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Do you have any good Jaspvid fic recommendations? (Preferably on Ao3) My personal favorite has to be "Ghostly Habits" by bittermahogany. If you haven't read it yet I truly believe you'll love it, it's a blessing to the Jaspvid community 👌

it IS a blessing to the communit y,,,,,

mmmm well,, i’ve been keeping up with jasper is a cool dad and i’m really trying,, both of which i love Dearly,,,,, OH AND SITUATION OF MINE IS REALLY GOO D,,,

for one shots or like,, shorter things there’s say it, maxy, the protagonist (oof), phonecalls, HEARTBEAT,,

even tho there isn’t any like,,,, actual saucy fics,, there’s jasper gets fucked in the end (lmao) and grooming (which also has max having a thing for david,,, just as like a warning)


my family has hit a really bad spot with money now and it’s getting difficult to do anything. i have no job to help them out with and this would be my only way of actually getting money
even just a signal boost would be nice!

so i’m having my problems of not being able to pay for things w/o asking my parents for money so i mean shout out to my parents for paying for everything for me while i’m going to college but uh

i really do need to try and get some money for myself together and around so i’m reopening commissions with 5 slots so i don’t overload myself
1. Taken - Bust
2. Taken - Icon Set
3. Taken - Full Body
4. Open
5. Open

6. Considering - Full Body
7. Considering - Bust (?)

if you ever need more examples this is my art tag

what i won’t draw:
 - heavy NSFW
 - animals since i have no practice w/ them
 that’s about it really just don’t ask me to draw dicks everywhere

my prices may. change a bit or i may just try to fix them so these aren’t completely set in stone i’m just very anxious about trying to putting my art out for commissions again

contact me either at @ech0locatiion or @xarilin or you can send me an email at nikki.annbutler@gmail.com !
I use PayPal for getting money, and unless you really want to give it to me beforehand I normally try to not take payments until i’m finished with your commission since sometimes i get really caught up with school and i don’t want you to pay for something then wait for super long