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  • throwback to S4!Cas (and weirdly turned on Dean) helloo:)
  • Sam defending Cas choice. The Sam and Cas friendship goes as strong as ever:))
  • that little pause when Dean said “I’m not pissed that he… cares about us” -you can say ‘loves us’ Dean;)
  • Damn Sam’s tall
  • that must have been a looong silence in the car…
  • “Benjamin wouldn’t have done what you did” “Benjamin is much more appreciative than you are”  Get it together, boys, Sammy’s already uncomfortable enough
  • “Benjamin’s a woman?” “Benjamin is an Angel” - let that sink in, Dean;P
    (But did it register that Cas has been in a female vessel once??)
  • I just wanna take a moment to appreciate Sam’s face when Cas ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-that Winchester throws out that poor guy. (Dean has to be the calm, reasonable one in this relationship for once, and I doubt he likes it:P)
  • Cas is being honest in face of the “Are you alright” question!
  • sassy!Cas
  • Old married couple af
  • Damn I love Sam in this episode
  • “Deeaan I told you I got this gdi”
  • Oh Sam. EVERYONE knows you, you’re Sam fucking Winchester
  • Sam and Dean you-don’t-talk-shit-about-our-Cas Winchester!
  • Another aspect of Sam’s history makes him relate to another character. Now we have a parallel with Soulless!Sam. I wonder where his story arc this season is taking us…
  • “At least he knows who his real friends are”- Is that Dean saying that Cas belongs with them in front of Cas? With Cas hearing? Pinch me, is this real?
  • That parallel to a certain other scene where a certain person chooses a certain other person over their own life/mission…
  • I like how Lily isn’t portrayed as a black-and-white villain here - and that she doesn’t get killed. Sam and Dean have sought revenge as well, so they understand her on a personal level. But never has a villain ever apologized to them and offered to let oneself be killed for the sake of revenge. Sam and Dean would have killed her if she’d laid a hand on Cas, they were pretty direct about that, but they also respected Cas’ decision. And I think it must have been the most cathartic thing - much more cathartic than killing all those angels - when Cas apologized to her.
  • Sam and Dean telling Cas he’s not weak, he’s changed, and how he’s always been by their side. That’s basically a hundred blankets thrown over Cas plus a heartfelt group hug in Winchester language -Yockey, you are my new hero.
  • “I’m not mad, I’m worried” ha hahaha haha. He was so worried he covered it all up with another emotion which happened to be anger (remember when he felt so abandoned he had to turn the feeling into guilt ha good times) and let it all out by giving the husband silent treatment followed by loaded bickering:’)
  • I’m glad they talked about what they’re gonna do about the nephilim baby. The episode’s story was, of course, a good parallel for that greater storyline and reminded us how far Cas has come from this absolute Warrior of God of earlier seasons - and this character development will reflect in his (their) decision in regard to the Nephilim.
  • Team Free Will in its best glory. It kinda feels like a comeback, to be honest, and I love it!
  • this episode has officially replaced 12x06 as my favorite S12 episode so far:)

You know what fucks me up about Happily? In the chorus, it’s Louis’ voice mixed prominently so I hear him almost shout-singing “I don’t care what people say when we’re together!”

And then it’s Harry mixed prominently so I hear him answering that with “You know I want to be the one to hold you in your sleep.”

They’re singing to each other. And the lyrics Harry writes say “we’re on fire, we’re on fire now” so what does Louis do? Pens a song that says they’re Fireproof. They speak to each other inside of songs and answer each other with new songs and I… I need to lie down for a bit.

#TeamInternet House Tour

So, if Team Internet was brought together, this is probably what the house would look like. Enjoy.

The house itself

The kitchen

Where the bloggers can blog and the cooks of the house do their thing

The main lounging area

The multiple living rooms

The closet where we store the merch

Some super cool bathrooms

The theaters for streaming YouTube videos, or those Netflix movie nights

An indoor swimming pool so we won’t have to go outside

and lastly,

the bedrooms

So who’s down with moving in?

Cause I am.


Behind the Scenes of Partners in Crime (Part 3)

David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and Phil Collinson on the episode podcast.

[talking about the window-cradle scene]

Phil Collinson: I love you in this basket. You just absolutely go for it.

David Tennant: And that was all green-screen, of course

PC: Yeah, it was. And then we had to fly the sonic screwdriver on a green screen as well

DT: …and I had to catch it

Catherine Tate: And you did!

PC: I love it!  What a catch!  How many times did you drop it?

DT:  I did drop it a couple of times. [Phil laughs loudly]  I remember we rehearsed it twice and I caught it both times but as soon as the camera started I kept dropping the thing.

[talking about filming the scene in the street pictured above]

PC: It was difficult doing all that night shooting on the streets there, because obviously we’ve got a lot of people… onlookers.  We have to have quite a lot of security to keep people out of the way and stop them wandering into the shots and wrestling you both to the ground for autographs.

[lots of laughter]

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Thank you to all of the people who take and share set visit photos!


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@ijustgotintoreading asked: Ok, so! I want you to write one of the prompts for Korrasami but I can’t decide so I’m letting you choose! “So why did I have to punch that guy?” or “Fuck I feel like I got hit by a car… Wait I did? And it was your car?” or “The skirt is short on purpose.” or “Please put me down it’s just a sprained ankle" i’m so confident that i’ll love anything you write so thanks in advance <3

Okay! I did “so why did I have to punch that guy” and “the skirt is short on purpose” :). Hope you like it! Also read it on AO3

Korra wasn’t one for art museums. She was so bored. She’d lost Mako and Bolin at the last exhibit because they were taking so long to look at everything, reading all the historical details and whatnot. Now she was just standing here looking at the first painting that was slightly interesting, waiting for them to catch up. A good minute of staring had passed when a woman walked up beside her. She glanced sideways to offer a small smile, but the very second she caught a glimpse, she looked straight back at the painting again. The woman was hot.

Really freaking hot. Her long black hair was draped over a shoulder, and almost everything else was black too; the tight leather jacket over the low cut red shirt. Her leather boots were black, and they were only up to mid-calf so the entirety of her long legs were exposed. The whole smooth, slender entirety of them. Because her black skirt was almost inappropriately short. Korra couldn’t imagine the woman would even be able to lean a little without flashing a glimpse of what was underneath.

And Korra was always respectful. She didn’t ogle people… ever. But… the skirt. She leaned back a bit, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible by making it look like she was searching for Mako and Bolin, but as she leaned her eyes dropped to scan the back of the woman. She could definitely see the beginning curve of an ass under there.

“The skirt is short on purpose,” the woman said.

Korra snapped back, feeling her face flush hot as she deliberately returned her focus to the painting. “What, uh, no, I wasn’t, uh-” she stammered, but she’d been caught red handed, and the amused smirk in the woman’s bright red lips made that clear. She sighed, figuring there was no point in denying it. Besides, why had the woman responded to her ogling with that statement? “What do you mean it’s short on purpose?”

It was a wonder how the woman had even known Korra was peeking, seeing as she hadn’t once stopped looking at the painting in front of them. Her gaze remained fixed even as she answered, “It’s distracting, isn’t it?”

“It’s not the skirt that’s distracting,” Korra murmured under her breath.

The woman huffed with laughter, finally glancing away from the painting enough to do her own curious scan of Korra. “I hadn’t been expecting to get your attention,” she mused, extending a delicate hand. “Asami.”

“Korra,” Korra replied, turning to meet her and wow were her eyes green. As they shook, those eyes flitted past Korra to scan the museum with an attentive focus. “Whose attention are you trying to get?”

It took a few moments for Asami to meet Korra’s gaze again, and Korra couldn’t help but think that Asami was the one who was awfully distracted. “You know,” she said with a coy smile, “I think I’m satisfied now that I have yours.”

Asami took in a breath like she was going to say something else, but she stopped before she could and reached up to brush her hair behind her ear. The action seemed insignificant enough, but Korra thought she caught a glimpse of something in Asami’s ear, like an earpiece. As if that and the evasive way she’d answered Korra’s question weren’t weird enough, Asami hummed as if responding to someone, and then offered an innocent smile to Korra as if to play it off. Something was definitely going on, but instead of being suspicious, Korra was so smitten that she was intrigued. Besides, Asami was far more interesting already than anything the museum had to offer.

Korra didn’t get a chance to respond to the flirtation or the mystery. Asami glanced past her again and whispered, “Shit.” And she immediately threw an arm over Korra’s shoulders and sank into her side. It was instinctive curiosity that made Korra start to turn her head, wondering what Asami had seen, but she’d barely started the movement when Asami’s index finger met her cheek, instructing it forward. “Don’t look.”

Korra’s eyebrows furrowed as she battled between obeying the gentle instruction and her intense curiosity. “I’m starting to get really confus-”

“I’ve got it under control, Kuv,” Asami muttered through clenched teeth, as if somehow that would keep Korra from hearing it.

“Who are you talking to?” Korra asked curiously, and she was so bewildered by Asami, and the fact that her arm was around Korra’s shoulders, and who she was talking to and whatever Korra wasn’t supposed to look at, that she lost track of everything going on and glanced sideways.

It seemed instantaneous when she locked gazes with a man on the opposite end of the room. He stood out because he was in a black suit, just standing there and searching around the exhibit instead of looking at art, and when he saw Korra looking, he seemed particularly interested. Korra wasn’t sure what was going on, but it seemed pretty obvious that Asami didn’t want to be seen by him.

“I think you’ve been spotted…” Korra whispered.

Asami leaned forward just in time to see the guy start toward them. “Okay,” she said. “Run.”

Korra didn’t get a moment to protest before Asami grabbed the sleeve of her jacket and yanked her along. They started sprinting, and Korra was way too confused in the first place to even think about why she went with it, but then she glanced back to see the man chasing after them and he looked pissed. Running. Okay, yeah, the look on his face made that seem like a real good idea. With the grip Asami had on her jacket guiding her, they turned down an employee hall, and then down another until they reached a locked service door.

“Stand there,” Asami instructed hastily, leaving Korra at the corner of the hall and rushing to the door. She knelt down in front of the handle, pulling two narrow lock picking utensils out of her jacket pocket and sticking them into the lock.

Korra’s pulse was pounding wildly, and she opened her mouth to ask what the hell was going on, but before she could get a word out an alarm sounded throughout the building. It was deafening, and it scared her so bad that her heart jumped straight out of her chest.

“Got it,” Asami said to whoever was talking into her ear, and then called over her shoulder at Korra. “That guy’s turning the corner. I need you to punch him.”

Punch him? “What?” Korra blurted.

No sooner had the word left her mouth than the man who’d been chasing them turned the corner, shouting angrily, “Stop!”

And Korra’s adrenaline was already pumping and she was confused and couldn’t think over the earsplitting alarm, and the man scared the crap out of her so she couldn’t even control it that her closed fist shot out on instinct with lightning speed. It caught the man so hard in the nose that he hit the ground on his back, out cold.

Having unlocked the door, Asami stood, glancing from Korra to the unconscious man. “Nice,” she laughed, rushing over, and this time she grabbed Korra’s hand. “We got to go.”

Asami actually grabbed her hand… This gorgeous woman who Korra had just met and punched a guy for was holding her hand and Korra was officially brain dead enough that she sprinted along out the exit. The door led out to an alley behind the museum, where an expensive black sports car was parked. Asami yanked open the back door, motioning for Korra to get in and then closing the door behind them.


“Where are we going?” Korra asked, and it seemed her brain was finally catching up. “Who are you guys? What just happened?”

The driver slammed down on the gas pedal, hurling the vehicle out of the alley as she glanced back at them in the rearview mirror. “Is that the girl you were flirting with?” she asked in sarcastic disbelief. She had green eyes, and black hair that was pulled into a bun. “I mean, she’s cute… but I swear, Asami, if you can’t keep your skirt on you’re seriously going to get us arrested.”

“Arrested?” Korra croaked.

“We’re not getting arrested, Kuvira,” Asami laughed, and she was grinning from ear to ear and Korra could see that her chest was heaving with an adrenaline rush similar to what Korra was feeling. She reached over, grabbing Korra’s head and pulling her to plant an excited kiss on her cheek. “You did good!”

Korra’s face flushed, which was not the reaction she wanted to have when she was fairly certain she’d just taken part in something illegal, but she couldn’t help it, and Kuvira caught it in the mirror and laughed at her.

“So…” Korra breathed, trying to calm the thudding of her heart. She was still a little bit terrified, but she couldn’t deny that the rush was exhilarating. Way more fun than looking at art. “So why did I have to punch that guy?”

“He was a cop,” Kuvira answered, smirking at the way Korra’s mouth fell open. Then to Asami, “Did you get it?”

“Did I get it?” Asami laughed, pulling a massive gemstone out of her jacket pocket and passing it forward. After handing it to Kuvira, she slid across the seat and threw her arm over Korra’s shoulders. “Want to celebrate with us?”

And with the blushing heat in her cheeks and the adrenaline still in her veins, how could Korra say no?