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i feel so sad right now :( i had tickets to the anaheim show but i had to sell them due to money issues, but i just feel like a failure as a fan. it's ridiculous i know but just knowing i won't see jimin's solo makes me honestly want to cry. i feel like i don't even deserve to be their fan if i can't even pay to make it to their concert, considering other countries don't even get a concert

no, please don’t think that. That doesn’t make you a failure and certainly not less of a fan. Unexpected things happen, you put something before bts, which is not wrong, at that moment that was your priority, you don’t have to feel bad because of that, but you have the right to feel sad for missing that out. I would too tbh. But I’m sure you’ll get another chance to see them, there is a lot more people who are probably in a similar situation like yours. You deserve to be their fan, not everything is in going to their concert, if you go to concert that doesn’t make you a better fan, so have that in mind :)

I feel so happy in this moment right now

Things that are great about concerts

1. You’re there, with your favorite band playing right in front of you.
2. Not only is that moment in your memory, it’s in the people on stage’s memories too
3. You forget everything in your life that sucks just for that hour or more and you actually enjoy yourself
4. You get to meet so many people with the same interests as you
5. Who knows maybe you’ll get to meet the band members??
6. The adrenaline
7. The feeling after the concert is over. It’s like you’re amazed that you got to experience something so great and it’s awesome
8. You understand that waiting over eight hours in the heat/cold was totally worth it
9. You got to see your favorite band. The band that has done so much for you.
10. You realize how much their music means to you and you actually cry about it

AYH Tokyo Dome 26.12.2016 sakumoto~~~ SPOILERS

└ Spoiler warning for tonight’s concert (and my last for this trip).

A totally happy sakumoto shipper as…

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Meanwhile in the Band Room at Any Given Moment: Band Senior, Sobbing About Something
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time empTYING MY SPIT ONTO THIS FLOOR
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time getTING STUCK WITH THE SHITTY STAND
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time conSIDERING KILLING ALL THE TRUMPETS WITH A MALLET
  • band senior, sobbing: my last time beiNG WHACKED IN THE HEAD WITH A TROMBONE SLIDE