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actually fatal error may not have as much POWER but he is fantastic for fresh in OTHER WAYS. a free lift to any universe, the ability to see others code to show what abilities they have and how compatable... soul strength etc, and also being able to steal code... maybe building a host from code using Fatal's knowledge of it? *Lenny face insert*

I mean, we don’t know too much of canon Fresh just yet and everything he looks for in a potential host, but it does seem like Fatal comes with some pretty sweet perks :P


There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


I really wanted to try out the art style challenge and it was pretty fun. I still feel uncomfortable copying others styles but I think I learned a lot of different techniques.

@crashandburrnart @halpdevon @miiiiind @raythrill @objectionable-code you are the best

Witch Tip

When writing a spell, I like to go through the who, what when, where, why, and how of the spell. 

  • “Who” is the target/recipient of the spell. In my case it is usually myself.
  • “What” is the objective/s of the spell.
  • “When” is the time frame of the spell. I include starts, ends, and any times it is to recur. These can be “when requirements x, y, z are met”.
  • “Where” is simply enough the location/s. May be tied to an individual.
  • “Why” gives you a nice reminder of the spell’s purpose, and can avoid spells backfiring ironically by “working” but against their ultimate purpose. This may be a good time to reflect on your rede or other moral code, and add a “clause” to keep your spell working within it.
  • “How” refers to the “route” which you want your spell to take, but also what energy will be used to power the spell.

This format lends itself well to written or digital records of your spell, and clearly defines all aspects of it.


“Lately, I find the truth has become so elusive, often imaginary. But, in the end, it’s all that we’re left with, isn’t it? What is real, what you can taste and touch and feel. The words that pass between us as we look each other in the eye are all we have to hold onto. The truth. I hold it dear.

Happy Birthday Fatal!!!

I had sooooo much fun making this! I even put some fun little words and phrases in the code too~

Enjoy~ ^_^

Fatal_Error belongs to @xedramon / @fatal-error-blog

Art by me // @dragaura


im’ eleni and i’m forever trying to find ways to be happy w my weirdly proportioned body but these photos turned out okay


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yeah, without a doubt nintendo is awful about lgbt characters and gay men are the biggest target

for context if you havent played the game: at one point in the game you have to get into gerudo town, which only accepts women within their walls.

You have to find this character who is a man-in-a-dress joke, who gives link the gerudo vai outfit. After you dress up as a girl you can enter the town.

They have a long history of gaycoding their villains (ghirahim and yuga are the main ones, but theres other villains who are coded to lesser degrees)

and like it doesnt end with villains? For example theres a joke character in hateno village in botw who is heavily coded as a gay man and its meant to be humorous.

And then as you said the whole gerudo quest is , Really Bad like theres the transphobic jokes about both the person you get the gerudo vai outfit from but also the various comments link gets while wearing the outfit.

if you take the outfit off in the town the guard will also say something along the lines ‘you do realise you are a voe right’ lmao lmao fuck off

also, not only that but the gerudo are still steeped in awful arabic stereotypes and i frankly expected that part of the game to be Bad News when i saw the gerudo were back cause i simply dont trust nintendo :/

At the very least they’re not a villainous race anymore so thats. a minor plus, but theyre still sexualised and now all Obsessed With Finding A Husband lmao. yikes.

it would be Real Great if those big game websites that make those criticisms that lead to things like nintendo making twilight princess in response to criticisms about how wind waker looks, and the whole skyward sword vs botw, would criticise these major issues in the series so they’ll be forced to address these too lmao.

botw is so open world because people criticised how enclosed and linear skyward sword was, which is great and all! but there should also have been more criticisms of ghirahim’s violent gay coding!

again for context if you havent played that game, ghirahim is the main antagonist in skyward sword and he is a very flamboyant heavily gay coded character who also plays into the homophobic stereotype that gay men are predatory, amongst other things.

nintendo has gotten barely any backlash for this, they proceeded to do this again in ALBW with yuga and now BoTW is no better.

anyway im not really going anywhere with this other than i love zelda and all but god is it flawed and i wish it wasn’t so shitty in this area. i talk about this a lot on my personal & twitter tbh :/

Songs named “Flower” or “Moon” are always great songs