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I started a secondary blog Coughing Ink in hopes of helping out my friends and “mutuals” and any other artists I dig trying to get their stuff seen a little more. As an art blog myself I can’t reblog my friends art, I can only give them “likes”, and as we all know are nice and all, but do absolutely nothing. I’ve been hating only being able to sit on my hands seeing the rad stuff you guys put out. I know this concept is nothing new at all, but I just want to do what I can and see what happens.

So this is my attempt to help how I can, not only my friends, but other people to explore their own personal art more, produce and experiment more.

If you guys can come over, reblog this maybe, and follow and help out too, that would be so great. You can see and find new artists to connect with, help them out with notes, and maybe even help yourself out for inspiration picking up a brush/pen/etc.

anonymous asked:

Hey Dovne! I love your art, but I super love your depictions of trans characters. Do you know any other artists that depicts them in the same way you do, and not the small body frames with comically oversized genitalia that seems to be everywhere?

hi! thank you! im glad you dig how i draw

as for other artists, i really like how megumigoo and simulcrament draw trans/nonbinary characters a lot!!! (links are nsfw)
and there’s plenty more, i just can’t remember right now 


Hip-Hop RPG. A new animation I just put up. It’s about Kendrick, Kanye, and a bunch of other artists living in a post-apocalyptic video game. I hope you dig it. Link

Created by Dominick Rabrun of Dom’s Sketch Cast


Kick-Ass Chicks: Illustrator, @biancaxunise

“It is better to keep your head down and keep mastering your craft than to compare yourself to other’s success.”

Impactful words spoken by the strong and talented Chicago-based illustrator, Bianca Xunise. In a world fueled by “likes” and “followers,” it’s hard not to compare yourself to others. But when you’ve got a humble head on your shoulders, and a heart hungry for growth like Bianca, there’s no reason to dig yourself into a hole of self-doubt. Our admiration for the young aritst first sprung after becoming entirely consumed with her comics on Hello Giggles. Over the years, that admiration has greatly surpassed into obsession as we watched her grow, and her illustrations mature with relatable female-centered themes. Recently, we caught up with Bianca to chat more about her struggles of growing in an “instant gratification” industry, and honing her craft in the form of secret comics. 

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