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palmetto state foxes: allison reynolds

allison reynolds was a bewildering choice for palmetto state. she looked like a picture-perfect princess, but she could brawl with the best of them on the court. she refused to bend to others’ expectations of her and could be honest to the point of cruelty. she could have inherited her parents’ billion-dollar empire, but she didn’t want the restrictions that life came with. she wanted the right to be her own person. she wanted to prove herself on the court.

4 benderrific Legend of Korra fan films

The world of Avatar has inspired countless fanworks for over ten years now. Let’s take a look at some Legend of Korra fan films!

A New Beginning

Art School Dropouts absolutely nailed Korra and Asami’s characters here, and we dare you to count the punches!

Battle for Republic City

Ryan Glass has created a short film with crazy production values-choreography-visual effects, showing the fight that lead to the founding of Republic City.

5 Everyday Uses of Firebending

Mako’s scarf makes a comeback in this fun short by Cameron Sun– and be sure to check out his numerous other bending videos!

Little Air

Probending practice takes an adorably badass turn in this hilarious scene from eatalllot featuring a girl channeling young Korra, and you gotta deal with it!

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friendly reminder that keith, the second shortest of the team has to bend down to look at pidge

I love you.”

You’re always the first to say those three words. We’ll be laying together on your couch, side by side, watching another one of your favorite movies. You take my hand and pull me closer, as I allow myself to fall onto your chest. Staring deep into each other’s eyes, you bend your head down to kiss my cheek. You stroke my pink rosy cheeks and say my name, followed by the words that I’ve been yearning to hear. “I’m so in love with you,” you say somberly. But I can only bring myself to whisper it back. It’s so easy for him to say those words, as if it’s no big deal, yet it’s clear that he means every word with all his heart. It’s not that I don’t love him, oh how much I truly love him, it’s the fear of such a big word that holds me back. Love is a big deal. And no matter how much I love him, the thought of one day losing him makes my stomach churn. I really do love him, and I’ll tell him a million times until he finally understands; I’ll scream it out to the world, across every skyline, through every city, until everyone knows; because it’s nothing less than the truth, and nothing less than he deserves.
You’re just always the first one to say those three words.
So here it is now, louder than ever,

“I love you…
—  3.11.17 // pt. 1
A relationship is like a slow dance. Every movement must be taken carefully and in consideration of the partner’s and a single misstep can often result in disaster. But when a couple dedicates themselves to perfecting this performance, to the pursuit of intimately knowing each other, the result is devastatingly beautiful.

Selflessness and compromise meet together like clasped hands. While trust and loyalty lock like a love-struck gaze. Care and understanding bear each challenge with mastery and poise, like pairs of nimble feet spinning gracefully across a dance floor. As one partner bends, the other bows. As one partner falls, the other reaches out to catch her.

When a relationship works, it is effortless and fluid—a meticulously choreographed pirouette between two partnered souls in perfect balance.
—  Beau TaplinT h i s  S l o w  D a n c e  

Okay, I’ve finished two episodes of Iron Fist. Does it have some problems? yes. Is it as terrible as the reviews say? no. 

I think one of the reasons for the negative reaction is the built into the story itself. Daredevil is a blind lawyer who works pro bono in Hell’s Kitchen. Jessica Jones is an abuse survivor who is an alcoholic. Luke Cage is a wrongly accused black man living in Harlem.  Danny Rand is a rich white guy.. Many of the reviews mention how this series seems like a throwback, nothing new, not as “timely” as the others.  This is true because it’s the story of Iron Fist himself, a problematic white savior story to start with .

The reviewers also savage the fight scenes, saying they’re not up to par with the other three series. Yes, I agree that the direction of the scenes makes them choppy and dark, but Danny doesn’t fight the same way the others do.  He bends his knees, flows with punches and deflects more than he hits.  I think it’s an intentional choice on the actor or director’s part. I’m holding my judgement until I see more episodes. Also, I have a soft spot for the laid back hippie Danny Rand from EMH. :)

Finally, they are trashing Finn Jones’ acting.  Maybe I’m crazy, but what I see is an actor playing a man with anxiety issues, PTSD, and serious social awkwardness.  Flashbacks to his childhood bolster this interpretation of the part. So, yeah, he’s hesitant, odd, lashes out then gets depressed.  But I think it’s an interesting angle to take. 

My verdict?  I’m going to give it a chance.  I’m interested in the plot and am half in love with Collen Wing. :)


She looked like a picture-perfect princess, but she could brawl with the best of them on the court. She refused to bend to others’ expectations of her and could be honest to the point of cruelty. She could have inherited her parents’ billion-dollar empire, but she didn’t want the restrictions that life came with. She wanted the right to be her own person. She wanted to prove herself on the court.

Jings and Other Things: How Combat Informs Character, Cultural Progress, and Vice Versa

Over the series run of The Legend of Korra there have been quite a few posts and thoughts regarding the significant changes that bending had undergone in the seventy years that span the gap between it and The Last Airbender.  Here, reddit, forums, you name it, somebody has pointed it out.  Many of you remember ATLA as having titanic fights with massive feats of bending.  And why shouldn’t you? Avatar Kyoshi made her own fucking island centuries before Aang’s time even began.

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How can I explain to you, my happiness, my golden, wonderful happiness, how much I am all yours – with all my memories, poems, outbursts, inner whirlwinds? Or explain that I cannot write a word without hearing how you will pronounce it – and can’t recall a single trifle I’ve lived through without regret – so sharp! – that we haven’t lived through it together – whether it’s the most, the most personal, intransmissible – or only some sunset or other at the bend of a road – you see what I mean, my happiness?
And I know: I can’t tell you anything in words – and when I do on the phone then it comes out completely wrong. Because with you one needs to talk wonderfully, the way we talk with people long gone, do you know what I mean, in terms of purity and lightness and spiritual precision – but I – je patauge terribly. Yet you can be bruised by an ugly diminutive – because you are so absolutely resonant – like seawater, my lovely.
—  Vladimir Nabokov, from Letters to Vera (Penguin Classics, 2014)

A House Stellium occurs in an individuals charts when four or more heavenly bodies are located in the same House, focusing all of their energy there. How your House Stellium is truly expressed depends on if you also have a Sign Stellium and your Sun Sign. Read more here.

First House - The House of Self - Aries
Your identity is your focus. You may find yourself focusing too much on yourself, your appearance, your needs. You feel so self conscious that it is emotionally disabling and you may find yourself swept up in others, bending to their will because you care more about how you look in the eyes of others than anything else. You express your insecurities by being loud, bold and brash - by overcompensating. You have little patience and self control. You need a partner to balance you out in life or work. On the other hand you are intuitive and know how to charm others. You are very good with physical communication and you will often say more through your body than your words.

Second House - The House of Possessions - Taurus
You can spend money very easily and may find yourself in financial trouble. You struggle to let go of anything, seeing the value in everything, and fear to go without. You will exhaust yourself by clinging to your possessions to the point where the stress causes illness. Learning to let go will be your greatest struggle in life. You can be possessive but also remarkably gregarious. You need security in life, whatever that may mean to you, but it usually is tied to the material world. You are grounded and support others. Those with this Stellium often are in touch with their body and will practice arts that involve movement.

Third House - The House of Mind - Gemini
Your mind is always going and you can get wrapped up in your thoughts. You struggle to relax and often shake and jitter because your mind is racing. You can think so much that you never even act. Easily becoming obsessed, you loose perspective and struggle to see things as they are whether it be about a book you are writing or the child you’re raising. You crave new experiences to learn from. You need others to communicate with at all times but you can often talk at people, not with, because you carry a message that needs to be let out. Often, those with this Stellium tell stories in some way: writing, painting, directing, etc because they have such a strong perspective or story that they simply need to share.

Fourth House - The House of Home - Cancer
Your home life may feel tumultuous because with a Fourth House Stellium it is easily upset by transits. You feel trapped in the past, reliving moments in your mind, unable to let go of old hurts and grudges but also those beautiful moments of triumph will feel as if they are your only ones and you’ll never feel anything more beautiful. You need to learn to focus on the present and look forward to the future because you have many great moments ahead of you. You need a home, a place to call your own. Your emotions may overwhelm you at times but reign them in and they will be your greatest gift. You often focus on family, even those who do not desire children or to marry will surround themselves with friends so close they are like siblings. You are a humanitarian in many ways and seek to help others or the environment.

Fifth House - The House of Creativity - Leo
Drama rules your life. You can create problems in your own head without realizing. Over the top is your thing whether you are a stay at home mom or on Broadway. Impersonal relationships often become personal in one way or another. You may be a little more immature than most, even innocent in ways. You often connect well with children and animals, having a bit of an instinct for parenting and caring. You always are creating and thinking, and you must express yourself and these ideas in one way or another. They are often fantastic artists.

Sixth House - The House of Health - Virgo
You can be a bit of a workaholic who never relaxes, a perfectionist who slaves over the smallest of tasks in hopes of perfecting it. You need to be in charge, you have to do things the right way and the only way is to do it yourself right? You can work so hard that you literally make yourself ill. You need to learn to delegate your workload. You often commit yourself to helping others and will do everything you can to help. You can also be terribly judgmental, even cruel. These individuals will often be doctors, nurses, or other public service types. You live to serve.

Seventh House - The House of Partnership - Libra
Those with this Stellium will either seek out a relationship no matter what the cost or flee from them. Dealing with others can be a struggle for you. It is hard for you to stay in a relationship or even dare to begin one or it is all too easy, a complete necessity. You are a bit of a loner or such a social butterfly that you know everyone there is to know. Indecisive in relationships, you feel lost and can’t decide what to do or what not to do despite your instincts, so you will often avoid them. Once you are in a relationship you may loose yourself completely to the other person, you put all of your energy into it and obsess over it. You may flee from relationships no matter what the cost. You are charming, fashionable, and social. Perception is your greatest gift.

Eighth House - The House of Sex - Scorpio
The Eighth House is the House of all things beyond our control, of life, death, and the occult. You may study the occult, psychology, medicine, and science in order to gain control over what is uncontrollable. You may have experienced many difficult situations early on in life and feel mature and or cynical due to them. You must be in control of your money and finances. You won’t let others touch your money and are the type to hide it in drawers and under loose floorboards, unsure about even putting it in the bank. You struggle to know when to let go, when things are not your fault even when they are beyond anyone’s control. You may feel detached from your sexuality or obsessed with sex.

Ninth House - The House of Discovery - Sagittarius
The mind is your home. You may be too stuck in your own head and struggle to accept reality. Learning is important to you, you are often philosophical, spiritual or religious though you may jump from one belief to another to another at the drop of a hat. You may be absolutely obsessed with your beliefs and try to force them on others. You are so caught up with studying life that you hardly ever live it. You are the type to always be curious and asking questions, never afraid or even aware of crossing the line of what’s too personal. You may be a little wacky but you’re a lot of fun and always kind. You are a teacher at heart and often will get a job teaching anywhere from preschool to college, even teaching through writing or counseling.

Tenth House - The House of Status - Capricorn
You often clash with authority figures in your life. Often there is a lot of tension between you and your parents, perhaps your father in particular. And you hate to work for anyone but yourself which leads to rebellion in the home and in schooling. You need to be your own boss and will seek a job that allows you to be. With that said, you are still a strong and solid person. You are ambitious, perhaps even cut-throat, and you cut to the chase in everything you do. You’re the type who gets the most work done with the least effort. You are probably a workaholic and never give yourself a break.

Eleventh House - The House of Community - Aquarius
You try to please everyone. You will be swallowed whole by the community, never your own person but always someone’s shadow. Herd mentality is your defining point. You throw yourself into group causes and societal issues. Even in one-on-one situations you may take on the qualities of the other. You may even feel empathic. On the plus side, you are the type who can be friends with honestly anyone and often are. You are often very aware of societal issues - even ones on the other side of the world. You may feel born too early or too late, like you are out of time, and you’re always very aware of this. You have very progressive ideas and stand behind them no matter what. You often work with people but need to do so on a smaller scale and focus on yourself.

Twelfth House - The House of Self-Undoing - Pisces
You have a need to work with others. You’re natural drive is to support others at all times and you will often loose yourself to this. You still need to take time to be alone but often don’t. You don’t ever seek the spotlight and for this reason will shrink away from even positive attention, even from the support that they need in return. You may be a little out of touch with reality naturally, a dreamy new-age type of person, so you can easily be caught up in religion and spirituality to the point of becoming a fanatic or becoming involved in dangerous situations. You may have almost preternatural insight verging on psychic. They often take on roles where they support others and are behind the scenes of things.

To learn more about your Stellium and Chart go here.
- Lavinia Amoun

This post is kind of spoilery but not really.

The female lead of Fantastic Beasts is plain. She wears trousers and wool coats, her face is bare, her hair uncurled. Her sister is more traditionally feminine. She wears dresses and silk, her face made up and her hair coiffed.

Both of these women are intelligent, caring, competent, righteous and good; no hint of jealousy about one’s looks or the other’s career is shown. They support and love each other, bending rules and breaking laws for those they care for.

The characterization of these two women, the excellent portrayal by the two actresses and their relationship was one of my favorite things about Fantastic Beasts.

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@ithinkitsdashing and i were talking about anders and fenris stuff, and we had some interesting stuff to say about anders that i havent really seen any posts talking about, so here’s a summary of some of the stuff we discussed:

anders is a bit of a doormat in his relationships with others. he just bends over backwards for them, and ignores his own feelings, when he was with karl he gave up on trying to escape to stay with him,  with hawke its all about what’s best for hawke, and what hawke would want, not what anders would want. and in the rivalmance, it’s even more evident, he’s completely willing to give up his cause for hawke, just because hawke told him to.

even with justice its all about “i corrupted justice, its all my fault”, all he cares about is justice in this relationship, and he blames himself for everything that went wrong with it. his own feelings, and the affect justice has on him doesnt even seem to cross his mind.

then there’s the clinic, and the mage underground, and his campaign for mage rights. he’s stated to take care of the refugees with no thought for his own gain, and if you talk to him in the clinic he’ll berate himself for not doing more for them. when he talks about the suffering that mages face, its all about how other mages suffer, never about how anders suffered.

when he grieves for karl, its all about who karl was, and the life that was taken from karl, it wasnt about how anders missed him or how anders felt.

its just… anders cares so little for himself. its always about someone else, what he can be doing for someone, what he should be doing for someone. he just prioritizes everyone over himself. he’s selfless to the point of being self-destructive.