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Motivation for AP exams

Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.
Aim for a three.

imagine being so close minded and ignorant that you think drag is only about cis males dressing up as women, imagine thinking you can profit off of women and disrespect them at the same time, imagine feeding the problem that already exists in the gay comunity and exclude queer women of something that literally exists because we are alive, imagine thinking you have the right to disrespect every single trans, gender fluid and gender queer person who does drag and tell them their drag is not drag because they are not cis males, imagine trying to put the art form of drag into a box and give it a gender when it was created for the exact opposite reason.

Willam can suck my ass.

What I Learned From University


  • Everyone is super friendly, especially in the first few weeks → Introduce yourself to the people sitting near you for the first few weeks of lectures. Everyone is looking for a friend or at least someone to talk to!!
  • If you commute, make that time productive → My bus ride was an hour there and back each day. It sucks but I would try to be productive for at least half of the commute. I have a post about being productive on public transport here.
  • On that note, stay on campus as long as possible each day → As soon as I got back home I would procrastinate every little thing. Stay in an already productive environment for as long as possible.
  • Maybe don’t buy your textbooks used → I thought I was being smart by buying used textbooks (most schools will have a buy and sell facebook page for textbooks). I ended up having to pay for access codes in order to do my online homework – access codes that cost ~$70 separately and came included with new textbooks anyways. Email your prof or talk to someone who has recently taken the class to find out if you need an access code. If you do, your best bet is to buy a new version of the textbook (unless you can get a seriously cheap used textbook).
  • Print off your timetable and find all of your classes before the first day → This helped me so much! I found exactly where all my classes were before the first day of class. I wrote down little tricks to help me remember where everything was (i.e. my calc lecture is in the arts and science building which is also where the only subway on campus is).
  • Don’t knock living at home to save money → If you’re lucky enough to have a college or university close to home at least consider living at home. Getting your own place or living in dorms is expensive. (But if you have to find off campus housing on your own, don’t leave it too late or you might not find a place)
  • Figure out the best way to take notes for each class → You have to customize the way you study for each class, all depending on the prof and the content. I hand-wrote notes for some classes (chem, calc, and physics), but not others (psych and bio). If you’re writing by hand you can always just annotate your textbook notes or lecture slides (if they’re posted before class). If you fall behind while taking notes, just leave a gap and check out a friend’s notes after class.
  • Adjust your expectations → Don’t expect to get straight A’s, like you might have in high school. You can strive for straight A’s but be realistic as time goes on. For classes I struggled with, I expected to be near the class average. If I was a lot lower than the class average then I would know to invest more time.
  • Make time for physical activity → If we’re being honest I hardly exercised during uni. Go for at least a half hour walk each day and try to start a physical activity routine. Get a friend and join a sports team, go to a fitness class, or commit to some form of a daily workout with them! You’ll feel bad bailing on someone else, plus working out is more fun with other people.
  • Review content throughout the semester → Reviewing little bits of content will save you a massive content review right before finals! Look through old notes while you wait for your daily coffee or take 15 minutes to watch some khan academy videos on stuff you learned in the first month of classes.
  • Think seriously about how much you can handle → Don’t take on too many responsibilities at once and consider all of your options! I worked weekends and some week nights throughout the school year. Looking back I should have worked less because my stress levels were way too high. Also, quite a few people I talked to took 4 classes instead of 5, for their first semester of university. I don’t think I would have done it, in the end, but it’s always something to consider.
  • Have fun but be responsible at parties → Always go to parties with people you trust!! If you didn’t do much partying/drinking during high school (like me), remember to pace yourself when drinking! Eat before you go out and have some water between each drink, till you find your limit. Don’t let yourself be peer-pressured into anything but also don’t be afraid to have fun! And check out if your uni has a safe walk program (someone will come and walk you back to your dorm or your car if you feel unsafe or nervous for any reason)
  • When procrastination hits, aim to be productive in some way → The only reason my biology mark was so high was because I would study biology whenever I got sick of studying for physics and calculus. If you know you need to study but just can’t do it, start by being productive in some other way – study a subject you do like, do your laundry, organize your study area, etc. Get your brain to start thinking productively.
  • Labs are difficult so be prepared → I had so many labs first year. Some tips: eat and hydrate before labs, never assume you can finish your prelab last minute, be nice to your lab partner, always remember lab safety (don’t be the person trying to wear shorts in the lab, TAs will not hesitate to kick you out), don’t rush through an experiment but be efficient, and ask for help (even if you feel like you’re bothering your TA).
  • Please go to bed early. Sleep affects everything → I was so dumb and would never go to bed early even though I had to be up at 6 am almost every day to catch the bus. Lack of sleep will catch up to you eventually!! Also, all nighters are not necessary, unless you make them necessary. I prioritized and never had to stay awake too late. And never pull an all nighter the night before an exam (you’re better off getting sleep and resting your brain).
  • Bring a water bottle everywhere → Buy a decent water bottle and always carry it with you. Even though my uni is small there are still tons of spots around campus where I can refill my water bottle!! Stay hydrated my friends!
  • A practice problem a day keeps the F away → This saying probably works best for science classes, but I guess a reading a day will get you somewhere too. Do something for every class each day, even if it’s just a practice problem or a quick reading. Develop a routine!
  • You’ll have lots of midterms → I was under the impression that midterms happened just once a semester (I thought I would have one week where I had a midterm for each class). That was not my reality. I had 2 or 3 midterms for each of my classes scattered throughout the semester. Study really hard for your first set of midterms till you get used to the high expectations!
  • Don’t worry about what other people are doing or thinking → This is mostly in regards to social media. I was bummed when I looked back on my first year of university, because I felt like I hadn’t done anything fun compared to other people. You only see the image that other people want you to see. You don’t know how hard someone worked or how hard they didn’t work. Just focus on you and how you can affect positive results in your life.
  • Other people literally don’t care about your appearance → My friend’s little sister visited campus and asked us “Why is everyone wearing sweatpants?” People literally don’t care. Dress nice and put lots of makeup on one day, because you feel like it, and wear sweats the next day.
  • Start essays and reports as soon as possible → You never know what might come up so be prepared for the worst! Outline your essay or graph your data as soon as you can.
  • Eat healthy and do meal prep → You can eat healthy during university! Set aside a couple of nights each week to do meal prep. Cook food in bulk to save money and don’t eat out too much. Try to have at least 1 serving of fruits or veggies with each meal or snack you eat!
  • Find a good study spot on campus → Explore your campus and figure out your favourite places to study. I had a couple of spots where I would always meet my friends to study and quiet spots where no one would bother me. Studying outside or in an area with natural light is always good.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your profs and TAs → This is the number one thing I’m going to try to do more of in my second year. TAs are chill to talk to and they can tell you tons of useful information on what upper year classes are like, which professors are good, why they chose to go to grad school, etc. If you’re struggling in lectures or labs, talk to your prof or TA! Make an appointment and be sure you can tell them exactly which concepts you’re struggling with or at least where you got lost. One of my profs told us he just waits hopefully during office hours for someone to come in. (Also profs love it if you ask them about their research or any topics they seem passionate about during lectures.)
  • Explore all the resources your university has to offer → My university has a program that is basically people bringing their dogs around for students to pet, in order to relieve stress. It actually works and gave me something to look forward to! Just be aware of your options so that if something in your life changes you know where you can go to ask for help.
  • Get a planner and utilize it → There’s no excuse not to have a planner of some sort. Use your phone, get a bullet journal, or buy a cheap planner. Have somewhere where you can record important deadlines and make to do lists. I also recommend back planning all of your studying at the beginning of the semester. Write down your midterms and finals dates and write down how much you’re going to study each day leading up to the exam. This way you’ll be able to look ahead at each month and figure out what needs to be done (i.e. getting an essay done early because the due date falls during a busy week of midterms)

This post ended up being a lot longer than I expected whoops. Take the things I said into consideration but remember that everyone’s experience will be different. Good luck to everyone heading to university!

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I went to buy the Princess Tutu Blu-ray box set yesterday and was super lucky cause it was the last one at the store!

Here are some pictures of the content (sorry for the quality and lighting)

The middle two pictures come from the white book which has a lot of other information, like character bios and interviews but I haven’t gotten a good look at it yet.

The other pictures come from the purple book, which contains the full script as well as these notes from the voice actors and other people who worked on the show.

Love this show and I’m so happy it’s getting this attention :)

spookymiscreant  asked:

A concept: Kevin Day and Aaron Minyard talking mad shit about Andrew and Neil. Kevin talking about how he's sick of Andrew "pretending" he doesn't care about Exy and then Aaron replying, "I'd take that over Neil eye fucking the court every day"

i….love this….so much oh my god ok

  • so andrew and neil are on one of theyre “this is nothing but we go on weekend trips together to makeout” things 
  • so kevin needs to practice bc he’s Extra™ and…he’s still having a little trouble relaxing without andrew around all the time
    • andrew gave aaron a look before he left that aaron knows means to watch out for kevin
  • aaron’s complete disinterest manages to deter kevin from practice for two full days
    • never underestimate aaron’s ability to be stubborn to spite someone else ok
  • but finally FINALLy it’s not kevin’s incessant bitching that gets aaron to go to the court with him 
  • it’s aaron getting back from classes and not getting immediately bombarded with requests to go to the court
  • it’s coming home to a silent kevin staring out the window, rubbing his scars
  • aaron sighs deep to hide the fact that he’s concerned and changes into light workout clothes and grabs kevin
  • he also ignores how much kevin lights up when they turn onto the street of the foxhole court
    • this is an example of aaron “im not allowed to feel anything at all ever” minyard
    • also an example of aaron “knows where matt keeps a spare key to his truck” minyard
  • at first aaron refuses to practice with kevin
  • but he “gets bored” or whatever he likes to tell himself
    • see, aaron actually likes exy. he likes the way he can channel all his frustrations into it. he spends so much time studying and trying to figure out his brother and trying to figure out what the hell he wants from his life so sometimes he just needs to run around and knock people on their asses, ok?
    • its also pretty much the only times he can remember connecting with andrew
  • kevin is, like always, completely immersed, and barely notices aaron getting on the court until he walks by him to block his way to the goal
    • kevin’s on the courts because he can breathe there. he’s on the court because its where is mother put him. its the only place he mattered after she died, where he felt like a living thing rather than an asset. 
    • he’s there because even though he’s happy for andrew and neil, he really is, he’s still figuring out how to stand on his own. the court’s been the only place he really felt he could do that. 
  • now aaron may be on the court
  • he may have come to be there for kevin shut kevin up
  • but you best believe he’s gonna bitch about it
  • “fine, i’ll go, but i’m gonna complain the whole time” yea that’s aaron
  • after like one snide comment though Bitchy Kevin comes out to fuckin play and it goes a little something like:
    • kevin: andrew knows he’s good but does he try? of course not. see, that’d be fucking easy. that’d be simple. nothing is simple with him. *cue kevin taking an unnecessarily forceful shot on goal*
    • aaron: and don’t even get me started on neil just asking him for things. are you kidding. andrew doesn’t do anything ever at all and neil just??? asks him??? and he does it???
    • (both of them are secretly wondering why they don’t bitch to each other more often)
  • the best part though, is when aaron is at the height of his rant and says, “You know, i don’t even want to do extra practice, but I’d take this over Neil eye fucking the court every goddamn day”
  • kevin just fucking breaks like he drops his racquet and everything
  • aaron hasn’t ever seen kevin laugh???? its kind of beautiful surprising??
  • kevin gets a hold of himself and wow
  • he doesn’t think he’s ever seen aaron smile he’s surprised how much he likes it
  • after that kevin’s feeling better 
  • they head back to the dorms and play video games for a while, order food. just kinda hang out
  • nothings really changed, per se, but….things are definitely different. 
    • more often than not now kevin will just go to the library to watch his taped games with headphones on while aaron studies, occasionally getting kicked in the shin when he gets too excited
    • when neither of them want to sleep because they know its one of those days they’ll have nightmares they go to the library’s 24 hr lounge and eat shitty microwave ramen (aaron is sworn to secrecy…no one can know kevin loves creamy chicken ramen) and try to teach each other bio or history
    • aaron only had a mother who hurt him growing up, and kevin only had the memory of his mother and people who hurt him growing up . without saying anything, they just understand.
  • in conclusion because aaron is accidentally really funny, kevin and him get a lot closer, which is good, cause they both kinda needed it
  • they wouldnt say they were friends, or are friends, but…maybe its a little “nothing” of their own


  • entre o amor e a tequila eu to bêbada
  • chegou o viciado em desgraça alheia
  • bicha eh bicha nunca morre vira porpurina
  • isso ta me cheirando a plano sujo de vagabunda ridicula
  • *cries in fracassada linguage*
  • soh pq eu tenho fogo nao quer dizer que eu seja vela
  • aqui vcs vao ver os dramas vividos pela kardashian perdida 
  • sou uma maquina de cometer vacilos
  • uma hora tamo bem otra mal
  • vc sabe meu user n meu mapa astral
  • a vida é uma vadia e você tbm


  • motherfucker never loved us, remember?
  • the sun, the moon, the truth
  • you little shit 
  • bitch i will kill you with my kawaii powers
  • allergic to stupid people
  • lost in a world that doesnt exist
  • not your business
  • attitude like kanye, feelings like drake
  • i cry for my idols and you cry for stupid boys 
  • love love love. what is it good for? absolutely nothing
  • i love you but you don’t care and it hurts
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                                                       Mafia AU


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The Coach who taught Bio

So my Sophomore year of high school, they brought in a new Biology teacher. He only taught one class. 7th hour. The other Bio teacher taught every other class, and he was a fantastic teacher and everyone looked forward to having him. I got stuck with the new bio teacher sadly. So I’m gonna call him NB because I can’t remember his name. He was a coach most of the day, but coaches had to teach at least one class to be employed at our school and that’s how he became the Bio teacher for one class. BUT. If you’ve ever had a class taught by a coach, they generally SUCK at teaching. So NB one day gave us a worksheet. We were all working on it. He told us to continue working on it, and he was going to lecture while we did. About halfway through his lecture, I got stuck on a question on the worksheet. A few of the students I was working on it with were also stumped. I raised my hand. NB called on me and I asked about the question. He then went on a 10 minute rant about disrespectful students and how I shouldn’t be working on it while he lectures despite that being what he told us to do. He then slammed his teacher’s textbook shut, threw it at me, and shoved a desk into my desk. Then he yelled “FAIL YOUR FUCKING END OF THE YEAR EXAM THEN. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.” He didn’t teach again for a week and just kept giving us worksheets. ALSO. A different time he was teaching about sexual reproduction. It obviously made him very uncomfortable. See the good bio teacher always taught this subject very thoroughly and would even bring pictures of stds and stuff to class. Well NB just awkwardly summed it up in 25 minutes and obviously didn’t want to talk about it anymore. So we decided to mess with him. We asked crazy questions and would all laugh as he stuttered and turned red trying to answer them. We’d ask about twins, hermaphrodites, and so much more. We asked him how the sperm reaches the egg and he just shut down and released us 30 minutes early and wouldn’t answer anymore. When we came in the next day, we were all ready with more questions. He said we were moving on to a new chapter and wouldn’t answer any. Then this one girl, Bailey, decided to ask the mother of all questions, but she wasn’t messing with him. She was completely serious. She asked “But wait I’m still confused. If Sperm swim, how do you not get pregnant when you swallow it??” We started laughing, thinking she was messing with him again. She turned around and yelled “NO STOP LAUGHING. I’M SERIOUS. I DON’T GET IT. THIS ISN’T A JOKE. PLEASE HELP ME.” NB just stared at her with his jaw hanging. Finally he coughed and mumbled something about “dear god” then coughed again and said “Uh…wrong hole…wrong tube…doesn’t work. Class dismissed.” We had only been there 10 minutes.

YGO Fans: Man, I wish we had proof that Marik and Bakura were in a relationship :/

Scholastic Books:

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dating ian would include

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  • being friends with max, joji, and chad 
  •  giving him video ideas 
  •  "you should make a content cop on him. he’s honestly just the worst.“ 
  •  him always asking you to film for him 
  • you stifling laughs behind the camera as he does some dumb shit 
  • going to australia together 
  • "let’s put each other in our twitter bios" 
  • "nah. that’s gay" 
  •  "you’re gay" 
  • car sex in the Jeep honestly 
  • you wanting to have rough sex but him always making it fluffy 
  • "i’m sorry, y/n, you’re just really adorable. i can’t help it" 
  •  trying to plan cute dates at fancy restaurants but ending up saying fuck it and going to taco bell instead 
  • him being romantic every once in a while 
  •  constant laughing 
  •  hugs!! all!!! the!! time! 
  • honestly i bet that boy gives the best hugs 
  • him just texting you the most random shit just because 
  •  "i just saw a dog that reminded me of you." 
  • "what the fuck does that mean?" 
  •  "idk… it was loud and annoying" 
  •  "fuck off, ian" 
  •  talking about how much you like each other, then realizing how ridiculously cringey you sound 
  • wearing his clothes, especially the Hoodie™ 
  • you know what hoodie i’m talking about 
  • holding hands while driving 
  • just straight up adoring each other 
  • you being the luckiest cunt alive

A belated birthday present for my very good friend @beccadrawsstuff, who wished for something involving any of her OCs. I decided to do something with her character Phuong, Tucker’s eventual wife. Happy Birthday Becs! Sorry this was so late!

“Oh hun. Nobody warned you about Amity before you moved here, did they?”

Phuong was already having second thoughts about calling that number Linh had given her. The woman who answered Fenton Works’ main line was disarmingly chipper, and seemed to accept Phuong’s stuttered, embarrassed explanation of the situation without an ounce of skepticism. 

“I don’t usually work the phones but we’re actually kind of short staffed at the moment,” Phuong had already forgotten her name. Something with an ‘i’? “It doesn’t sound like bloody threats on the wals or ectoplasm clogging the sink level of haunting; we can get a guy over to you tomorrow afternoon, about eleven. Is that okay?”

No, it was perfectly fine. Just the right amount of time for Phuong to hang up and feel foolish for being desperate and jumpy and gullible enough to resort to this, no matter how many times Linh tried to explain it to her. There were so many logical, non-paranormal explanations that made sense, considering her circumstances. Moving to an unfamiliar town, new apartment with its own quirks and night-noises, she wasn’t used to living alone. It had only been two months since the funeral. 

She still had a little camp-out in the living room with her laptop, armored with blankets and the tried and true childhood defense against all manner of monsters by leaving every light on, electric bill be damned. Because she was an adult, dammit.

The pendulum had swung again by morning, frazzled and on edge from yet another sleepless night, the back of her neck prickling with the constant, persistent sensation of not being Alone. She almost jumped out of her skin when the intercom buzzed. 

Past the point of caring, Phuong answered the door with her hair uncombed since yesterday, still wearing sweats and a t-shirt. She didn’t know what she expected- Bill Murray? (preferable) a shifty guy in a tacky redone exterminator’s jumpsuit but for ghosts? (likely) Kate McKinnon? (If only).

….a handsome man with tied-back dreadlocks and a tacky but endearing Pacific Rim t-shirt?

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When you want icon frames that can be applied to your clan’s aristocracy and there are none that quite fit what you need so you just make them yourself.

For knights, mages, and the otherwise highly accomplished

Free to use, no credit required, they’re all mix-and-matched FR assets with minor tweaks.