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“your favorite purveyor of arcane, mystical artifacts: shaun gilmore, himself.”

durbinfan13  asked:

I don't know why buy I'm having a field day thinking about what kind of dress Harley would wear to her wedding. And I picture the wedding would be a twisted affair with some sort of threat on the city involved and hostages were held as witnesses to the wedding. If joker got to torture some innocent people he'd agree to the wedding. I don't think it'd matter as much to him as much to her. What do you think?

I’ve definitely thought about that too lol

Ya, I agree. I think Harley would be much more emotionally invested in the idea than Joker. He’d probably mainly be excited to know it’s a nice opportunity to be the center of attention (as we know he loves)

Their wedding would definitely have some horrible and morbid aspect to it since that is kinda their signature thing. Joker would probably have all his henchman there to handle all the little details he didn’t want to mess with himself. Also anyone that didn’t have every single thing Harley requested would be killed immediately.

Harley: Where are my balloons?!”

Henchman: R-right here.”

*hands over giant collection of balloons*

Harley: Ya got all 50 right?”

Henchman: ”I was supposed to get….50?

Harley: “PUDDIN!”

Henchman: *screaming like a little girl as he gets drug away*


get iT JOSH