, Giorno isn’t even Dio’s second favourite kid (that would be Ungaro), he’s his second least favourite (just above Rykiel)
  • This is because, despite Giorno’s ruthless ambition and drive (which Dio wholeheartedly encourages), Dio sees Giorno’s compassion for others and desire to help the weak a massive character flaw. To Dio, Giorno represents nothing but wasted potential. Unfortunate
  • That being said, he’s still in better standing than Rykiel. Which, due to his sickly nature and anxiety, he could leave to the dogs as far as Dio is concerned.
  • Despite being his favourite, Dio acknowledges that Versace has flaws - namely in calculation, assessing and planning (Versace is a bit of a hothead). So he forces Giorno to help his brother out in those fields. Neither are them are particularly happy with the situation (as neither are very fond of the other)
  • Dio favours and spends more time with Versace and Ungaro, and encourages their ruthlessness and sadism.
  • This causes the kids to fracture and band together into two groups Versace & Ungaro vs Giorno & Rykiel
  • Versace and Unagro take pleasure in bullying and teasing their younger/older brother. Though this is mostly reserved for the nervous and sickly Rykiel as Giorno could still whoop their asses on any given day.
  • Giorno looks out for his younger brother and takes up kind of protective role towards Rykiel and Rykiel looks up to him and becomes determined to be a stronger person.
  • There was one way the brothers bonded together as kids, and that’s when the brothers would ask Ungaro to use Bohemian Rhapsody to see if Goku could really beat up Superman and other such schoolkid dream teams/showdowns.
  • (Giorno always seemed to get the winning bet each time. Versace, Rykiel and Ungaro wonder how)
  • One day, after too much teasing, Rykiel snaps and beats the everloving shit out of Versace and Ungaro. Giorno watches from the sidelines, quietly sipping tea, while Dio is cheering Rykiel on because finally, his weakest son is showing some promise.
  • Versace and Ungaro learn not to mess with Rykiel anymore. Giorno is pleased. They two pairs sorta keep to themselves beyond this point.
  • When Giorno becomes head of the Mafia, Dio starts showing more interest in him over Versace and Ungaro, much to their chagrin.
  • Still there is #disappointment for Dio when Giorno uses his standing as the Don in a sort of Robin Hood-esque “Protect the poor and vulnerable” sense. 
  • Over the years, the brothers sorta chill out a bit. While not exactly friendly, everyone is on amicable terms with each other.
  • To the point where Giorno willingly helps Ungaro out with his addiction later down the line.
  • The drug problem that was sorta ignored but was the reason Ugaro was falling out of favour with his father (because addiction is weakness)
  • I still feel like Dio would like, eat any of his kids (starting with Rykiel) if he was sufficiently hungry enough. Though the fact that Dio is like, never short of chick, dudes and nb folks to dine on makes this point kinda moot.
post victory

The last several hours have been a blur. Hinata feels like he’s just been swept along in a wave of energy, carried by excited fans, teammates, interviewers, faces and questions and exclamations all blurred together in his memory, and now he’s been deposited in the hotel lobby, almost too tired to even stand.

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On Miraculous Holders

Okay so many of us agree that the miraculous wielder has something opposite about them that their miraculous balances out, right? So this has brought me to actually thinking about what my “dream team” of wielders would be, so here I go!

Ladybug: Marinette. Obviously. Her miraculous, being the one of good luck, balances out her bad luck (e.g. always being in Chloe’s class, clumsiness, etc.).

Cat Noir: Adrien. Again, the two obvious ones here. Adrien seems to have good luck, what with being rich and all, but that’s really just the surface of his life. However, it’s definitely enough to balance out his miraculous.

Jade Turtle (?): Nino. (@thelastpilot I love you turtle mother!!!) While I am TOTALLY on board the theory of the other five miraculouses being based off of the Chinese elements, I am going to use the actual turtle persona instead of the previous good/bad luck thing. Nino is a very young and “hip” person; we know he loves dancing and dj-ing. He can also be very headstrong, as seen when he gets akumatized. The patience and wisdom of a turtle would totally balance Nino out, and if you disagree go read The Weight of Jade by thelastpilot and you will be convinced I promise.

Volpina: Alya. Sorry not sorry, I really don’t like Lila. If you think she should get a redemption arc that ends with a miraculous, that’s fine, but I’m capping my dream team redemptions at one. Aya is very up-front about everything, and she is constantly trying to figure out the truth. The sneakiness of a fox would balance out her boldness, and the power of illusions (if that’s what the actual miraculous wielder would get) balances out her love of the truth perfectly.

Queen Bee (?): Chloe. Yeah, it’s very cliche. I’m actually still kind of on the fence about it, but now I’m coming around with this whole opposites/balancing things out thing. If Chloe could get a (well executed, I’m sure) redemption arc, then the bee miraculous actually does suit her. Not for the “Queen Bee” pun, but again for the balance. Chloe has been spoiled her whole life, never working for anything. Bees are super hard workers, and this balances her out beautifully. That, and bees are actually super nice until you piss them off, while Chloe is always pissed. Balance! These are the only reasons I hesitantly support Queen Bee! Chloe, because character design has nothing to do with the current canon heroes.

Peacock Superhero: Nathaneal. I’ve seen him paired with the fox miraculous before, and it’s super cute but I would still give that to Alya. No, in my dream team Nath gets the peacock miraculous. It fits him perfectly, because here is this really shy, quiet boy, and BOOM! He could become a peacock, super flamboyant and eye-catching. It is my personal opinion that Nathaneal deserves a miraculous, because he is probably the kindest person (from what we’ve seen) in this whole series. Even as an akuma, he’s just a little sweetheart. His disposition and the whole balancing thing work perfectly to give him a miraculous, peacock especially.

Okay, so that’s all six that are currently good/not in use… so what about after the eventual defeat of Hawk Moth?

Monarch (?): Prince Ali. Arguably one of the nicest characters alongside Rose and Nathaneal, Ali is another character who has a disposition fitting for a miraculous. Like Chloe, his name makes a great pun, but that’s not what we are looking for. Butterflies are changing creature, from a caterpillar to in-between-goo to a butterfly. Hawk Moth’s power is also to prey upon those with weak emotions. As a prince, Ali is already expected to be a “butterfly” when he could still be considered a caterpillar or even that goo in the chrysalis. His duties need him to be a veritable rock that doesn’t ever change, and with a stretch we can assume he is not supposed to reveal too many of his emotions. The moth/butterfly miraculous would be a great counterpart for Ali, and would give him an outlet for him to really help people, seeing as he is really passionate about that.

So, that is my dream team! Feel free to add anything if you so wish, I would love to hear what people think of this. My opinions probably won’t change, but I still enjoy hearing what other people’s dream teams are.