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Motivation for AP exams

Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.

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A concept: Kevin Day and Aaron Minyard talking mad shit about Andrew and Neil. Kevin talking about how he's sick of Andrew "pretending" he doesn't care about Exy and then Aaron replying, "I'd take that over Neil eye fucking the court every day"

i….love this….so much oh my god ok

  • so andrew and neil are on one of theyre “this is nothing but we go on weekend trips together to makeout” things 
  • so kevin needs to practice bc he’s Extra™ and…he’s still having a little trouble relaxing without andrew around all the time
    • andrew gave aaron a look before he left that aaron knows means to watch out for kevin
  • aaron’s complete disinterest manages to deter kevin from practice for two full days
    • never underestimate aaron’s ability to be stubborn to spite someone else ok
  • but finally FINALLy it’s not kevin’s incessant bitching that gets aaron to go to the court with him 
  • it’s aaron getting back from classes and not getting immediately bombarded with requests to go to the court
  • it’s coming home to a silent kevin staring out the window, rubbing his scars
  • aaron sighs deep to hide the fact that he’s concerned and changes into light workout clothes and grabs kevin
  • he also ignores how much kevin lights up when they turn onto the street of the foxhole court
    • this is an example of aaron “im not allowed to feel anything at all ever” minyard
    • also an example of aaron “knows where matt keeps a spare key to his truck” minyard
  • at first aaron refuses to practice with kevin
  • but he “gets bored” or whatever he likes to tell himself
    • see, aaron actually likes exy. he likes the way he can channel all his frustrations into it. he spends so much time studying and trying to figure out his brother and trying to figure out what the hell he wants from his life so sometimes he just needs to run around and knock people on their asses, ok?
    • its also pretty much the only times he can remember connecting with andrew
  • kevin is, like always, completely immersed, and barely notices aaron getting on the court until he walks by him to block his way to the goal
    • kevin’s on the courts because he can breathe there. he’s on the court because its where is mother put him. its the only place he mattered after she died, where he felt like a living thing rather than an asset. 
    • he’s there because even though he’s happy for andrew and neil, he really is, he’s still figuring out how to stand on his own. the court’s been the only place he really felt he could do that. 
  • now aaron may be on the court
  • he may have come to be there for kevin shut kevin up
  • but you best believe he’s gonna bitch about it
  • “fine, i’ll go, but i’m gonna complain the whole time” yea that’s aaron
  • after like one snide comment though Bitchy Kevin comes out to fuckin play and it goes a little something like:
    • kevin: andrew knows he’s good but does he try? of course not. see, that’d be fucking easy. that’d be simple. nothing is simple with him. *cue kevin taking an unnecessarily forceful shot on goal*
    • aaron: and don’t even get me started on neil just asking him for things. are you kidding. andrew doesn’t do anything ever at all and neil just??? asks him??? and he does it???
    • (both of them are secretly wondering why they don’t bitch to each other more often)
  • the best part though, is when aaron is at the height of his rant and says, “You know, i don’t even want to do extra practice, but I’d take this over Neil eye fucking the court every goddamn day”
  • kevin just fucking breaks like he drops his racquet and everything
  • aaron hasn’t ever seen kevin laugh???? its kind of beautiful surprising??
  • kevin gets a hold of himself and wow
  • he doesn’t think he’s ever seen aaron smile he’s surprised how much he likes it
  • after that kevin’s feeling better 
  • they head back to the dorms and play video games for a while, order food. just kinda hang out
  • nothings really changed, per se, but….things are definitely different. 
    • more often than not now kevin will just go to the library to watch his taped games with headphones on while aaron studies, occasionally getting kicked in the shin when he gets too excited
    • when neither of them want to sleep because they know its one of those days they’ll have nightmares they go to the library’s 24 hr lounge and eat shitty microwave ramen (aaron is sworn to secrecy…no one can know kevin loves creamy chicken ramen) and try to teach each other bio or history
    • aaron only had a mother who hurt him growing up, and kevin only had the memory of his mother and people who hurt him growing up . without saying anything, they just understand.
  • in conclusion because aaron is accidentally really funny, kevin and him get a lot closer, which is good, cause they both kinda needed it
  • they wouldnt say they were friends, or are friends, but…maybe its a little “nothing” of their own

r/tinder is hilarious. it’s just girls trying to give guys advice on how to use the app successfully, then a swarm of fucking idiots telling the girls that they’re wrong.

i literally just read this, “You don’t ask a fish how to catch a fish. You ask a fisherman.” (33 fucking upvotes!! jfc)

girl dont know what girl want. me, alpha chimp know what girl want!

YGO Fans: Man, I wish we had proof that Marik and Bakura were in a relationship :/

Scholastic Books:

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Work Relationship  (Teacher!AU, Fluff)


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First Aid (Gang!AU, Fluff)


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Office (Office/Work!AU, Fluff)


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  • Tease (Doctor!AU, Fluff)
  • Not Today (Doctor!AU, Fluff, Sequel to Tease)

                                                       Mafia AU


Stories I’m revamping and will bring back differently: 

To Hell and Back(Demon!BTS): Pt 1. / Pt. 2

Bite Me (Vamp!Tae): Pt.1 

(Edited: June 19, 2017) (Added: Not Today (Tease sequel) and Mornings (Jimin Drabble)

When you want icon frames that can be applied to your clan’s aristocracy and there are none that quite fit what you need so you just make them yourself.

For knights, mages, and the otherwise highly accomplished

Free to use, no credit required, they’re all mix-and-matched FR assets with minor tweaks.

nervous :: zach dempsey

word count:1274

request: ‘Hey! Could you pretty please write an imagine for Zach Dempsey where he’s hopelessly in love with the reader and it’s just super fluffy because he’ll do and say dorky things to see her smile, his friends will tease him when she walks by, she’ll catch him staring at her in lunch, he gets really nervous when she talks to him and he tries to keep his cool but fails and it’s just super adorable, then she kisses him for whatever reason (u pick) You’d write this amazingly! Please and thank you so much’

warnings: none really, just a bit of a nervous!zachary

a/n: let me know what you think of this and if u want a request (idk how long it’ll take me to write bc i just write when i get inspiration sorry lolol) then hit up my asks ! thanks to the anon who requested this i loved the concept, sorry it took me a bazillion years to write but it’s here now !! 

“You just make me kinda nervous.” His eyes shifted away from yours and briefly to the floor, hoping it would swallow him whole.

Your lips stretched into a smile, his confession had made his nervousness pretty obvious. His cheeks flushed red and he couldn’t look you in the eyes yet but you loved this look.

Zach never got nervous about anything other than his Bio exams so this was new ground you were covering.

You grew conscious of your smile and tried to repress it so he wouldn’t think you found this funny. It was the opposite really, you were happy he’d come out and said it because you’d been on to him for months. This was a step in the right direction.

“And?” You finally responded to his confession. The abruptness of your tone caused him to avert his eyes to you again, full of curiosity and slight fear.

“And?” He caught on to your teasing once he saw you crack a smile and released his own smile onto his lips. He grinned, glancing down at his feet as he repositioned his backpack straps to relieve himself of some of its weight.

He shook his head, lifting his eyes back to yours again. He was back and forth between you and the floor and he wished he could stop but it was impulsive. You did really make him nervous.

Once he’d briefly composed himself he spoke up again much to your surprise. “I really like you. Come to Jess’ party tonight. With me.”

Your head titled slightly, mulling over the thought of attending a party you didn’t plan on going to purely because it was exam season. But this was Zach, your best friend, and he was asking you out.

“Hm. Okay.” You grinned whilst he spoke about the more informative details of your date. You just nodded along with what he was saying, only half listening as you were still dazing about how he’d actually come out and said these things to you.

But eventually the two of you parted ways, agreeing on a time and place later tonight to attend Jessica’s party together.


You’d arrived at the party a little later than anticipated because of you struggled to pick an outfit. Half because you don’t attend these kind of party’s often, half because this was your first date with Zach. Either way, it took you a while but he was patient and you got here eventually.

Zach’s hand was sitting on your waist as he sipped out of a cup (soft drinks of course as he was driving) and you sipped on a warm beer. His eyes were scanning the room but eventually they locked back on you, already looking at him.

You felt a bit awkward because, as mentioned, you didn’t attend these parties often and for good reason - they were full of drunken teenagers playing stupid games and creating drama out of nothing. But you had pleasant conversations with Zach, ones you hadn’t had before as friends. And it was comfortable and it was kind and you were enjoying yourself with him.

For example, you had caught him earlier on in the day watching you at lunch so naturally you confronted him about it just now. He stuttered a little but laughed inevitably, explaining how he hadn’t meant to come across so creepily. He thought you looked pretty or something like that, which made you smile wider than before.

“Zach! Buddy!” Your eyes shifted to the semi-drunken Justin that was rocketing over to the two of you, spilling his beer in the process. He wore a smile that only appeared when he was drinking or with Jess. “I didn’t know you were tapping that?”

You raised an eyebrow, scoffing lightly at his use of language. “He’s not.”

Zach mouth hung open slightly, unsure what to do because he’d never had you and his friends hang out together before. It was two completely different parts of his life.

He furrowed his eyebrows softly, turning back to Justin to give him a big ol’ disapproving glare. “Uh, we’re dating. I guess?”

He glanced back at you, who stood clipping your cup between your teeth to hide your smile, for assurance. You shrugged wth your smile, teasing again. “Sure baby.”

Justin raised his eyebrows, surprised his best friend was committing to something for once. He laughed, slapping Zach’s shoulder. “Alright, buddy. Make sure you hit that, I know a few who’ll take your place if you don’t.”

He left on kind of a sour note that made you purse your lips, wondering how Zach could be friends with someone who spoke so disgustingly.

“I’m sorry? He’s drunk, he’s not as bad as he sounds.” He quickly apologised. Worry struck his expression, thinking his friends could expose a side of him that was completely made up for his reputation purely. He was a nice guy, but most of his friends were jerks and he couldn’t be a nice guy around them all the time or they’d tease him.

He made them out to be worse than they were, some of them were good guys too, like Alex for example. Either way you weren’t pleased but you let it go for now.

You shrugged it off, sipping again at the beer sitting in your cup. Zach scratched the back of his neck, trying to find a way to move past this without it being too obvious that he was uncomfortable.

“So dating?” He quickly regretted his choice of topic but it was still on his mind since you’d used the pet name for him.

He watched your smile reappear slowly, reverting your attention to him before releasing an embarrassed spout of laughter.

“Sure baby.” He felt his hands grow clammy the more often you used this newfound pet name, wiping away his nerves on his jeans as nonchalantly as he could manage.

His cheeks were tinting pink, causing you to laugh because he was acting so uncharacteristically unsure of himself, which was bizarre because you guys had been friends for ages.

“Stop being so shy, weirdo.” You nudged your shoulder against him to loosen the mood a little. He was grinning again, glancing down at you in way that made you think he might kiss you. But he didn’t, he shifted his eyes back to the floor leaving you hanging. “Zach.” You muttered to him.

He mumbled a short yeah? and reverted his attention to you again. Your faces were closer than it was comfortable to stay still in.

“I’m going to kiss you because I want to. And because you’re too much of a dumbass to do it yourself.” You smiled when his eyes filled with delight and fear, flickering to yours lips before nodding eagerly. “Okay.”

You quickly ran your fingers into his hair, pulling him down slightly to reach your height and kissing him. He gasped, even from the preparation of your speech he was still unprepared for this. His hands reached your waist, grasping tightly and with his guidance he backed you against the wall.

He kissed back with more force than you were expecting, surprising you as he pushed himself closer to you. You let him take control, more because you were too distracted by this kiss than to know what to do with the rest of your body. So he gripped one hand on your waist and the other lay against your cheek to keep you in place.

You retracted for a split second to catch a breath. “Zach- Zach,” Your eyes barely opened, your breathing uneven as he looked at you with caution and swollen lips. You smiled. “I really like you too.” He delved back into the kiss that he’d been waiting for for ages with a bigger smile than he’d been wearing earlier. This was his every fantasy come to life and he was going to make the most of it.

Regret… something that he was all too familiar with.

In his youth he had been care free, not a care in the world. School was a breeze to him, making friends less so but the ones he did make were keepers. He took dancing classes in his spare time, played soccer and rode his bike around the streets of Los Angeles. When he got older he dated, had his share of fun, and experimented before he found himself.

Honestly, he felt like nothing in his life could go wrong.

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  • entre o amor e a tequila eu to bêbada
  • chegou o viciado em desgraça alheia
  • bicha eh bicha nunca morre vira porpurina
  • isso ta me cheirando a plano sujo de vagabunda ridicula
  • *cries in fracassada linguage*
  • soh pq eu tenho fogo nao quer dizer que eu seja vela
  • aqui vcs vao ver os dramas vividos pela kardashian perdida 
  • sou uma maquina de cometer vacilos
  • uma hora tamo bem otra mal
  • vc sabe meu user n meu mapa astral
  • a vida é uma vadia e você tbm


  • motherfucker never loved us, remember?
  • the sun, the moon, the truth
  • you little shit 
  • bitch i will kill you with my kawaii powers
  • allergic to stupid people
  • lost in a world that doesnt exist
  • not your business
  • attitude like kanye, feelings like drake
  • i cry for my idols and you cry for stupid boys 
  • love love love. what is it good for? absolutely nothing
  • i love you but you don’t care and it hurts
dating ian would include

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  • being friends with max, joji, and chad 
  •  giving him video ideas 
  •  "you should make a content cop on him. he’s honestly just the worst.“ 
  •  him always asking you to film for him 
  • you stifling laughs behind the camera as he does some dumb shit 
  • going to australia together 
  • "let’s put each other in our twitter bios" 
  • "nah. that’s gay" 
  •  "you’re gay" 
  • car sex in the Jeep honestly 
  • you wanting to have rough sex but him always making it fluffy 
  • "i’m sorry, y/n, you’re just really adorable. i can’t help it" 
  •  trying to plan cute dates at fancy restaurants but ending up saying fuck it and going to taco bell instead 
  • him being romantic every once in a while 
  •  constant laughing 
  •  hugs!! all!!! the!! time! 
  • honestly i bet that boy gives the best hugs 
  • him just texting you the most random shit just because 
  •  "i just saw a dog that reminded me of you." 
  • "what the fuck does that mean?" 
  •  "idk… it was loud and annoying" 
  •  "fuck off, ian" 
  •  talking about how much you like each other, then realizing how ridiculously cringey you sound 
  • wearing his clothes, especially the Hoodie™ 
  • you know what hoodie i’m talking about 
  • holding hands while driving 
  • just straight up adoring each other 
  • you being the luckiest cunt alive

Are these still relevant, the sequel

flutterhunter  asked:

"Hey, Trini, no offense, but what's it like to be a girl that's attracted to other girls?" Billy asks one day. "It's actually not that different from being any gender attracted to girls, except this time, you think 'Oh shit, she's hot.' then 'Oh shit, I'm gay." "When does that happen?" Billy asks. Cue Trini reminiscing about all the many times she has seen Kimberly and thought, "Oh shit, she's hot." then "Oh shit, I'm gay." like with pool at PE, cheer practice, and partners for bio.

Other things about Kimberly that make Trini swoon:

• The look on her face when she wins a match in training (it’s like she saved the world all over again)
• The way she can completely lose herself in a song. She’s the only other person Trini knows that does that. Trini wants to take her to every concert ever just to see her dancing with her eyes closed
• The rated G version of her Trini only gets to see when they’re babysitting her brothers. Trini doesn’t even ask her to show up, yet there she is with the latest Power Ranger toys (that the boys would never be able to afford, even with chores money) and a gentle smile

…basically Kimberly is always hot and Trini is always gay. She’ll understand that after a while.

Vik’s depressing bio

(( mun: vik is really the real definition of depression but he secretly still wants everyone’s luv rip my bb boi )) 

(( also art made by mun pls don’t h8 i know its terrible ))

Name: Soviet Union//USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)//“CCCP” 

(( mun: basically when Russia was under revolutionary time but he woke from hell now look at him dead in the eye ))

Human name: Viktor Braginsky

Gender: Male

Age: 100 years old (( this year o-o well it was then the revolution broke out ))

Birthday: 1922 (1917)

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Crimson 

Height: 6'6 and Tol 

Official Languages: Russian 

Other Languages:  Abaza, Adyghe, Altai, Bashkir, Buryat, Chechen, Cherkess, Chuvash, Crimean, Erzya, Ingush, Kabardian, Kalmyk, Karachay-Balkar, Karachay-Cherkessia, Khakas, Komi, Hill Mari, Moksha, Nogai, Ossetic, Tatar, Tuvаn, Udmurt, UkrainianIndo-European, YakutTurkic. (( i know i was on wikipedia and this came up and i was like wow dis lot of shit help jesus o-o ))

Appearance: Viktor’s appearance is similar to his 1p, Ivan but you could say the colours are the opposite from each other. His dark brown hair is that perfect bed hair (( that everyone wants and admires, yes that is true but he is mine so do not touch my bb )), crimson eyes and a little brown birthmark on his right cheek. He wears a big black coat that reaches down to his knees with kind of a red outline to it, and some black trousers and boots underneath. He also of course wears a scarf that is red since that first of all covers his deep scar on his neck and also red is the colour of his flag (( I don’t know if that’s correct because I just made that up.. sorry )). He also loves to wear a black sweater with his vibrant red scarf. 

Personality: He is quite dark and the complete opposite from his 1p. He tends to act all stone cold (( just like me wow )), dark and gloomy all the time and is slightly depressed you could say. His childhood wasn’t the greatest one and had a great impact on him as an adult. He is also portrayed as the stoic, quiet type. He does not speak often, usually preferring not to speak at all. He is portrayed as serious and mature.

Interests: He likes to be alone, sitting in his gigantic mansion on his big throne being served by the Baltic trio. He also likes to fright people with his bloody pipe, like always… he also secretly loves smol kids, absolutely not in a pedophilic way, he just wants love like everyone else but he tends to hide it. Deep inside he knows that he wants to even become a father someday. 

Pet: бурый медведь(brown bear). Yes, Vik has a little baby bear at his home and when he is sitting on his couch watching something, the bear tends to be very clingy and wants to cuddle all the time, so he jumps on Vik’s lap and starts to roll into a ball so he can get cuddles.

💮 How to start a RP blog 💮

Before I start please keep in mind that there are no specific rules on how your blog should be! I’m just explaining the common set ups and what not that most rpers use!

Also I’m going to organize this in steps because steps help my overwhelmed brain

1.)   The first step to starting a RP blog is deciding on your muse, or the character you’re going to write as. It can be any muse you want! You can even have multiple muses for one blog if you’d like (but that does make organizing a bit harder). You can write as a canon character, an oc, a canon character with your own headcanons, whatever! 
     Just ask yourself: is this a character I’m going to want to write for a while? Is this a character that I feel comfy portraying? Choosing a character without thinking this over may lead you to give up or delete quickly because you find that you don’t enjoy them! This is okay though! It’s good to experiment and find out who you write the best!

2.)   Once you have your muse chosen, maybe practice writing with them a bit? This is optional of course, but practice may help you decide if they’re right for you or not.

3.)   Look at you! You got your muse! That’s awesome! Now, time to make the blog! The URL is fun to work with but may also be difficult to figure out. Go with whatever your heart desires! Look at examples too! Here’s how I chose mine:
      Peregrine (as in peregrine falcon, the animal Avi represents and owns) was taken, so I changed my i to 3 i’s (a popular trend ha ha). Avian’s url is peregriiine because the word peregrine represents her in multiple ways (I’ll explain how later).

4.)   Got your URL? Radical. Time to give your blog a nice theme! You don’t HAVE to do this, but I highly recommend it. In all honesty, people are going to want to interact with you more if you have a well put together theme and blog.
Finding a theme may be difficult but there are blogs made just to help with that!

@theme-hunters for example

Or, go look at some rp blogs and see if you like any of their themes! Grab the code from the maker, plug it in, and viola! Now you just have to put all your images and text and colors that you want! With this in mind, try to think of a specific color scheme and aesthetic for your muse. It will help with the look I promise!

  Got your theme and images? Wowee you’re really close! Now it’s time to make your pages. There are 3 very important pages to have:

An open and easily accessible ask box, a bio/about page for your muse, and a rules page

- Ask box: This one is easy. Have it open so people can send in starters and memes! The big one is having it easily accessible in your theme. It doesn’t HAVE to be, because people can find it and sometimes it’s worth the aesthetic, but it’s just easier for your RP partners!

- About page:
Please have a link/tab about your muse (esp if it’s an OC!). People have to know who you’re writing! If it’s a canon character you’re writing as (ex RED demoman) then you don’t have to put too much there since most people already know the basics about him! But! You can add in your own headcanons if you’d like! I recommend looking at some other RP blog bios to find out how you want to structure your’s :0

- Rules: This one actually isn’t required for people to RP with you, but I recommend it for your own sake. Because different people go by different standards and most (good) RPers make sure to check them first. Some important things to add is how you feel about certain writing topics (ex: No smut because I am a minor/I don’t like it, gore and violence is okay, etc). Again, looking at other rule pages will give you ideas for how to structure it

-Other: There are other (optional) pages to include as well, such as a list of verses (like AU’s and what not), relationships (list of their relationship with other rp partners), etc! Anything you also want to have available!

6.)  Your pages are done, your theme is set, you’re almost ready to go! Now here’s the most difficult part: Starting to write. I recommend 3 things:
 ~ reblogging RP/ ASK memes (lists of certain things that other people can send you)
~making a promo post to get yourself out there
     This may seem like the hardest task to fulfill but it’s the most efficient way to get started. You can’t just wait for people to find you. You gotta fling yourself at others! Once you do that, people will follow you and send things themselves! It’s very anxiety-inducing for some people (me!!!me!!) but it’s worth it I promise

7.)  YOU DID IT! You are now writing little stories with your muse and another’s muse! How cool is that? You can write about anything ever! You can write small little silly threads (or a series of replies to the same story) or even long extended ones that are deep and thick with development :0!!! Possibilities are endless!!! YOU DID IT YEAAAAAAAH!!!

Now for some extra tips just for fun!

~ Having specific tags for things is REALLY helpful in organizing your content!

~ You don’t just have to reblog memes and replies; you can reblog images or posts that relate to your (such as an aesthetic that follows them or some musings!) I have tags for each of these things
~ For those tags, I recommend looking at other people’s tags for ideas on what to tag and how to tag it. I’m a dork and made really fancy tags with quotes and all that but you don’t have too!
~ Also add fun things to your blog, like a music player for tunes to set the mood for your muse!
~ Also, some people like to use little icons or art pieces in there responses to show their muse’s expression. This is optional but really fun! You don’t have to be an artist, you can just use other people’s art (with permission but most people don’t do that because they state that their icons are not their own art.)
~ Make sure to be respectful and kind to your fellow rp partners!
~ Roleplaying is a hobby. People do it for fun. Do NOT feel obligated to do a reply super quickly if you have other things going on. 
~ Have fun omg

For those who are unsure even HOW to write rp responses, there is no set way! You just write how you wish as long as you write your muse and give your partner enough to work with!

(Any questions or example requests? Send me an ask)

why do people actively hate on other people

how can yalls lives be so miserable that it’s fueled by hate

i just don’t understand