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Motivation for AP exams

Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.

YGO Fans: Man, I wish we had proof that Marik and Bakura were in a relationship :/

Scholastic Books:

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  • entre o amor e a tequila eu to bêbada
  • chegou o viciado em desgraça alheia
  • bicha eh bicha nunca morre vira porpurina
  • isso ta me cheirando a plano sujo de vagabunda ridicula
  • *cries in fracassada linguage*
  • soh pq eu tenho fogo nao quer dizer que eu seja vela
  • aqui vcs vao ver os dramas vividos pela kardashian perdida 
  • sou uma maquina de cometer vacilos
  • uma hora tamo bem otra mal
  • vc sabe meu user n meu mapa astral
  • a vida é uma vadia e você tbm


  • motherfucker never loved us, remember?
  • the sun, the moon, the truth
  • you little shit 
  • bitch i will kill you with my kawaii powers
  • allergic to stupid people
  • lost in a world that doesnt exist
  • not your business
  • attitude like kanye, feelings like drake
  • i cry for my idols and you cry for stupid boys 
  • love love love. what is it good for? absolutely nothing
  • i love you but you don’t care and it hurts
The pirate rants

Considering what has gone on today regarding loo getting harassed on twitter, It was nice to see a post by an Adlocker in support of the Sherlolly ship. That was really cool to read, especially after receiving a not so nice comment on a post of mine by an Adlocker and then getting messaged from that same Adlocker, telling me how I should ship my ships. It made me very angry because I thought Adlockers were cooler and above that kind of behavior. It came off as total TjlCon behavior and it left me kinda sour on shipping Adlock. But after seeing that support post for the Sherlollies, my faith has been renewed because I know that the majority of Adlockers do support the Sherlolly ship and the Sherlolly ship supports the Adlock ship. 

dating ian would include

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  • being friends with max, joji, and chad 
  •  giving him video ideas 
  •  "you should make a content cop on him. he’s honestly just the worst.“ 
  •  him always asking you to film for him 
  • you stifling laughs behind the camera as he does some dumb shit 
  • going to australia together 
  • "let’s put each other in our twitter bios" 
  • "nah. that’s gay" 
  •  "you’re gay" 
  • car sex in the Jeep honestly 
  • you wanting to have rough sex but him always making it fluffy 
  • "i’m sorry, y/n, you’re just really adorable. i can’t help it" 
  •  trying to plan cute dates at fancy restaurants but ending up saying fuck it and going to taco bell instead 
  • him being romantic every once in a while 
  •  constant laughing 
  •  hugs!! all!!! the!! time! 
  • honestly i bet that boy gives the best hugs 
  • him just texting you the most random shit just because 
  •  "i just saw a dog that reminded me of you." 
  • "what the fuck does that mean?" 
  •  "idk… it was loud and annoying" 
  •  "fuck off, ian" 
  •  talking about how much you like each other, then realizing how ridiculously cringey you sound 
  • wearing his clothes, especially the Hoodie™ 
  • you know what hoodie i’m talking about 
  • holding hands while driving 
  • just straight up adoring each other 
  • you being the luckiest cunt alive

hogwarts mixed girl gangs

think about the stigma burying the slytherins, think about them getting tripped in the halls for what kind of people theyre assumed to be. think about the hufflepuffs that bandage them up with muggle bandages that have cute designs on them. superheros and flowers and words. think about the hufflepuffs holding their hands all the way to the hospital wing. “its okay to cry if it hurts.” and “its okay to cry even if it doesnt”

think about the slytherins jumping to their defense. think about somebody laughing at the hufflepuffs, the ‘leftover’ kids. think about the slytherins sending a leg locking curse. think about them proudly serving detention. think about the big goofy grin on the hufflepuffs face.

think about ravenclaws showing up to support their gryffindor girls during quidditch matches, putting on bright red lipstick or smudging their cheeks with gold glittery hearts. think about them cheering the loudest, wearing their friends’ house colors as proudly as if it were their own.

think about gryfindors sneaking the ravenclaws out past curfew. think about “you need a break” in whiny tones. think about them making up constellations from the astronomy tower. think about the ravenclaws feeling free because of their friends bravery. “we wont get caught”. think about how they serve the next three detentions with matching smirks.

think about the gryffindor girls and slytherin girls being oh-so wary of one another. think about some girls digging deep to their gryffindor bravery and sitting at the slytherin table for breakfast. think about it becoming a ritual. slytherin table for breakfast, gryffindor for lunch, and wherever else for dinner. think about them making friendship bracelets, mixing the house colors. think about them cheering on both teams from the crowd.

think about girls from all the houses banding together to make each other feel important. always by their sides is another girl from any house. theyre all just best friends and everything is good.


i was looking over the operator bios the other day and decided to draw ash in the uniform she would’ve worn while in the israeli defense forces

i did a bit of background research on the insignia etc but it’s probably horribly innacurate but i’m pleased w the overall outcome

did a speedy paintover w her fbi uniform too


S/O MARRIED BEFORE AND HAS A SMALL CHILD(how they would feel around the child and your ex)…

Oberyn – Adores children and would love your child as he loves all eight of his own. From the first meeting, he’d love your child and go on to care for and spoil them without a second thought. It wouldn’t bother him that you have a child from a previous relationship, although he would tense up and make smart remarks whenever your child’s other bio parent was around.

Sandor – Would be very cautious for the first few months he knows your child. He’s a “hard” man and doesn’t want to risk hurting your child. Once he does begin to get comfortable being around your child, he’d be wrapped around their finger and very protective. Like Oberyn, he’d hate having your child’s other bio parent around and would often try to make that person out to be a horrible parent so your child didn’t have to go around them – even if the other bio parent was really nice.

Robb –Grew up with younger siblings, he’d be great with kids. He knows how to be a perfect blend of silly and serious so he can be a substitute parent when your child’s other bio parent isn’t around but also so he could be a sort of friend to your child, not wanting it to seem like he was trying to replace the other bio parent. He’d actually be okay with being around your ex since he’d be comfortable in your relationship and knows he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Jon – Also grew up around siblings, but his melancholy personality makes it difficult to be comfortable around people he doesn’t know. As long as he got to know your child alongside getting to know you, there wouldn’t be any problems. He’d become very affectionate toward your child and a really good friend, always willing to listen to them – even if it was just baby/toddler talk that’s often hard to understand. He’d be okay with your ex, although sometimes feel a little out of place in the beginning your relationship.

Tyrion – Is surprisingly very good with kids. He often uses himself as the butt of his own jokes while teaching your child how to read “big” words, and he would always tell them long, elaborate stories at bed time. He wouldn’t hide his mistrust of your ex, after all, “How could any intelligent person let someone like you go?”

hello! my name is althea, and i’m about a day late with my introduction. sorry, friends! ;v; this weekend was super stressful for me, so i couldn’t focus on roleplaying as much as i wanted to. but i’m here now and ready to get started! thank you so much to everyone who has sent me a welcome message, i’ll get to you as soon as possible. if anyone would like to plot, you can either message me here or find me on twitter @deamilitis. i also have kkt, discord, and skype, which i’m willing to give out privately, for anyone that wants them. 

anyway, there is some information under the cut and i’ll have his pages up later today! i’m really excited to be here, and i hope to plot and write with you all soon. <3

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sate eagle-wing’d  /  sat with her eagle wings

apparently, through incredible investigative skills ( ie. I read a few comments on the wikia when I hopped on there a while back )   washuu can also mean eagle feather. the kanji used for the name isn’t read with that meaning, however. but i’ll take it as a hint of the main branch’s primary type. 

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i just realized ppl probably ship us bc we're the typical boy meets girl and they're mean to each other because they're secretly in love w each other trope minus the last part. i am not flirting i am just a dick

“i am not flirting i am just a dick” how fukcin true yall we dont even like each other however i Am in love with @axdreil and she is whom u should be shipping me with

  • PSAT: which major do you want to declare?
  • me: hm i don't know... i've wanted to study music for awhile so there's that?? probably not though
  • PSAT: oh btw musicians are smarter than everyone else

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Took a break from commissions to draw some friends and fighters:  @parishiltonisburning, @thatdarnsleigher, @homelypop, and @harpervalleydrag.

The Orlando shooting took place in Pulse Orlando, a club where a lot of my Orlando friends go and perform, so I was shocked to hear something terrible was happening in a place so familiar to them. I’m so relieved that everyone I know in Orlando is safe and sound, but not everyone was that lucky. There’s a lot of political debate on social media right now but honestly, no matter what you believe, there’s one thing that cannot be denied: Nobody deserved this. The LGBTQ+ community did not deserve this.

These are some of the Orlando queens who performed at Pulse. Some I’m friends with, some I look up to. (Well, Harper’s in Kansas but she debuted in Orlando technically haha) All of them saw Pulse as a haven, a home. I mean, fanart isn’t going to make things better, but it’s the best I can do.

I wanted to draw more queens but I ran out of time. But if you’re an Orlando queen (preferably from TDR because that’s how I know these queens) and you’re willing to wait a few weeks for me to finish my commissions then hit me up and I’d love to do something for you.

Stay strong