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So I’ve been replaying through all the Ace Attorney games. Currently I’m up to Apollo Justice, haha. I love that one. (I love them all honestly)

But anyway, I’ve had an idea to draw them as birds for a long while now so I’m happy I got around to it. They got their names and all too btw. You can see them in the captions.

Which one do you like the most?

Baby corvidae

Not a raven/crow but a jay
And they look very similiar as babies. Very small, naked, big beak and the feathers gro in and make them look a bit spikey.

They are absolutely not fluffy and only can stand on their feet in the fledgeling state when their feathers have mostly grown in.

The bird in the ‘crow baby’ pic is buff-banded rail (Gallirallus philippensis), related to chickens more than crows.

When they are very young  corvidae look all very similiar. They are totally dependant on their parents and for the love of birds, don’t raise them without  company as they will otherwise imprint on humans and  that sounds cool but is a nightmare.

Same as handreared cockatoos and other big parrots who imprint on humans.

Also if you find  a baby bird that has fallen out of the nest or as robbed..warmth!!! most baby birds die because they are not kept at body temperature and are feed water(drown) or some unsuitable food.

(Semi) Naked baby birds can survive for a few hours without food, but not warming them kills them in minutes, the younger they are  the faster.

If you really feel the need to feed a baby bird and don’t know the species, insects are safe, even for  vegetarian birds like finches.

Fresh, or frozen and thawed crickets(cut the spiky legs off) deliver nutrition and enough  moisture. Don’t feed kibble, grains or baby food.

That is an easy choking hazard and if it does not kill them because of the wrong food, it weakens their feather built/organs/skeletal structure and they won’t survive for long in the wild.

Some species are more sensitive than others. Specialised insect eaters like swifts and swallows need a diet of 100% mixed insects to properly grow.
Swifts are 24/7  in the air and molt the first time after 2 years  so  so their feathers need to be perfect to withstand the strain of use.
Any weak spots trough wrong nutrition are an easy breaking point and you do not want to be your handrearing for naught.

Corvids can be raised with a bit of high quality kibble, but not solely.

Corvids grow best with whole ground chicken(bones and organs included), feeder mice, insects, high quality kibble(20%) and a bit of  fruits, and later on they can get nuts (fledgeling stage).


my friends took me to omar’s exotic birds today for my 18th birthday!!
i’m in love with all the birds my heart 😭❤️❤️

Tumblr pet bird census 2017 - results;

Thankyou all for participating in this.
All together there are 1,203 birds in the count.

Below, they are seperated into species and sub-species in descending order.

348 Budgies

224 Cockatiels 

216 Chickens

- 18 Rhode Island reds
- 6 Silky
- 2 Black Sumatra
- 4 American Bantams
- 3 Belgian Bearded D'Uccle Bantams
- 1 Buckeye
- 2 Buff Orphingtons
- 1 Brahma
- 2 Marans
- 1 Isa Brown
- 1 Sussex
- 6 Isa Brown/Sussex mix
- 1 Golden Laced Wyndotte
- 165 Other

99 Conures
- 69 Green Cheeked  
- 10 Sun 
- 3 Blue Crowned 
- 1 Lilac Crowned 
- 6 Nanday
- 3 Jenday
- 1 Red Throated
- 3 Yellow Sided
- 1 Nanday/Sun Hybrid
- 1 Peach-Fronted

41 Finch
- 11 Society,
- 24 Zebra,
- 2 Green Singer,
- 1 Gouldian,
- 4 Other

40 Lovebirds
- 18 Peachface
- 1 Black Masked
- 8 Fischer
- 13 Other

38 dove
- 17 Diamond
- 13 Ringneck
- 7 Other 

26 Indian Ringnecks      

24 African Greys 
- 16 Congo
- 4 Timneh
- 4 Other

21 Quail
- 20 Button 
- 1 Chinese Dwarf

18 parrotlet

11 Quaker

11 Canaries

10 Amazon

- 1 Orange winged
- 1 Red Crowned
- 1 White Fronted
- 1 Red Lored
- 4 Blue Fronted
- 1 Yellow Naped
- 1 Other

8 Pigeons
- 2 Fancy 
- 2 Mixed breed
- 1 Rock 
- 1 Classic Old Frill
- 3 Other 

8 Cockatoos
- 1 Sulphur Crested
- 1 Lesser Sulphur Crested
- 1 Blue Eyed
- 2 Goffins
- 2 Umbrella
- 1 Moluccan
- 1 Other 

6 Sengal

6 Macaw

- 2 Hahns
- 2 Severe
- 2 Blue & Gold
- 1 Other

5 Ducks
- 1 Muscovy
- 4 Other

5 Meyers Parrot

4 Canary-wing Parakeet

4 Caique

- 1 Black Beaded
- 1 White Bellied
- 2 Other 

4 Bourke Parrots

3 Guinea Fowl

3 Rainbow Lorikeet

3 Eclectus

3 Kakariki

4 Poinus
- 2 Blue Headed
- 1 Bronze winged 
- 1 White Capped Maxamillion Poinus mix

2 Jardine Parrots 

2 Moustache Parakeet 

2 Lineolated parakeets

1 Indian Ringneck/Moustache Parrrot Hybrid

1 Red-bellied parrot

1 Pheasant

1 port Lincoln parrot

Some reblogs and tags were deemed invalid as there wasn’t enough information including breeds or types of birds for me to add your information to the count.

Guys, always be wary of food and products that you might want to buy for your bird(s). While a bunch of it looks enticing and you want to spoil your bird, always look for cues that might signal, “this company doesn’t know what they’re doing.” There’ve been a lot of horror stories about pet products killing their pets, so I thought a PSA would be important.

For example, here, the label reads, “For cockatiels, conures, parrots and macaws!”

Now, anyone who has any experience with birds knows that cockatiels, conures, and macaws are all parrots. Parrots are members of the  Psittaciformes, which includes more than 350 bird species. To be classified as a parrot, the bird must have a curved beak, and its feet must be zygodactyl.

I’m not claiming that this product is unsafe (I’ve never used it), but I wouldn’t even consider buying it if the company doesn’t even know what a parrot is. Keep your babies safe!

non-comprehensive list of animals that are such absolute creatures/goblins/gremlins
  • hairless/short-hair cats
  • cockatiels
  • those other cockatoos with fan-like crest feathers
  • japanese chin dogs
  • weimareiner dogs
  • bull terriers
  • tibetan sand foxes
  • pacman frogs
  • hyraxes
  • elephant shrews
  • softshell snapping turtles
  • gharials
  • marine iguanas

ok here we go into my shitty domestic shatt ideas but i just lov the concept of them having two cockatoos and one is rlly nice and always says to matt and shiro that it loves them but then
the other cockatoo is an asshole
it will sit by the (closed) window shouting at people who walk past the house and it will scream for no reason and it has toys it hates but if matt or shiro touch the toy the bird gets pissed bc its Theirs and one time the bird kept calling shiro an asshole to the point where he had to ask matt to get it to stop