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Leighton Meester as Deborah Revere

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I have so many thoughts about Lizzie DeVine from “Codename: Kids Next Door” right now that I never thought I’d ever have

Rewatching some Codename: Kids Next Door Episodes, I suddenly realize that Lizzie Devine’s characters makes a lot more sense now that the creator of the show has revealed that she was actually an Alien G:KND operative undercover: It changes her portrayal from an obsessive lunatic with a good heart but an utter lack of common sense into a character who probably had a lot of internal conflict and struggles going on during everything she did, and we just never got to realize it.

How delicious. 

(In-depth analysis of her behavior in the show in context with the new information we got under the cut!)

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The Fragrant Concubine (Chinese: 香妃; pinyin: Xiāng Fēi; Uyghur: ئىپارخان / Iparxan / Ипархан) is a figure in Chinese legend who was taken as a consort by the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing dynasty in the 18th century… 

Although accounts vary as to some details, the basic story among Han Chinese recounts the discovery by the Qianlong Emperor of a Uyghur woman named Iparhan (“Musky Woman”), the granddaughter of Afaq Khoja, a local leader in the oasis city of Kashgar. Even more remarkable than her beauty was the scent her body naturally produced; captivated, the emperor sought her as an Imperial Consort for his harem. She was given as a gift to the emperor and carefully escorted all the way to the imperial palace in Beijing, washing every day along the road in camel’s milk to preserve her mysterious fragrance. (x)

it’s Friday night. i open the instagram app. i see the immortal words pop up.

missjasminemasters has started an Instagram live.

it’s time. for jasmine masters’ drag race. start your jush.

Voltron Season 2 Theory

Ok so in the trailer for Voltron season 2, Shiro mentions to Keith that if he doesn’t make it Shiro wants Keith to lead Voltron. Now as many theories are out there set to destroy the feelings of fans, I have to disagree with most of them relating to Shiro dying.  

Alright so I’m not sure how many of you guys watched the original Voltron series from the 1980s but there are some MAJOR differences between the two. I’ll list some:

Ok so in this picture we have the original Voltron Paladins:

In Red, we have Keith the leader of Voltron, a classic hero personality that no teenager could possibly have but hey! This is the 80s, any 16-year-old can do anything! Keith leads the black lion that becomes the head of Voltron.

In Blue, we have Lance who basically is nothing like the goofy guy he is in the new series. Lance is grumpy and short tempered, and he is completely jealous of Kieth (Mainly because Kieth is the leader and gets the princess like any other 80s anime.) Being Short tempered Lance leads the Red lion that becomes the arm.

To speed things up Hunk and Pidge are mostly the same, only that Pidge is REALLY short boy. But they both lead the same color lion as their suits.

Alright so now you’re probably thinking ‘So the black is Shiro right?’ 


In the black is a man named Sven. He’s got the personality of what the new Lance is, Sven is the comedic relief UNTIL he’s caught and killed Haggar the witch and her blue demonic cat (I’m not joking she has a blue demon cat that gave me nightmares as a child.) and ‘died’ technically in the Japanese ‘Go lion’ but not in the English ‘Voltron’ where Sven is only extremely injured and sent away to heal though no one knows what happens to him for the next season or two. Princess Allura who looks like this:

Takes over the blue lion for Sven.

Now a lot of people were devastated that Sven ‘died’ (I mean he was a cute little guy with a heavy Scandinavian accent, who’d probably remind you all of ‘Olaf’ from Frozen.) So the people in charge brought him back on the Voltron team.

This is what I believe what DreamWorks is going to do, there going to ‘kill off’ Shiro (who just got on Hagar’s radar after that fight in episode 11 of season 1, may I add). Then they’re going to revert to how Voltron was somewhat in the original series where Keith becomes the leader and takes over the black lion and Princess Allura takes over the red lion (The red lion because she has more of an ‘I’m-an-independent-woman-who-don’t-need-no-man’ personality in the newer series whereas in the old series she was always screaming for Keith to save her.) Then when we least expect it Shiro will make a comeback somewhat like how Sven did. (Possibly in a third season? If not in the end of season two.) 

Now this is all what I think will happen but I’m not so sure about: Shiro probably won’t be the leader now that Keith is headman, more or less I can see him become a mentor training the crew military style rather than being a paladin, letting the Princess keep her position on the team because the red lion is temperamental with who it picks, so the Princess truly did earn the position much like how Keith will earn the black lion.

And that’s what I think will happen. Let me know what you think!

(BTW for those who think Voltron is just Lion Power Rangers, I will have you know that the ‘Mighty Morphing Power Rangers’ series, the series that kick-started power rangers, was based off of Voltron and a couple other 80s/90s sentai shows. So really it’s more of Dinosaur Voltron. Nooo I’m not a super nerd who was raised by a anime loving mother who showed me 80s/90s anime so I knew my origins)


Eugene, sound the alarm; Hey Arnold! is back! 

Here we were, casually admiring our hidden photo of everyone’s favorite football-headed friend, when suddenly, there’s Arnold himself! Or, rather, news of another TV movie to kick off a Hey Arnold! revival. 

Variety reported yesterday that Nickelodeon is making a new Hey Arnold! movie to bridge the gap between old fans and Nick’s current demographic of children — and to pick back up with Arnold’s story, particularly concerning the mystery of his missing parents. 

The beloved blond fourth-grader and his friends originally ran from 1999 - 2004 on Nickelodeon, and they’ve recently seen some air time on late-night reruns through The Splat, where several other well-known ’90s shows have also been seen. This is the first announcement of any actual renewal of these shows, however.

To add to the excitement, animation fans and animators can look forward to a future full of original Nickelodeon animation. 

“Nickelodeon has more than 13 new animated projects in production and ‘over 40 things in development,’ said [Russell Hicks, president, content development and production, for Nickelodeon Group]. ‘There is a robust pipeline of new fresh product,’” Variety reported. 

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- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)

violapurpurea  asked:

That being said, it is from a TV show. That presumably includes killing people? So the hitting might be taken out of context.

Last night I was far too tired to explain the context of the reblog and also a bit too fed up, especially in light of Joss Whedon being targeted by complete morons who were ignoring all the other good work he’s done for the community and the many years of service he’s done to TV and film in light of one little wonky plot.

The reblog is from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a Joss Whedon show about fighting the forces of darkness back in the 90s. It’s filled with sassy women, awesome fight scenes and ridiculous comedy that takes the mick out of everyone and everything, including itself. Fight scenes are awesome because they’re overdone and cheesy, and so any violence in it is very flamboyant - much like Xena and other 90s TV shows with regular fighting. The reblog is celebrating the sass and awesomeness that was Buffy refusing to let guys stereotype her. Anyone that knows the show would recognize those scenes as the following:

Scene 1: guy grabs her bum in self defense class and informs her that she’s turning him on. This is a guy that she’s never dated or really likes, who is clearly not respecting boundaries. She then follows through with the move she’s supposed to be doing in the class, albeit a little bit harder because he can take it and words aren’t going to get into his thick skull.

Scene 2: Warren is about to punch Buffy, you can see his fist is raised at the end of the gif. He’s one of the main enemies later in the show, and not only creates really creepy robot ladies to date but does rape and murder an ex-girlfriend. He gains super strength too, so is more than a match for Buffy - hence the need to kick his ass quickly before he kills them all. Definitely a guy you can sit down and have a nice chat over the sexism thing with, right?

Scene 3: I can’t remember at what point Riley and her are on a beach, but I do recall he teased her a lot about her strength and being the Slayer - this was one of those key points of comedy in which it came back to haunt him.

Scene 4: He asks if she’s wearing a bra and goes to grab her boob. She’s in a car with him, so can’t really move away quickly, so employs self defense 101. Would you rather she let him grope her?

Sure, violence isn’t always the approach to take, but three out of four of these scenes are sexual harassment and/or life threatening. A quiet chat would not fix it if the person is already making the move, especially in a fictional universe designed to create stereotypes and take the piss out of them or break them.