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stranger things cast friendships: Joe Keery & Charlie Heaton

“He’s got great hair. Amazing hair. He’s not a bad kisser, either.” 

[!] 170630 Big Hit’s Notice on Namjoon’s Participation at THE WINGS TOUR in Sapporo

Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment.

We are notifying you about the situation as to why BTS’ member Rap Monster will not be able to participate in choreography [stages] at the Sapporo concerts.

On June 29th, while resting at the hotel in Sapporo, he bumped into the corner of hotel furniture and injured his right pinky toe. He was immediately received first aid at the neighboring hospital, but currently his toenail is lifted so the medical team has advised him to refrain from any movements that would cause pain or difficulties. Other than his toe, although he has not sustained any other injuries and his overall condition is good, in order for his injury to heal properly, following the doctor’s opinion, it has been decided that Rap Monster will not be participating in the choreography [stages] at the concert.

Therefore, for both days, July 1st and 2nd,of the Sapporo concerts, all other six members excluding Rap Monster will participate in the concert as normal with all of the choreography [stages], and Rap Monster plans do to his best to join them on stage.

We sincerely apologize for worrying the many fans who were looking forward to BTS’ Sapporo concerts, and we will do our best so that all of the BTS members will be able to finish off THE WINGS TOUR without any issues.

Thank you.
From Big Hit Entertainment

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Dear kids that are starting band for the first time.

Instruments don’t have gender. If you are a boy and you want to play flute. Do it. If you are a girl and you want to play tuba. Do it. No one can tell you that since you are a boy you have to play saxophone, trumpet or another instrument like that. Or since you are a girl you have to play flute, clarinet or some instrument like that. Play whatever you want to. No one can tell you other wise.


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Got free VIP Suite tickets to the BTS concert in Newark last night //
My sister already went to the first concert the other night and she had a good spot but even so she still wanted to go a second time and was begging me to go with her even tho i told her i was busy and lazy ((she didn’t want to be left alone with my workmates who were also going to be in the suite))

I was all “i don’t even know any of their songs and i have artworks to finish” but anyway ya I still got dragged

I liked some of their songs tho (and the choreography HHH) haha the concert was enjoyable even tho I had no idea what was happening 99% of the time (it was my first ever akjshskjdf) – also, that Rainbow Ocean (?) was so littttt


they’re at some emo band concert

inspired by @lanceytown‘s emo keith and belieber lance x 

a reminder to any fan

not having the money to buy an album, merch, etc. does not make you a bad fan.

not being able to see your idols in concert does not make you a bad fan. 

not having the resources to do any of the above does not make you a bad fan.

please don’t forget that.

IMA NEED YOU AMERICAN EXO-LS ATTENTION. When you’re going to EXO’s concerts - For the love of whatever you believe in. DO NOT show up with ex-member merch!! They’re not in EXO anymore, stop. (whoever had the hunhan banner project shouldn’t have been let inside the venue) And most importantly, DO NOT and I repeat; DO NOT show up with other groups’ merch! Why would you do this? I saw people doing this last year .. like.. no pls

Meanwhile in the Band Room at Any Given Moment: Band Senior, Sobbing About Something
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time empTYING MY SPIT ONTO THIS FLOOR
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time getTING STUCK WITH THE SHITTY STAND
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time conSIDERING KILLING ALL THE TRUMPETS WITH A MALLET
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time beiNG WHACKED IN THE HEAD WITH A TROMBONE SLIDE