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Scenario: The temp agency sent you to a new job that was supposed to be something simple that came along with easy money: lots of easy money. But simple is far from what you get when you realize, being the secretary for Jeon Jungkook, comes with his own form of demands.

A/N: this is part one of the obsession series. I blame Jungkook with his stupid sultry looks and how damn good he’s looked in suits the whole BS&T era. I ended up writing this last night sitting in my car for almost two hours.This is honestly going to be dirty and kinky and I’m not gonna apologize. I hope you all enjoy!

Genre: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 3100

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

Warnings: Smut, oral, and slight rough play

“I am a professional. I. Am. A. Professional. I’M A GODDAMN PROFESSIONAL!”

Your hands smacked down on the marble of the bathroom counter. The words you’d been muttering to your reflection over and over like a damn mantra somehow becoming less effective. You felt like you couldn’t breathe in the high-waisted pencil skirt, which wasn’t a ludicrous assumption since you could barely walk properly in it with, or without, the heels.

The reason behind your anxiety ridden pep talk: Jeon Jungkook.

One of the youngest high-ranking executives in the company, he was known for being incredibly smart; thinking outside the box to close deals and create new overseas partnerships, charming, and a decorated athlete. Before you’d been assigned to the company as his latest secretary, the only time you’d actually ever seen him was on the cover of magazines and photographed next to expensive people with beautiful faces to match. Jeon Jungkook held a life you envied.

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Aizawa Shouta x daughter!reader (Bring your child to work day)

Summary: Aizawa brings his five year old daughter to UA.
Everyone cant handle the cuteness


“(Name), stop spinning the chair.”
Your fun came to a halt as your father, Aizawa, stop the office chair from spinning.
He bend down to your level and adjust your cute pink dress and fix your (hair color) hair.
Your mother was away to attend a meeting for 3 days and there was no one to take care of you while your father is away, so he brought you to Yuuei with him.

“She’s so cute!~” Midnight cooed as she oogle at you from the other side, her own cubicle.

A skeleton man, Toshinori, who’s cubicle is right next to Aizawa’s, handed you a lolipop. You eye the sweet swirl of yellow and orange in delight. Squealing, you took the sweet treat gladly and pop it in your mouth. Your father’s coworkers sure like to pamper you. On your father’s desk are more treats all his coworkers gave you. A granola bar from Blood King, a small cupcake from Midnight (who ran all the way to the cafeteria just to buy something to give you), an apple from Sniper, a strawberry juice box from Cementoss, and a big chocolate bunny from your uncle Hizashi.
You hum a tune while you wiggle your dangling legs as Aizawa now stood stacking papers neatly on his desk. You watch him ready his things like everyone else, them glancing at the wall clock or their watches every few minutes.
The school bell rang and one by one, the teachers walk out of the office, holding the books and papers they need.

Aizawa kiss the top of your head and lightly pinch your cheeks “I’ll be gone in an hour. Just stay here, play some games i installed in the computer for you, and if you need anything-” he points at the blonde cockatoo hair like man “-just ask Present Mic.”
You nod your head, cheeks puffed from all the sucking on the lolipop in your mouth “okay.”
He left along with the other teachers, leaving you alone with uncle Mic.

Silence fill the room, spare the sound of Mic typing rapidly on his computer. You turned to your father’s computer, already open for you, and look at the games he placed.
Solitare, Miku Dress Up Game, Little Bratz Fish Pet Shop, Cake Mania, and Jewel Blitz.

“Ey, watcha doin’?” Mic went over to you. He pull a chair to him and sat beside you.
“I’m gonna play games.”
“Hmm? Which one?”
“I dunno.”
“How about this one?” He points at the Cake Mania. “Let’s see how many cakes you can get it right.”
Mic cheered you on as you play, using his radio host attitude and pretending as if he is on his radio show right now, talking about your gaming skill.
You suddenly came to a stop, missing a cake.
“Ey, (Name)? What’s wrong?”
You face him, legs crossed tight “I gotta pee!”
His mouth formed an ‘o’ shape. He returned to his signature grin and stood up “Okay then.” He place his hands under your pits and hoist you up, carrying you with your arms on his shoulder while his right arm serve as a seat for you and support and his left supporting your back.
He carried you all the way to the restrooms, telling you a short story about one of his students mocking a fellow class and ended up embarassing himself by tripping over nothing and falling face first on the floor infront of everyone.
“All right, here we are” he place you down in front of the girl’s rest room “go on in and do your business. I’ll be waiting here outside.”
You went in and he waited, back against the wall and arms tuck in his pockets. At the corner of his eye he spot two familiar figures walking up the stairs. He grin and went to them, waving his arms “Hey Ectoplasm! Midnight! Wazzup!?”

“I’m telling you, she’s SO cute!— oh! Hi Mic!” Midnight paused her conversation with Ectoplasm as Mic aproached “I was just telling Ecto here about Eraserhead’s little angel.”

Mic hook his arm around Ectoplasm’s shoulders “We have already gave offerings to the little goddess. You will be smite with if you fail to give a gift.”

Ectoplasm shook his head “I’m afraid i will scare the little one. I’m not good with children and my looks aren’t child friendly either.”

“Naaaaw~ you!? Don’t be silly~ you toothed handsome de–”

“Mic. Please stop. You’re making me uncomfortable.”

You walk out of the girl’s restroom and saw that Uncle Mic is busy chatting. You twist your hips back and forth as you glance around, looking for something interesting. You spot a door at the right hallway, a white sign hung above it '1-E’.
You remember your father pointing you the room he teaches in when he showed you around the campus '1-A’.
You then walk along the hallway, small feet stumbling a bit from time to time until you found the room you were looking for '1-A’.
You can hear the faint sound of people talking inside. You opened the sliding door enough for you to get in. Silence fill the room as everyone stare at you.

Aizawa could feel the stress building in as yet another bicker between Bakugo and Midoriya insues during class.
He just wants to get it over with and plea for the lunch bell to ring. Hair floating, he activated his quirk and aim it at the blond boy “Bakugo. Sit down before I send you to Principal Nedzu. Midoriya, don’t provoke him.”

The green haired boy sputtered “b-but I d-didn’t even do anything!”

The door slide open a bit and everyone turn their attention to the person at the door.
A litte girl, about five years old, wearing a pink dress and black doll shoes stood there, her eyes scanning them and stop at their sensei.

Iida stood up, arms flailing “what’s a child doing here!? Are you lost!? Sir! Please give me permission to send her to Principal Nedzu to assist in finding her parent or guardian!”

Your face lit up at the dishelved man “daddy!”


The whole class gawk as you run towards the stressed man, your arms outstreached for a hug.
Aizawa bend down and scoop you up into his arms “(Name), what are doing here? You’re supposed to stay in the teacher’s office while I teach.”
You burried you face on his chest “But I miss you already!”

The class turned an uproar. Kaminari hung his jaw “You a daddy!?”

You turn your head to them and gave out a cute smile “hello!~”

The entire class 'awwed’ except from Takoyami, Todoroki, and Bakugo.

Uraraka stretch her arms out at your direction, making grabby hands “May I hold her? Please, sensei!”

“No.” He said flatly, still cradling you on his arms.

The class continues to bombard him with questions.

“Are you married?”

“How old is she?”

“What’s her quirk? Is it the same as yours?”

“Is it Bring Your Brat to Work Day?”

“Why did you bring her to work, sensei?”

He sighs and gave in to their questions “Yes, I’m married. This is my daughter, (Name), she is only five years old and she got my quirk. No, i brought her here to work with me because my wife is away and i don’t have anyone to look after her while i’m gone.”

The class calmed down after having their questions answered.

He look down at you “Mic is suppose to look after you. Where is he?”

“OH MY GOD! (NAME)! WHERE ARE YOU!?” a inhumanely loud voice boomed across the hallways and into the room, windows crack at the harsh sound wave.

'That idiot.’

Mic came skidding into the room looking frantic “Eraserhead! I lost–oh.” He sigh in relief in seeing you cradled by your father.

Midnight’s head popped in “You found her yet, Mic?”
She let out a squeal and strode in the classroom to you, pushing Mic out of the way “Oh (Name)~ Don’t go wandering around like that, you had us worried~” she lightly pinch your cheeks as she cooed at you.

Mic pick you up from Aizawa’s arms and brought you to his “heheh…sorry about that.”

Aizawa pinch the bridge of his nose “Bring her back to the teachers office and keep a closer eye out for her. She’s fast.”

“Right. Will do.” With you in his arms, Mic and Midnight exit the room.
“Bye daddy.” You waved at him before the close shut.

Silence once again filled the room. Kaminari leaned his head back to Kirishima and whispered “90% of that must come from the mother.”

“Kaminari, be quiet. Everyone, open your books to page 35.”


Mic held you out to Ectoplasm, your face just inches away from his “Do you have time to spare to our lord and savior (Name)?”

The Club

Summary: Sebastian and reader have a habit of teasing each other, but it finally gets the better of both of them

AN: This is my first ever smut so bare with, also this is what happens so please talk to me!! btw if this is shite tell me


Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

“Another vodka.” Your voice broke as you asked the barman, not realising a person was stood behind you.

“Not on the bourbon as usual then?” The deep voice asked, making the you spin around with such force the male had to catch you to stop you from falling.

When you looked up you had trouble figuring out who had caught you. But when the lights flashed you caught the sterling blue eyes that could only belong to Sebastian, the man you’d been having an on and off thing with for months, well if you could even call it a thing. It involved you both teasing the hell out of each other, leaving the other extremely irritable for the rest of the day.

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anonymous asked:

Im training in a job that has cubicles. My trainer had a lot of us in cubicles to show us some details we needed to know. Suddenly, some lady on the other side of the cubicle goes, "Can you be quiet? Some of us are trying to work." She regret her mistake when she realized that she acted so rude to our trainer, her supervisor. Being a jerk doesn't pay off. He was pissed she tried to act like she was above co-workers like that.

Paper Heart 01

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff,

Word Count: 5.9k

Summary: Late night wallowing and a childhood superstition of wishing on stars grants you a little more than you had asked for.

A/N: In honor of the anniversary of this blog, I present to you, the product of my own self wallowing whoops.

“I hate this part, paper hearts, and I’ll hold a piece of yours.”

The life of working in an office was mediocre. Wake up, rush to work, stare at the same three gray walls for eight hours, with the exception of lunch breaks in the staff room, which contain off-white walls and even a cheesy ‘hang in there!‘ poster of that unfortunate cat hanging on for its dear life that someone tacked up above the refrigerator for kicks. To be honest, it only managed to make the whole scenario more depressing. And yet, no matter how dull or how monotonous your life seemed to be, there was one thing you still shamefully clung to, shown in your advocacy in semi-casual Fridays, in the calendar you kept beside your computer screen with the gorgeous photographs of the year’s top twelve vacation destinations, in the sketchbook hastily shoved  beneath a pile of paperwork from prying eyes - your pride. And that was why when your co-worker sidled up to your cubicle thirty minutes before the end of your shift with the stupidest proposition she’d come up with so far, your immediate answer was, “Hell no.”

Heejin pouts, leaning all her weight over the back of your desk chair so that you roll much too close to the desk for comfort. “C'mon, it’s just me and Hoseok, it’ll be fun, I promise!”

“That’s what you said last time!” You turn abruptly in your seat with a glare, nearly knocking Heejin over. “I know I don’t get out much, but I refuse to be someone’s third wheel.”

Your friend’s pleading look quickly 180’s to one of concern. “Have we always made you feel like that?”

You sigh, running your hands across your face, ignoring Heejin’s cringe when you pull back with streaks of mascara across your palms. “No, of course not. It’s just that ever since you and Hoseok started sleeping together-,”

“-and only that!-”

“-I feel like I’m intruding on something.” From the very beginning of your employment, you had spent pretty much every work day comfortably squashed between Heejin and Hoseok, your closest friends and coworkers. The three of you were practically inseparable; the three musketeers, the power team of the company’s advertising department. Yet one drunken night about a month ago, when you had left early in the middle of your group’s weekly tradition of let’s find a cool new way to get plastered in favor of sleep, whatever tension that had been building between your friends (with your notice) had finally reached its peak. You found out only by calling Heejin the next day to ask if she had seen your jacket anywhere - apparently left behind at whatever bar you had been loitering - only to have a very hung over Hoseok answer the phone, thinking that it was his. What came next was a lot of shouting and screams of disbelief on their end, while you stared at the phone in shock until you assume it was the appropriate time to hang up (specifically when Hoseok’s yelp of pain turned into something that sounded a little too much like a moan). Both approached you on Monday morning red in the cheeks, completely avoiding eye contact. You had promptly swiveled around in your chair to look at Heejin with a smirk.

“So when’s the wedding? Can I be the flower girl?”

“Y/N shut the fuck up.”

You hadn’t missed the fond smile that Hoseok hid by ducking his head.

Now, Heejin studies her nails in faux disinterest. “Fine, I’ll let it slide this time, but only if you tell me you have something better to do first that doesn’t include your sketchbook and a bottle of wine.”

You open your mouth to make up some sort of lie, but the knowing look on your friend’s face has you coming up short. You huff. “You’re right, I don’t, but I’d much rather stay at home tonight. I’ll go with you guys next time, alright?”

“Alright,” she reluctantly complies, bending over for a moment to pick up her bag on the other side of the cubicle wall. Heejin hesitates, peeping around your doorway. “And you’re sure this has nothing to do with-,”

“Go already!”

Standing to usher her out of your cubicle by the shoulders, you shove her towards where Hoseok waits patiently by the elevator. He gives you an enthusiastic wave. “You coming, Y/N? I heard on the news we can spot a shooting star tonight. I know this great bar where we can-,”

Heejin shakes her head, surely giving him a sour face out of your view. Hoseok makes a nearly identical pout. You roll your eyes; they’re made for each other.

Your friend wraps you a tight hug before waltzing off to link arms with Hoseok. “Have fun on your date!” The elevator doors slide shut just as Heejin flashes her tongue.

Yet despite your insistence, by the end of the night you had ended up exactly where your friends had expected you to be; curled up on the sofa with a half empty bottle and drawing in your sketchbook in the light of your tv.

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Office Hours (M)

Originally posted by suga-com

requested || by the one and only @chimcharms (SURPRISE BIBI ILY)

genre: sinful smut / oral 

characters: Park Jimin

word count: 8853 (IDFK)

CEO!Jimin / Boss!Jimin. Need I say more?

a/n: I’m finally back guys! Woah I haven’t written a full length scenario in years almost a month… Not gonna lie, I seriously thought of naming this Redemption 2.0 AHA >:) I haven’t written smut of any form in SO long, please forgive me if this is terrible!

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skinship!au ft jaeno/nomin (jaemin & jeno)

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

( a/n ; hello! so this is my first take on writing this kind of imagines. i always have plots in my mind but i’m not sure how to write it out as a fanfic because of the lack in my english writing :^) i took 2 weeks to write this bc i kept changing plots and stuffs o u o ; anyways, i hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it! + i’m sorry but i don’t take requests, however you can still suggest here~ i only do gay/yaoi/boxboy ships that i approve c: )


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Meankey (Starbucks AU)

“My idea of flirting is making fun of each other until one of us loses and says something nice”. Basically it’s always Minho that loses but this time he’s determined to win until oops he’s gone too far and Kibum is crying in the bathroom.

(please read the notes at the end before you comment I’m a wimp basically)

Minho was in a good mood, a great mood even, as he hummed to himself while blending the next order of frappucinnos. He had finally succeeded in a battle of words against Kibum and he couldn’t stop smirking. That is until Jinki slid next to him.

“What happened to Kibum?”

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Bonjour, Bitches! {Jefferson x Reader} ~ Part 1

Jefferson x Reader - Modern AU {Tech Company} 

1,552 words

Warnings: none :D 

A/N: Guess who’s baaaaaack!!! So…turns out I can’t write while I have freakin’ homework hanging over my head. Glad we figured that out. The good news is I’m almost on spring break (woooooo), which means I’ll prolly crank out the next parts of this long, long-awaited series in short succession. Really sorry about the time it took to write/post this. Also, I know this probably isn’t as exciting as you hoped, but it’ll get better. Im pinky promise :D 

A/N 2: Also, I didn’t proofread this bc I was so excited to get it posted!! 

Originally posted by freedomfriesandapplepies

Thomas Jefferson, retrieval specialist and hitman, pulled his hair into a ponytail with a sigh. It was supposed to be an easy job—just get the information, plant the virus, and get out. Two weeks tops. But on Day 20 of the job, Jefferson did not find himself lounging in his new mansion in Virginia like he had planned. Instead he was walking to yet another board meeting with Alexander Hamilton, the up-and-coming tech mogul, and his brilliant team of programmers, media consultants, and PR reps.

Hamilton made Jefferson’s blood boil, and not just because Hamilton was Jefferson’s rival in the market of technology. The man was so arrogant and opinionated. Their countless meetings dragged by, simultaneously irritating and boring Jefferson to the point of tears. He disagreed with Hamilton on every major issue involving the company, but Jefferson couldn’t say anything because he was Gilbert Lafayette, at least he had assumed Lafayette’s identity.

Lafayette, Hamilton’s French PR coordinator, had only begun working with Hamilton for two and a half weeks before Jefferson arrived, which wasn’t enough time for Hamilton or the rest of the team to really get a good idea of what his temperament was like. Therefore, Jefferson only had to mimic Lafayette’s knowledge of the project and his appearance, which was strikingly similar. They were both around the same height and had similar dark skin, curly black hair, and sleepy-looking features. Virtually the only difference was that Lafayette pulled his hair into a ponytail while Jefferson preferred to keep his down. Jefferson’s employer had made sure Lafayette was sent back to France to work on another project, and he wasn’t scheduled to return for another month. Any correspondence from Hamilton’s team to Lafayette was sent to Jefferson’s email and/or phone, cutting off Lafayette so he wouldn’t be suspicious and giving Jefferson access to all information concerning the project. His employer had been very thorough when thinking about the details.

Deep in thought, Jefferson walked down the hallway, his long legs carrying him at a quick pace, and rounded the corner to the conference room. He checked his phone, confirming that he still had several minutes before the meeting started.

Suddenly, he felt someone bump into him and heard both a whoosh as papers fell to the floor and a gasp in his ear. He turned, and his body reacted before his mind registered what just happened. He reached out and grabbed your waist as you fell, pulling your back into his front.

Hercules Mulligan picked that exact moment to poke his head out the conference room door. He loudly guffawed, staring at Jefferson intertwined with this poor girl.

Jefferson followed Herc’s gaze to where his hands were, not around your waist as he had originally thought, but around your chest, touching your breast. You quickly wiggled out of his arms with an indignant cry, your face turning as red as your dress.

“What the hell?” you shouted.

“I am so sorry,” he breathed, forgetting his assumed French accent for a moment. “Are you okay?”

You tried to discreetly rub your sore breast; he had quite the grip. “Doesn’t feel like it.”

His deep brown eyes searched your face for a moment. Satisfied that that, and possibly a bruised ego, was the extent of your injuries, he bent down and picked up the papers strewn about your feet. Oh, shit. Did I forget the French accent? he thought.

“My humblest apologies,” he said with the accent, handing you the papers. “I was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear you coming.”

“What happened to your accent?” you asked sourly.

He froze. “Que?”

You rolled your eyes. “Forget it. Just watch what you’re doing.”

Jefferson’s eyes followed you as you walked into the conference room, clutching your papers to your chest. His heart sunk a little as he realized that you were the new PR representative Hamilton had hired. You two were going to work together on a lot of projects.

Clenching his jaw, he slipped into Lafayette’s goofy, laid-back persona and walked into the conference room.

“Bonjour, bitches!” he shouted, internally glaring at the group who excitedly acknowledged his presence.

“Hey, Laf!” greeted John Laurens.

“What were you up to just now?” Herc teased, wiggling his eyebrows at Jefferson and you.

The team consisted of Alexander Hamilton, the boss; Hercules Mulligan, media consultant; Laurens, some sort of programmer; Lafayette/Jefferson; and Aaron Burr, financial advisor. You glared at him from your seat next to Burr and rolled your shoulders.

“Laf,” Hamilton said, catching your attention. “This is Y/N. She’s the new PR representative.”

Jefferson nodded curtly at you. “Oui, we have already, how you say, ‘run into’ each other.”

Hamilton missed the tension between the two of you and turned to you. “Y/N, this is Gilbert Lafayette, our French PR representative. You two will become great friends in the next couple of months.”

Your expression ran through surprise, disgust, and irritation in a shockingly short span of time, settling on grim acceptance. You held your hand out to Jefferson.

“Nice to meet you,” you said coldly, your eyes flashing dangerously.

He took your hand, fighting the urge to gasp as your touch literally shocked him. Apparently you felt it too because you quickly withdrew your hand and sat back down.

Jefferson watched you with a confused expression for the length of the meeting, trying to figure out what it was about you that had his mind sprinting a million miles a second. No girl had ever made his body react that way before. He’d definitely dated before, sometimes even girls he met on the job, but they’d always been distant from the mark. No distractions, no mistakes. That was his motto.

“So you just click here, and then again here, and you should be good to go,” the IT guy—Chris? Carl? Cody?—told you, leaning over your shoulder as he guided you through the program.

He was too close to you to be displaying appropriate workplace behavior—you could almost feel his breath on your neck and smell his spicy cologne. Were there any men at this company who would respect your personal space? In the four hours that you’d worked here, a man had already gotten to second base with you and now another one was about ready to blow in your ear.

You gritted your teeth and forced a smile.

“Thanks, I think I got it now,” you told the IT guy, dismissing him.

Flashing you a grin, he left, disappearing into the blackness of the IT caves. You fought a shiver and turned back to your monitor.

Bonjour!” A man popped up on the other side of your cubicle wall, tentatively smiling at you.

You resisted the urge to scream for a moment’s peace and looked up, cocking an eyebrow. It was the guy from the meeting, the one who grabbed your breast. You hadn’t been able to get a good look at him when you first met, mostly because you had been busy avoiding eye contact with him in the meeting. He had dark curly hair tightly pulled into a ponytail. His neatly trimmed facial hair framed perfect, plump pink lips that parted to reveal a dazzling white smile. His sleepy puppy dog eyes held your gaze confidently despite the awkwardness between the two of you.

Of course he was attractive.

Your mood darkened a little more.

“How can I help you?”

“I just wanted to apologize for earlier,” he murmured, his voice sounding as sleepy as his eyes looked, like he’d just rolled out of bed. “It was a, how you say, reflex. I was merely trying to save you.”

You gnawed on the inside of your cheek as you tried to decide what to say. If you said it was no big deal, he wouldn’t respect you and he might try something again. If you let him have a piece of your mind, it would make working with him very difficult. You decided to go with a moderate approach.

“Just don’t let it happen again, and we won’t have a problem, mon collégue,” you replied.

“Oh, you speak Français?” he asked, sounding apprehensive instead of delighted.

Oui, j’ai vécu en France pendant un an.” (Yes, I lived in France for a year.)

Oh, comme c’est merveilleux.” (Oh, how wonderful.) His expression didn’t match his words. “I also came over here to set up a time to begin speaking and collaborating about that project we are doing together.”

He skillfully changed the subject, you realized, but you let it slide and opened your calendar on your computer.

“Well, so far I have the whole week free, except for a meeting tomorrow morning. Any time works for me.”

“How about after lunch today? I’m sure you have a, how you say, boyfriend, who will eat with you today. To celebrate your employment.”

You shook your head. “No boyfriend. I was just going to go try that sushi place around the corner. I’ve heard good things.”

Non,” he said emphatically, “that place is no good. There is a little French restaurant two streets from here. I will take you there.”

You hesitate. Two hours ago this guy grabs your boob after he almost knocks you over, and now he’s asking you to lunch? 

“I guess since you got to second base already, you should take me to lunch,” you teased. “I usually make guys take me to dinner first.”


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the lighting in the bathroom at work is homophobic

What Are You? Chp. 3

~Pairings~ BTS x Reader….Ft. Got7

~Angst/Fluff/Future Smut~

~Wolf Au/ Vampire Au~



“Y/N and I grew up living right next to each other” Jungkook started explaining to the curious faces of the 6 other boys while Jungkook held onto your hand as if you’d disappear into thin air.

“She was friends with my older brother and she came over to my house often to play. I’d follow my hyung over to her house too” Jungkook explained, tears re-appearing at the mention of his brother. Jungkooks family which had consisted of his parents and his brother had died in a fire, leaving the lone wolf to roam around on his own, broken into pieces until Namjoon had found him.

“Yeah you were mad annoying” You teased him, a soft look on your face that Taehyung was surprised to see. It was totally different from the creature he had witnessed last night. The look on your face could be described like a protective and caring way that an older sister looks at a younger brother. Taehyung could have sworn that you were a twin to the girl he had seen last night if it were not for the earlier threats he had received from you.

“But noona I thought you were dead, what happened to you?” Jungkook asked, the tears still visible. Taehyung could see that you were doing your best to comfort Jungkook as you wrapped both of your hands around his.

“What are you talking about Jungkook? Didn’t your brother tell you where I went?” You asked him, eyebrows lifting up.

“He never had the chance too.” Jungkook softly said. “He died along with my parents  in the fire that happened at my house”

“Oh my gosh no!” You said, your expression turning into shock, as you pulled the boy into a hug and your own eyes started tearing up. “I’m so sorry Jungkook!”

“It’s not like it was your fault, besides it was a long time ago, I’ve come to accept it. So where were you all this time?” Jungkook asked, releasing you and you realized that the others were watching your interactions carefully, ready to interfere if you said one wrong word to their beloved maknae.

“My dad showed up. Apparently he had been talking to my mom for a few weeks and they decided it was better for me to go trai-, I mean go try and live with him. So I moved” You replied him, hoping no one noticed where you messed up or caught onto your partial lie. And thankfully no one did, except for Taehyung that is.

“Well I really missed you noona, I’m glad you’re back. And hya noona you never went out for ice-cream with me, c’mon let’s go, our cafe has the best chocolate one downstairs, I know it’s you favorite” An excited Jungkook said grabbing your hand and leading you to the door.

“Jungkook you can’t just take my assistant away! I have work that needs to be done!” Jimin yelled at him.

“Hyung give pleaaassee?” Jungkook begged the red head, using his puppy eyes to be more convincing.

“Okay, but she better be in my office within the next our, so if she’s even minute past 11:15, you’re dead Jeon Jungkook” Jimin threatened as Jungkook dragged you out.

“Do you think she knows about the wolf stuff if she grew up with Jungkook?” Jin asked the others.

“It’s possible, but lets confirm it with Jungkook before we give ourselves away” Namjoon said.

“I have a hunch that she already knows,” Taehyung said, surprising the group. “And I think Hobi-hyung is right, there is something off about her”

“Hya, are you just salty that she didn’t fall for your ‘good looks’” Jimin asked, causing Yoongi to snicker.

“Yeah Taehyung you’re acting weird, I think this is the first time that you didn’t flirt with an attractive woman” Yoongi said, and although it seemed like a joke, it really wasn’t. The boy with a rectangular smile could even have grandmas swooning after him with the way he talked, but his interaction with you was really out of the norm for him.

“Guys I’m serious, there’s something definitely off about her, and I’m going to get to the bottom of this” Taehyung said. Even though he may act like an immature goofball half the time, Taehyung was actually very smart and considerate.

“Just don’t do anything rash Tae, make sure to think before you do” Hoseok warned.

“Hoseok when you said you got a weird vibe from Y/ N, I was a bit hesitant but now that Taehyung says it too, I’m starting to get my doubts” Jimin said. “I could tell she’s not a wolf, and she can’t be a vampire, I could head her heart beating. So what is she?”

“Guys I still think that you’re being ridiculous, she clearly smells human so she’s human, just shut up and go do work so I can concentrate” Yoongi snapped, falling back onto the couch and closing his eyes.

“I’ll do some research, until then I think Yoongi’s right, you guys should stop worrying” Namjoon said. And with that the boys all headed off to do their own work.


After Jungkook and you finished catching up on things over ice-cream, he showed you to where your desk was in Jimin’s office. Jimin kindly handed over you some papers and you sat down to get to work. Five minutes after Jungkook had dropped you off, he came back, with a laptop and some files in his own hands.

“Hya Jungkook-ah, what do you think you’re doing here?” Jimin asked in disbelief as the maknae pulled up a dolly chair right next to you.

“I’m working duhh” Jungkook said.

“Not here you’re not” Jimin said, crossing his arms.

“Hyung there is no way in hell I’m leaving Noona here with you” Jungkook bickered with the red head.

“Fine, you can stay but if you distract her in any way you’re out, got it?” Jimin yet again threatened the younger wolf, making you wonder if they were even real threats at that point. Jungkook gave you a big grin as he focused on his work and you focused on yours.

About two hours later Jimin asked you to go print some files and since the one in his office was yet to be fixed, you were sent outside his glass office to join the other workers at the cubicles and desks stationed outside. You scanned or an empty seat and after finding one you started doing what you had been told.

“Listen, I don’t know who you are or what you think you’re doing here but stay away from Jungkook” a woman around your age dressed in a very short skirt and a blouse that exposed her breasts ever so slightly glared at you, tossing her long longs behind her shoulder. You rolled your eyes, you couldn’t believe what you were hearing, it was as if she was straight out of high school.

“I saw you through the glass in their office, and I saw you hugging Jungkook. That’s not very formal office behavior and I don’t know what you did to poison Jungkook that way, but you better stay away from him and the other oppas as well” she said, tossing her hair yet again.

You looked at her, you felt like laughing at her immature behavior. You thought about just ignoring her but the company was a little too boring for your taste so you decided to heighten it up.

“Why should I?” You challenged her standing up and crossing your arms. A few of the workers had started eavesdropping on your conversation, trying to get a sense of the new employee.

“Because he’s my oppa, who the hell are you that you can even come in here and start hugging him and shit like that?” The girl said to you, her eyebrows scrunched, and her face getting redder as she started becoming angry. Her voice had attracted the attention of most, of not all of the employees.

“First, the way you scrunch your eyebrows when you’re angry is a really ugly sight. Second, as far as I know, Jungkook is single so he clearly is not yours. Third, since he’s clearly not yours, you have no business knowing what I am to him. And finally fourth, you act like an immature high schooler and it really makes me wonder how you even got a job at this company since it’s making it look bad” You roasted her. You didn’t give a shit who she was and if she was going to be rude and be a bitch then you were going to be the fucking monster you were born to be.

The girl’s face turned a shade of red that was probably never seen by anyone as she stormed off. You could feel the eyes of the other workers on you, some smiling and stifling laughs. You had resumed what you were doing when three of them came up to you, introducing themselves as Hani, Joy, and Derek.

“That was so cool how you roasted Mina like that!” Joy said.

“Well she was being a total bitch” you replied.

“You’re telling us, gosh. She’s absolutely terrible, she’s rude to everyone here and she keeps trying to flirt with all the guys” Derek said, “I can’t even get some coffee without having to worry about her” At this the others laughed.

“We just came to say welcome to Bangtan Corporation and if you have any questions feel free to ask us!” Hani said.

“And if you’re free maybe even go for a few drinks with us!” Joy winked at you as she gave you her number before they returned to their work.

You looked at the accessible mounts of tiny xoxos at the end of the piece of paper with a confused expression. But you weren’t one to judge and it was none of your business so you continued on with your work. They were nice people but you had no intentions of going for drinks with them, you were too busy dealing with the vampires and wolves. And on the topic of wolves, you had a specific wolf to find before he gave you away. Yet before you could get up to go find him, you got a text.

Unknown: meet me on the rooftop at 1:30

You checked the time that read 1:27. You quickly got up, dropped the files in Jimin’s office and headed to the elevators.

The rooftop was surprisingly very nice. There were tables covered in large umbrellas and the brown haired boy sat at one of them. You walked up and sat directly across from him.

“Before you ask, no I’m not a creep, I got your number from Hoseok-hyung. It was on your application. So what were you doing in the alley with JB?” He initiated the conversation.

“That is none of your concern. Why didn’t my powers work on you?” You asked, still thinking that he was kind of a creep to even go bother to look up your number rather than asking you straight up. 

“Well what exactly are your powers?”

“I have the ability to enter people’s minds, I can read your thoughts and I can make you think and believe certain things” you explained and you could see his face get pale.

“Are you in my mind right now?” He asked, and for once you couldn’t seem to read his expressions.

“No, I try not to do that, some people’s thoughts are things I’d rather not know. I have come to learn that ignorance really is bliss” You replied, after having several scenarios where the truth inside the people’s minds was more horrible than what they actually offered.

“Well I think the reason that your ability doesn’t work on me is because I can see parts of the future, but I can’t do that unless I know the past. So forgetting things I see will affect my ability”

“I see” you replied, thinking how you’d have to be very careful with this one.

“Listen, I don’t know who you are or who you pretend to be, but I know that you lied to Jungkook earlier about where you were. Maybe that’s personal, maybe that’s none of my business, and maybe it’s better for Jungkook to not know whatever the hell you were actually doing. Right now he seems very happy to have finally met you, and I see that he trusts you with his life, but I know there are things you’re hiding. The only reason I’m not going to tell the others is for Jungkooks sake, but if you pose as a threat to us, mark my words that I’ll personally make your life a living hell”

With that he stomped away, leaving you alone on the rooftop enjoying the summer breeze and becaus she left you alone he didn’t hear you whisper “You can’t make it a living hell because it already is”

A/N- Ahhh guys I’m so excited to write this, please let me know what you think of it so far and who do you guys want Y/N to end up with? 

BTS Office AU

Imagine all of them working in the same department of some big company????

  • tae and jimin have adjacent cubicles and they constantly annoy everyone else by throwing random notes to each other over their cubicles insTEAD OF TALKING LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE.
  • jin is that one coworker who always eats at their cubicle. he’s like the Charles Boyle of the group who always brings interesting smelling food for his lunch which all the others laugh at, but he’s also the oldest and the one everyone goes to for advice and know-hows of the company
  • yoongi & namjoon are actually trying to work but they always get roped into maknae line’s shenanigans. 
  • maknae line forever pranking their hyung hobi by putting his stapler in jello. again.
  • jungkook is the company’s newest hire and he pours himself into the work to fit in, to prove that he deserves a place at the company despite his young age
  • jimin and taehyung takes to jungkook immediately. they know he’s super hardworking and he doesn’t feel like he fits in, so they try their utmost to loosen up the poor kid
  • NAMJOON AS DEPARTMENT HEAD. at first jungkook is super intimidated by him because namjoon is supposedly this scary dude but once they meet jungkook realizes he’s not all that bad.
  • sunshine line spreading joy and cheer throughout the office especially on monday mornings when everyone’s in a sleepy slump and whenever namjoon comes out of an especially stressful meeting with other department heads
  • jin bringing baked goods to the office every once in awhile just because he feels like it. he always brings them in these fancy baskets which he takes time to decorate 
  • during departmentally mandated office parties, jimin, taehyung, and hobi all get spectacularly drunk while suga and namjoon look on with faint amusement like “ahh…these kids.” jin goes crazy trying to keep jimin from throwing punches to the wall. taehyung sings to himself in a corner while jungkook is trying really hard not to get drunk in front of his coworkers
A.M. Part 3

Harry Styles - 2327 words (Requested)

Happy Valentine’s day loves! May it be as bright as Harry’s smile :)
I thought it was the perfect day to post ‘the date’, so here you go!

You can read part 1 here and part 2 right here!


“You and Harry.. I would’ve never guessed.” Sheryl states as his fingers ghost over the fabrics that occupy my closet, helping me pick out an outfit for my date with Harry tonight. On Valentine’s Day. Talk about being a sap. 

“It’s only the fifth time you’ve said that - tonight.” I chuckle, a little sponge dabbing foundation onto my cheeks as I lean against my doorway to the bathroom. I was so excited and nervous that I couldn’t keep this huge news to myself and decided to confide Sheryl with the matter. She immediately freaked out - in a good way of course - and begged me to let her help me get ready for my special night.

“I’m sorry I never thought this would happen, and I’m so excited for you! How did it even come up?” Sheryl pulls out a black dress on a hanger, examining it before shaking her head and putting it back in its rightful place. My eyes widen when I think back of that night over a week ago, a small smile etched onto my lips. 

“Well.. To be completely honest..” I trail off, scratching my neck awkwardly as I try to keep my gaze away from Sheryl’s. She seems to drop anything in an instant when she notices my posture, a giant smile on her lips as she smirks in my direction. “Oh, this is going to be good.” She grins before she lets herself drop into my bed, patting the space next to her. 

I gingerly sit down, folding my hands together so I wouldn’t fiddle with my fingers like a nervous wreck. “Harry and I - sort of, slept together that night. And I sort of stayed the night.” I mumble out quickly but I know Sheryl has heard me when a loud gasp leaves her lips and her flat hand slaps my arm lightly. 

“You slut! How was it?” She immediately pries and I feel the shame blush already raising to the surface of my cheeks. “He was - great.”

“Didn’t expect otherwise to be honest.” Sheryl shrugs her shoulders and stands to her feet again, padding over to my closet again to resume her search. 

“Me neither.” I laugh out, drawing a giggle from Sheryl’s lips as well. “Where were you going tonight?” I shrug my shoulders, not sure of what Harry had in store for us tonight. I know he was kind of a romantic soul but I was as romantic as a slug, so I was actually excited to see what he was about to do. 

“He said dinner and later on I had something planned which I don’t know. I’m nervous.” I breathe, blinking slowly as I try to get my heart rate down before I’d faint from excitement. Sheryl hums out before handing me a pair of dark jeans and one of my blue button ups which have little feather scattered over it, myself nodding in approval of her choice. 

“I understand, but it’s Harry. You’ve known him forever." 

"That’s the problem. If I fuck up I lose one of my best mates.” I groan, my flat palms pressed against my eyes, little sparkles appearing in the dark as I press down harder.

“Don’t ruin your make up! Shoo.” She pulls my hands away from my face by my wrists, glaring at me as she drops them onto my lap. 

I let my gaze fall onto my alarm clock on my night stand, eyes widening when I see Harry will arrive in thirty minutes. “Shit. I have to get dressed.” I curse as I grab the outfit and disappear into the bathroom to get dressed as quickly as possible. 

“I need some lipstick then I’m ready.” I breathe with a nervous smile on my lips, pulling my shirt in its rightful place. “Just in time, his Range Rover pulled up.” Sheryl states as she lets the curtain fall back, turning around to see me run around like a maniac. 

“Calm the fuck down. Here’s your purse, call me tomorrow to let me know how it went.” Sheryl pushes the little brown bag into my hands and turns me around, hands pressing against my shoulders as she pushes me towards my front door. I nod my head and wave at her before she disappears back into my bedroom so Harry wouldn’t know that she was here to begin with, and just as I turn around the doorbell chimes through my flat. 

I take a few shall breaths to calm myself down before I open the door and there is Harry, with a few lilies in his hands and a grin on his face. 

“Happy Valentine’s Y/n. I know you don’t like roses so..” He holds them out for me to take and I leap in to kiss his cheek sweetly, putting the lilies down next to me on a nearby table as I grab my coat. “Thank you Harry, you look great. ”

“You always do.” Harry smiles as I pull the door closed behind me and he guides me towards his car. He opens the door like a true gentleman  and closes it as soon as I’m seated. I’m not sure what I should talk about, because mostly we are talking dirty or talking about who has shagged who over the week. Not something you’d like to discuss with your date. 

“I know you’re not a fan of fancy dinners, so I’m talking you to Nando’s.” I bite my lip as I try to suppress the grin that’s breaking through and I mumble a thank you as he parks the car nearby. I am already out of the car and Harry scoffs at me, crossing his arms over his chest while he gives me a tiny glare. 


“I wanted to open the door for you.”

I laugh as I pay Harry’s coat covered chest, grinning up at him as one of his hands rest on my back. “You don’t have to, as long as I can open a door myself. But very sweet.”

Harry rolls his eyes and I let my hand slip in his, pulling him along to the venue because it has been forever since I’ve had their chicken and I didn’t know the craving I had for it until now. 

“Mild it was, right?” Harry asks as he pushes himself back up and I beam at all the small things he remembered, even though he had been on tour for so long and met so many new faces along the way. “On spot!” I grin, giving him a thumbs up and immediately curse inwardly at the stupid gesture I had done. 

I had been doing nothing but giggling awkwardly, fiddling with my fingers or simply state at Harry’s features. He must think I’m a moron by now, and this certainly will be the last date I’ll ever get out of him. Stupid just fucking - …

“And your drink, my lady.” Harry chuckles as he puts the glass in front of me, his dimples popping, one of his hands landing on my wrist as he gives it a squeeze. 

“I’m glad we’ve done this.” This makes my grin even wider, if it was possible to begin with, and I bite my lip as I feel the blush crawling into my cheeks. 

“I am too. Really.” I emphasize again, letting my free hand rest on his, fingers toying with the ring in his finger. I see Harry ease closer towards me, the tingles resurrecting as I flutter my eyelids. But our kiss never comes as the cheery lady puts our dinner in front of us and I am tempted to roll my eyes but refrain from doing so when the smell of freshly grilled chicken enters my nostrils. 

“So where are we going?” I ask as I let my arm curl around his, pulling him closer to me for the little warmth he provides as we walk towards his expensive car. 

“Well, I wanted it to be a surprise but I know you’re not fond of them..” He sighs out and I chuckle, squeezing his arm to assure him he is right. 

“There is a Valentine’s market in town and I thought it would be nice to go there, walk around, eat some heart shaped candy..” Harry trails off, stopping in front of the car before he opens the door for me and I roll my eyes with a smile on my lips, grasping the car door as I heave myself into the large vehicle. 

“You know, heart shaped candy is proven to taste twenty times as good as normal shaped candy.”

Harry closes the door but I seem him heartily laughing as he walks around before getting in himself. 

“Of course it does. It’s made with love.”

“Or it’s because you get it from the one you love.” I shrug nonchalantly but I freeze once I realize what I have said and turn attentively towards Harry to gauge his reaction. His gaze falls on me for a second, his dimple on show. 

“That could be a very important factor, indeed.”

“This is so cute.” I clutch a tiny white bear to my chest whose belly is a red heart, grinning at Harry who wanted to go full movie and win me a bear. His aim wasn’t what it had been when we were younger, but he managed to win me this tiny, overly cute bear. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome love. Anything else you want to do?” Harry motions to the other tiny, decorated cubicles and I let my gaze wander. 

“Not really. It’s very nice here but I’m cold. Maybe we could go home and watch a movie or something?” I state, turning around so I’m facing Harry directly, bear still clutched to my chest. “Alright. Let’s go then.”

Harry walks up with me to the front door but as I stick my key in, he stops me and turns me over with a hand on my shoulder. 

“I had a wonderful time tonight.” He smiles down at me and I furrow my eyebrows, letting go of the door handle to turn fully. 

“I did too but I thought you were coming inside?”

Harry rolls his eyes and grasps one of my hands in both of his, smile returning to his lips. 

He leans in and this time when my eyelids flutter closed, I feel his warm, soft lips press to mine and I swear I can feel the butterflies erupt in my belly, smiling into the kiss before Harry retreats.

“Now we can go inside. I had to end it right.” Harry chuckles as he pushes through the door, leaving me standing outside with a dumbfounded look etched onto my face. 

“Did you seriously stop me so you could kiss me goodbye on my porch?” I state and when he guiltily grins I burst into hysterics, closing the door behind me. 

“You are an amazing piece of shit. Does that work on all the girls?”

Harry steps closer and his arms wind around my waist, pulling me into him. “I have only tried it on you, so yeah it works on every girl I’ve tried it on.” My eyes widen at his stupid joke and I slap his chest before I press our lips back together. 

“You are something, H.” I smile at him as I retreat, pushing away from him to shrug off my coat and hang it on the coat rack near the door. The lilies are still discarded here as well, so I take them and push past Harry who tries to embrace me again to find a vase for the lovely flowers.
“These are really wonderful, Harry. I’ve never seen a color like this.” I examine the flowers as I rid them of the sheer plastic and drop them in a high, green tinted glass vase.

Harry appears from the hallway, walking slowly before he stops behind me, his arms winding around my waist as he lets his head rest on top of mine. I never knew Harry would be this showing with his affection. Not that I mind, I mean I love Harry’s hands constantly roaming somewhere on my body, but I always figured him to be a cool, taken back guy who would only show his love once in a while.

“I know you like red, so I thought those specks of it would be nice.. Glad you like them.” I hum in response, fingers slowly brushing over the petals before I turn in his embrace.
“You dig zombies right?” Harry nods his head and I grin widely, “Well,” I start off, toying with one of the buttons from his shirt, undoing it, redoing it, and repeating that cycle.

“I bought this chick flick,” Harry already groans but I roll my eyes and press my whole flattened out hand against his lips to shut him up. “It’s not your usual chick flick. Like it has zombies and these skeleton creatures that are quite creepy but the movie is tinted with love. What do you think?”

“If you think I will like it, I most certainly will. Go set up, I’ll grab us some drinks.” Harry pats my bum to get me moving and a tiny shriek leaves my lips, chuckling as I retrieve the DVD and stick it into the recorder.

All these zombie’s hearts start beating again when they re-experience love, like when they see the main characters in love and pictures of what love feels like. I have been awing throughout the whole movie, my elbow poking Harry in the ribs when something cute happened, causing Harry to haul me in closer while chuckling deeply..

“You know, that’s how I feel.”
“Hm?” I hum, keeping my eyes on the television but turning my head already towards Harry so my gaze can shoot at him as soon as the scene cuts.
“Like every time you’re near, I feel alive again.”

Lots of love,
L. xox

Imagine about to have sex with Eugene but having to go ask Abraham for some condoms.

(So finally here is the Eugene imagine I said I was going to post XD Hope I got this request right and you all like it :D Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credits to the original owner.)

After spending hours on the road, you and the group had finally found an abandoned building to set up camp for the night.

Inside the space was open and big enough for all of you to fit in together, as well as some cubicles to make some individual rooms.

You all made yourself comfortable and started to prepare the food for the night.


When the time came, you all set up to go to sleep while at least one of you took time to keep watch.

You laid out your sleeping bag as well as Eugene’s and made sure to make them comfortable.

The two of you had been together for quite some time now, so you thought it was only natural for you to grab his stuff and put it along with yours.

As you arranged everything, Eugene walked pass your cubicle and finally found his bags.

“Y/N…you…you have my stuff…”

He said shyly kneeling behind you. You chuckled and turned to look over at him.

You backed and sat against the few pillows and pulling the blanket over, you casually shrugged.

“Well, we are together…So I thought it was only natural for me take em’ and put it with mine…”

He slowly nodded, understanding your meaning and finally smiled. He let himself be a little more comfortable with you and said “Oh, then thanks for that…”

Smirking, you motioned him to get closer to you and as he did, you grabbed his collar to plant a kiss on his lips.

Although, he loved the feeling of your lips on his, it still surprised him and out of courtesy, he backed away nervously.

“Y/N…it’s late and we had a long day today…maybe…we should go to sleep…”

Jokingly, you frowned and pouted at him. Pulling him even closer to you, you then managed to climb on top of him and in a hush tone said “Come on, Eugene…you know you don’t want to sleep yet…i’m sure you’d rather stay awake for a little, with me…”

Before he could even open his mouth to answer, you kissed him again and reached down his pants. You pushed him down and pulled the blanket over the two of you.


He loved where it was going and he loved it even more when you were this assertive but suddenly a thought cross his mind.

Everything seemed to stop and he stopped responding to your kiss.

You noticed him and sighed in exasperation.

“What again…” You asked in a slightly irritated tone. Before he could even answer, you took a pitiful tone instead and continued “Eugene , please we haven’t done this in like days…don’t you miss me?”

He brought a hand up and shook his head. He looked at you in the eyes and whispered “That’s…that’s not the problem…I-I miss you just as much and i’m down to do it right now too… ”

You immediately smiled and lunged in to give him a kiss but he dodged you. He put his hand on your shoulder and nervously looked away and said “The thing is…I just remembered I was out of condoms…so…”

You rolled your eyes to that statement and sat up on him.

“Seriously? Wh-why didn’t you tell me earlier today? I would’ve went way out of my way to get some!”

He felt as if he was getting scolded and looked away from you as if to apologize.


You stared at him for a while and suddenly started to look around. As you look at the other cubicles, you saw Abraham keeping watch and smirked.

You looked back at Eugene and cupping his face so he’d look at you, you whispered “Babe…you can always ask Abraham for some…i’m sure he has a few spares for us…”

He gasp and started to shake his head.

“No, Y/N…I can’t do that…it’s too awkward between us…I-I can’t…”

You were angry at him but just so frustrated, you quickly kissed his forehead and got up.

Your action worried him and asked “Wh-What are you doing?”

You turned to look at him and said “Don’t worry, i’m coming back…”


You walked away and went over to where Abraham sat. You sat near him and scooted closer to him.

He turned to look at you and seemed surprise to see you.

“You’re still awake…what’s wrong? Eugene’s annoying you or something?”

You chuckled and slowly nodded.

“Well, annoying is a strong word to put it…But it’s more his nervousness around you lately that’s bothersome…”

He smirked and looked over at Eugene and said “Good! That’s what he gets for what he did…”

You pulled his arm, to signal him to look back at you and said “Sure, whatever…I didn’t came here for that…”

“Then, what is it?”

You took a deep breath and got closer to his ear to whisper “I’m in need of some condoms…Eugene ran out of and…we really need some…like for right now…”

He rolled his eyes in disbelief and got away from you, shaking his head.

You noticed his reaction and tried your best to look pitiful. You put your hands together as if to beg him and pleaded him quietly.


He then reached over to his bag and looked for what you needed and suddenly threw a pack at you.

You caught it and instantly you smiled at him and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Abraham! You’re the best!”

He tried to get you off of him and quickly nodded and said “Ok! I got it! I got it! You’re welcome! Just go, alright!Not everyone needs to know that I’ve been reduced to a drug store for horny kids…”

You chuckled and let go of him and got up to go back to your place. As you were about to walk away, he stopped you and said “Hey, Don’t forget to be quiet about it…I don’t need to know even more about what you guys are doing right now…”

You got his hand off and laughed while nodding.

“I got it…we’ll be quiet…as much as we can…”

You walked back to your cubicle and laughed to see Eugene hiding underneath the blanket.

You climbed on top of him and slowly pulled the blanket away. You smiled at mischievously and showed him the condoms you got.

His eyes lit up and immediately he smiled.

You chuckled and said “You should be thankful for all the things I do for you…”

He stared at you for a moment and later took the condoms from you. He smirked and reaching to grab you by the waist said “Yeah…you’re right…then how about I make it up to you…”

You shrieked in surprise to feel yourself be flipped over on your back and couldn’t help but start to shyly laugh.

Office AUs

Imagine your OTP… 

  • Have their work desks next to each other and they leave each other notes. 
  • Sneaks in donuts into the office every morning.
  • Stays after work and uses an empty office to hang out.
  • One of them is a CEO and the other is their assistant. 
  • Feels out of place at an office party because of the way they’re dressed. 
  • Their co-workers are betting on when they’ll get together. 
  • Character A delivers mail and going to character B’s office is their favorite time of the day. 
  • Keeping their relationship secret because it’s against their job’s policy to date co-workers. 
  • Throwing paper balls at each other over their cubicles. 
  • Character B decides to plan a birthday party at the office for character A.
Jimin, CEO: Ch. 3

Summary: KangKong Inc is getting a new CEO. And he is nothing like you expected.

Request: Nope

Type: Multi-chapter Story (Smut later)

A/N: Jiminnie <3 Double post woot woot!

Jimin, New Employee   ~   Jimin, CEO   ~   Two

Blind dates had never been your thing.

The discomfort of it. The awkwardness. The shallowness of some of the men.

Yet today after work you were headed to meet with someone name YoungJun. To avoid having to rush home you wore the outfit you were planning to wear for the stupid date as well as the makeup, though you knew you would have to touch it up later.

The way you were dressed wasn’t far off from your work wear but it caught Jimin’s attention. You ignored his looks and smiles and tried to keep blush from rising.

At the end of your work day you slowly gathered your belongings.

“Not staying late today?” Jimin was leaning in his doorway.

You slung your messenger bag over your shoulder. “Oh. No, Sir. Did you need me to stay?” He shook his head. “Are you sure?”

“I’m more than sure. Have a goodnight.”

You bowed returning the Goodnight before walking to the elevator.


Dreading this date you walked slower in hopes of getting a text saying the date was cancelled but you found yourself in front of the bookstore cafe with no messages.

Further and further into the date you wished you had stayed behind at work.

YoungJun was rambling on about his friend’s new rug. Quite a story. You were feigning interest when you heard someone call your name.

“Y/N.” You look over and see Jimin with a bookstore bag hanging from his wrist as he stood on the other side of the railing that separates the bookstore from the cafe.

Quickly you hopped up, bowing. “CEO!”

“CEO?” Your date asked. “You’re the new CEO of KangKong?’ The man seemed impressed when Jimin nodded. Wanting neither of these situations you stood there contemplating making a run for it.

“So Ms. Y/N,” Dammit. “This is what you are doing instead of in the office?”

You were taken aback by the edge in his voice. His face was hard but not exactly angry. Nodding, you apologized. “I could have used your help. I thought I would come by here and get another planner since having an assistant isn’t helpful.”

Stunned. Both you and YoungJun were stunned at his harsh words. “Sir, if you want I could come back now.”

Jimin looked at you for a second before nodding walking away, expecting you to follow.

Gathering your stuff as quickly as you could you offered an apology to YoungJun. “No, it’s fine. I don’t want you to get fired. Minho will have that rug for a while.” he laughed and you offered a forced smile before scurrying behind your boss.


You followed a safe distance behind the man through the parking lot. It wasn’t until you arrived at a car that you assumed was his that he turned to you…smiling.


“Feel better?” he asked.

“Not really.” you answered honestly. “Sir, I feel terrible about leaving. I promise to do overtime all week!”

“Woah Woah!” He stopped you before you could go as far as working one of your off days. Thank god! “Y/N, I was acting.”

Your mouth dropped open. “W-What?”

“I spotted you before I came over. It looked like you were dying.” He laughed. “I thought you knew I was acting. I gave you a look.”


“Yeah! Like this.” His face cleared and he looked over to you barely a second with no expression before looking away.

“That’s just called looking, not giving ‘a look’.”

He stood with a blank expression for a second. “Oh.” He broke out into laughter and you couldn’t help but do the same.

He walked to the driver’s side opening the door before looking at you. “Are you going to get in or go back to rug boy?”

“You heard that too?” You laughed, getting into the passenger seat. He nodded as he started the car and pulled out of the spot. “He was telling a story about that carpet for 10 minutes, Park!” You hadn’t even realized what you said but Jimin did. His smile widened and he bit his lip. You still didn’t notice and continued telling how terrible the date had been.

15 minutes later the car stopped.

Peeking out the windshield, you noticed a beautifully lit line up of buildings across the way. You turned to Jimin for an explanation and were met with a smile before he got out. Of course you followed, coming around to meet him in front of the car.

“I figured you’re dressed for it, might as well take you somewhere fitting.” Unable to answer before his hand was on your lower back to usher you across the pedestrian street, you bit the inside of your cheek.

It was obvious the maitre d knew Jimin, his face lit up seeing the young man and seated the two of you immediately. The blonde man led you through the tables of people with wonderful smelling food. You thought he was taking you to the empty table by the window but instead he went up a staircase. You hesitated for a moment. Jimin noticed and held his hand out for you to take. Taking his hand you followed to see the man standing next to a table by an the fourth wall that was low enough to look over. It provided a beautiful view of the strung lights over the path of the pedestrian street.

Jimin pulled out your chair and you sat, awestruck over everything.

“Thank you Sam.” He said dismissing the man as he took a seat across from you. “Enjoying the view?”

Lost for words a nod was all you gave.

“Good! I promise I won’t talk about rugs.” He joked but you were back to biting your cheek, still looking out at the view. “Y/N.” You looked over and he rose his eyebrows in question.

“This is very nice.” He felt a ‘but’ coming. “But…” Yep. “…isn’t this a little…much for a dinner between a boss and his employee?”

He sighed, leaning back. “I suppose so. Since we’re here maybe we can just treat this like that night at the bar?”

“No rum and coke!”

“No rum and coke.” He agreed with a chuckle.


Though you were uneasy at first, Jimin was just as easy going as he seemed in the bar. And this was with both of you completely sober.

Jokes were said and laughs were share. Compliments were given and blush risen.

By the time you were eating your last forkful of cheesecake you were laughing with no cares.

It wasn’t until he pulled in front of your apartment building that you began to remember why you had reservations about getting so comfortable with him in the first place.

You got out of the car as did he. “No, Sir it’s fine. I can walk by myself.”

His shoulders slumped. “Uh oh. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” you answered too quickly.

Taking a step towards you, he replied. “You called me sir. All night you’ve been calling me Park. You even said Jimin at one point. When you call me CEO outside of work it means you’re uncomfortable.”

“You haven’t known me long enough to actually determine that.”

He gave you a look. “Y/N, that’s not the point.”

It was no use in lying. “I told you, even if this wasn’t an official ‘date’ I can’t do it again. If people find out you’re going against your own rules they might not give you the respect that you have been earning. Let alone follow your rules themselves.”

“They aren’t my rules.” he said.

“But they are the company’s. Your Uncle didn’t change them before he left so it isn’t a clean slate.” With a tired apology to ‘CEO Park’ you went inside.

This left him alone with your words.


You hadn’t spoken to Jimin all day.

He had passed by your desk a few times but for the most part he hadn’t acknowledged you.

Currently he and his associate Kim Taehyung were speaking in his office. You heard the other man exclaim “You can’t be serious.” but was quickly shushed by Jimin. Not long after, the two men emerged from the office laughing. They hugged and Taehyung said goodbye. As he walked away, he looked over at you before looking straight ahead with a knowing smile.

Ignoring it, you quickly stood and followed Jimin into his office. “CEO, about yesterday,-”

“Hold that thought.” He stopped in front of his desk and picked up his intercom to address the office. “Everyone! Could you please listen up this is important.”

People paused what they were doing, some standing to peak over their cubicles and others other stopping in the walkways.

He smiled,waiting for the sound of the copy machine to stop.You took the chance to continue. “I just wanted to say I am sorry. I just feel so strongly about not going against the rules of the office.”

Offering his heartwarming smile and placing a hand on your shoulder. “Don’t apologize. I understand completely. Ah!” he noticed the copier stopping and picked up the intercom again.”Sorry to disrupt the workflow but there have been some changes to office policy and rules. Some of the changes include overtime, deadline extensions, and dating.” He suppressed the wide grin coming when he caught your face from the corner of his eye. “A revised copy of the employee handbook has been placed in everyone’s mailbox. Please review it and if you have any questions please leave them with Ms. Y/N. Thank you.” He placed the intercom back on the hook and turned to you. 

“All good?” He didn’t wait for your answer before leaving his office with a shit eating grin.

Sorry (V, You) Scenario

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A Birthday gift for @popgoesthek :) Thank you for cotinuing to read my works and I hope you like this! <3

“I’m sorry.”

You sighed against the receiver, eyes surveying the room which you just finished decorating for a small dinner party. Small being, only two people were supposedly to attend.

“The shoot’s been extended for another few hours.” Taehyung explained. “I’m sorry, jagiya.”

Make that one, you thought sadly as you stared at the cake sitting prettily on the dining table; your name written in pink icing.

It was your birthday today and you had been looking forward to this night for weeks. Your boyfriend was Kim Taehyung, a.k.a. V of BTS, a popular idol group, and one of Korea’s rising actors. With his status, you barely see him and he had promised that on this day, he would make time. He would come home and celebrate with you.

It was already ridiculous that you were also the one who set this whole thing up… But to end up being stood up (again) by the one person you invited was downright pathetic.

“Oh—uh… Can’t really do anything about that, right?” You said but there was an obvious sadness and a hint of sarcasm tainted in your tone.

“I’ll try to get there as fast—”

“Don’t even bother, Tae.” You said tiredly, having lost the energy to get angry or let him finish knowing it only ends up the same. You were upset, but getting angry was something you proved to be useless when the situation happens more often than not. “Just do your job.”

“Y/N—” you hung up before he could finish, clenching your fists as you slammed the phone down on the table and willed your tears not to fall.

That is if there were any tears left in your system.

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Other Worldly

Pairing: Reader x ??? (Reverse!French Mistake)

Words: 1582

Summary: Y/n, a superfan of Supernatural is going to her first convention. But when she is suddenly knocked out, she wakes up in the same bed as freaking Jensen Ackles. This has to be a prank right?

Warnings: Weaponry

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Shutting down your computer, you sighed and stretched your arms high. Checking your watch, you realized you had to go. Ducking your head as you passed the other cubicles, you ignored the stares and longing looks that passed your way as people noticed you were leaving. But they didn’t care about you, just about the prospect of you leaving early on a Friday.

You had memorized the bus schedule in your excitement last night and knew the exact bus you had to take to get downtown. Once on, you checked in on Tumblr, quickly typing out a update to your followers.

‘Headed to ChiCon! So excited!!! Will be updating pictures and such throughout the weekend but won’t have the next part of Forever Yours until Monday probably. It’s gonna be a great part though so get ready!’

You put a couple tags and then posted it, smiling as you already saw likes and comments coming in, wishing you a great time at the convention. Forever Yours, a fic you were writing right now, had gained you a lot of followers. As a Dean girl yourself, you had fun writing the fic and couldn’t help putting yourself in the Reader’s position, which is a good thing you guessed.

The next part was when Dean and the Reader finally confessed their feelings towards each other but you were having a hard time finding the right words. So, you were glad that you had things going on this weekend to let you procrastinate and maybe come up with an idea.

You pulled out your earphones and smiled when ‘O Death’ played, one of your favorite songs from the new seasons. Closing your eyes and resting your head on the window, you imagined finally getting to meet Jensen and Jared this weekend. The thought made you smile.

After years of being part of the fandom, you had finally scraped up enough money to buy a gold pass for your first convention, with autographs and a jenmish photo op. You were so excited.

Fifteen minutes and four songs later, the bus pulled up a couple blocks away from Creation’s building. You hopped off, pulling your hood up to shield from the autumn wind, even if it was only the beginning of September.

When you got to the location, already swarming with screaming fans in cosplay, #YANA, and #AKF t-shirts, clutching posters, tickets, and fan art, everything seemed to blur. Suddenly, without even registering what happened, you were inside, your inner fangirl freaking out at being at your first actual Supernatural convention.

You walked around, giddy with excitement when suddenly, you were grabbed from behind and yanked through a curtain. You were about to scream but unable as everything went black.

When you awoke, it was to a very soft surface underneath you. It felt like it molded around you, almost like memory foam… And it was so comfortable you felt like you should just fall right back to sleep….

Suddenly, a weight fell over your waist and your eyes flew open, glancing down quickly to see a large, strong arm draped over you.

“AH!” You screamed, bolting straight up and shaking the arm off you. A deeper yell resounded beside you and you heard a gun cock. You swerved your head to catch fan fiction green eyes behind the barrel of a .45 caliber Colt pistol you would recognize anywhere.

“You’re Jensen Ackles.” You breathed, but now was not time to marvel and you screamed again, falling off the bed and taking the covers with you. A half naked Jensen Ackles was revealed and he quickly stood up, not taking his eyes or the gun off you.

Scrambling farther away on the ground with wide eyes, you hit legs, halting your travel. You glanced up to hazel eyes, shaggy, disheveled hair, and the glint of a jagged knife. Once more, you screamed and stood up, dashing around Jared Padalecki who was too sleepy to stop you. At least at first.

Before you could get ten feet, a large weight knocked you to the ground. Trying to kick and squirm out of his tight hold did nothing and a bandana was tied around your eyes.

“What the hell?” A familiar voice that was unusually rough with sleep sounded behind you.

“Who is this?” Another far too familiar voice came from behind you and you squirmed against his hold on you. His hands almost completely enveloped yours and he sat on your legs to stop you from kicking, but you could tell he wasn’t putting his whole weight on them. Finally, you gave up trying to fight him.

The first familiar voice, now a little clearer, spoke again. “I have no idea. I woke up and she was just… there.”

“Get dressed, I’ll get her to the dungeon.” The second voice responded and you gasped. This could not be happening. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles didn’t have a dungeon.

But you were still dragged behind large footsteps, his grip firm but not hurtful. A sigh came from the man and you could just imagine him running his hand through his hair as he assessed the situation.

“You can make this a whole lot easier for yourself if you just stand up.” The man said, slight humor in his voice.

“I didn’t think I was allowed to stand up.” You replied and struggled to get your footing with your hands still in his grasp and impaired vision.

“Well I think you would have used magic already if you could’ve so I don’t think you’re getting away from me anytime soon. Although I will still have to restrain you until we figure out who you are… Or what.” He explained and your mind was suddenly clouded in confusion once again.

“Magic? What are you talking about, Jared? And where am I? Why did I wake up in the same bed as freaking Jensen Ackles? What happened at that convention? Ow! My head hurts.” You winced behind the bandana and could practically feel the concern coming off of Jared.

He maneuvers you around and sits you down in a uncomfortable chair. “Hey, calm down okay? I don’t know who you are or who you think I am but I’m sure we’ll get some answers soon. For now I have to take some precautions and I’m sorry about this in advance.”

Metal cuffs linked around your wrists and ankles and then the blind fold was taken off, revealing a eerily familiar cement room and Jensen Ackles walking through the door.

Now that you got a good look at him in real life, you felt your breath catch in your throat at his gorgeousness. The same thing happened when Jared came to stand beside him. The camera seriously didn’t do them justice.

“Who are you?” Jensen asked and you were jolted out of your admiration, glancing around the room until you finally realized why this place was so familiar. It’s the dungeon from the show that Crowley spent so much time in.

“Wait, are we on the set?” You questioned incredulously, ignoring him.

Jensen and Jared exchanged a look. “What set? Who are you?” The former pushed again. He uncrossed his arms to let the gun hang by his side. Why was he holding that gun? It’s a prop. Why would he have used it as protection earlier?

Jared, you noticed, also held a weapon. You had seen it earlier but hadn’t registered what it was until now. The demon blade. That thing would surely be blunt so why had he used it earlier also?

“Jensen… Jared…. What’s going on?” You finally asked, done with whatever act they were playing at. Maybe this was a fan prank and there were hidden cameras all around the room. Your followers would never believe it.

But instead of dropping the charade, the men just looked more confused. “Who’s Jensen and Jared? Who are you?” Jensen was starting to get angry and you were starting to panic when a look of realization crossed over Jared’s face.

The younger put a hand on Jensen’s arm to calm him down. “Wait. What did you just call us?” He questioned hesitantly.

“Jared and Jensen.” You replied but when neither reacted, you pushed further. “You’re Jared Padalecki and you’re Jensen Ackles. Why do I have to tell you this?”

Jared seemed to space out for a couple seconds and then abruptly jolted back to the present, looking at you with a shocked expression.

“What?” You wondered and he walked very close to your chair, crouching down to look you in the eye.

“This ‘Jared and Jensen’, do they happen to work on a tv show called ‘Supernatural’?” You could tell exactly when the elder man realized by the groan he let out, but you were still a little behind.

You looked between them warily. “Yes… You do work on Supernatural. Can you please just tell me what’s going on?”

The men exchanged a glance, Jared’s full of hesitation and Jensen’s full of annoyance. “Oh for the love of-” Jensen started, looking you straight in the eye. “I’m Dean, that’s Sam. You somehow went through a portal from your wacky world into ours. Congratulations.”

You looked between the two of them for a couple seconds, then burst out laughing. “That’s a good one. But seriously, where are the hidden cameras? Is this being live broadcasted to the fans? Is Misha going to suddenly appear?”

Suddenly, right behind Jensen it looked like the air was shimmering and then, Misha Collins stood there in his trench coat and tie. He hadn’t been there, and then he was. 

“No way.” You whispered, then everything fell into black.

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