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How do you think Lotor and lance knew each other. What was their first interaction???

There’s such great art out there for their possible first meeting, but I honestly have had an idea that I haven’t seen yet, so here:

I think canonly, they’d meet in battle and Lotor would be a worthy opponent to Voltron, leaving their ship insanely damaged after their first fight.

But uh, since I’m lancelot trash, here are my fan thoughts on what could happen after that under the cut (^_^):

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I dunno where y’all came from but I’m happy you’re here!! Tumblr activity feed is kinda junk, so if I ever missed replies, I’m sorry. Thank you for all your nice tag comments and stuff!

Would you like to send me some art requests to doodle? …or chat with me, idk. I need to kill time between DPS/PvP queues o:


Hello hello! Winter break is about to start so I’m opening traditional art commissions, each image has information about each category but I’ll write it down here in case it doesn’t load for you! They are PayPal only!


  • Sketch: $5
  • Ink Lines: $8
  • Full Color: $12

Waist Up:

  • Sketch: $10
  • Ink Lines: $15
  • Full Color: $18

Knee Up:

  • Sketch: $20
  • Ink Lines: $25
  • Full Color: $28


  • Sketch: $15
  • Ink LInes: $18
  • Full Color: $20

Chibi Watercolor Portrait (3 slots!): $15


  • -NSFW
  • -Furries
  • -Mecha
  • -Anything offensive of any sort!
  • -Real ppl

What I WILL draw!

  • -OCs!
  • -Fandom charcters
  • - Anything else that is not stated in the list above lmao

If you are interested send me a message here or at Forzadaa  @ outlook . com! I’ll try to get in touch with you as soon as posible! Any details will be talked over there!

Thank you all! <3

I kinda wanna draw chibi Eli and Ar’alani, but I don’t know exactly how… *ponders*

Also I woke up this morning displeased with my art lately and also feeling like I have no more ideas, but then I remembered 2 big chibi Thrawn ones I’ve in mind for a while now, and I’m both excite and intimidated to tackle them, gah.  Dunno when I’ll be able to get started as today’s kind of an icky day for me, but hopefully soon.

Also at least 2 chibi Luke ideas from the OT.

Anyway, random art thoughts and woes.  :P  Don’t mind me.

i took a break from doing the 100 figures to ….
do 110 more figures ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ) (these were 1 min each tho)

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What do Tae's friends think of Yoongi?

Yoongi: Friends? What friends? 

Taehyung: Wow rude…

Yoongi: He only has one friend that I know of and he can’t see me so I don’t think he cares about my existence.

Taehyung: Well true… But trust me if Jimin could see you he’d care about your existence, he loves everyone!

//To the anon who asked, Im sorry! I was gonna do a drawn response but everything I was sketching wasn’t turning out right ;-; i’m really stressed rn because my first day of work is tomorrow…again I apologize!!

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9 and 12?

9: Favorite thing to draw?

Women because I can’t draw men (tho I’ll try to practice drawing them this summer). Also lately I really liked drawing witches, they’re cool.

12: Any weird artist behavior you admit doing?

I dunno if they’re weird, i think they’re pretty common. 

So I often make the expression of the character I’m drawing (it would make sense if I’m looking in the mirror to use it as reference, but I don’t, I just make this face without a reason).

Lot’s of times if I put some music on to draw and when it stops playing I don’t even notice?? I’m just sitting here in silence, drawing, for 3 hours. (also most of my song playlist are not songs but animatics, why??? I’m gonna listen to music and not watch them so why are they here?)

I prefer drawing in late hours like 8/9 pm and then I finish around midnight. Sleep is for the weak.