it’s worth mentioning again that ep that started CS, emma was looking for “Tallahassee” aka home. 

- killian brought emma home

 - emma told killian “home is place when you leave you just MISS it”

- he traded his home for her

- he literally picked out a home for them

so for someone who longed for one her entire life, the fact that he is able to give that to her literally & figuratively? it’s everything! everything about him is HOME


Doing some character shenanigans, featuring my Aequis, Shirk and Dahlia, and Halfcanter, Feldspar.

Aequis are mine, but Halfcanters are the brainspawn of @nhyworks.

Aaaaaand back to the grindstone!


what started as a joke is ever so quickly spiraling into potentially becoming an actual… thing. i thought it’d be funny to make date sim mock up for my oc Alan from roomZER0, and people asked if. it was a real game. and i DO have a copy of  Date Sim Maker on Steam. i’m making no promises but you can, at the very least, expect more mock ups B^)

ps: i advise you punch him, he’s a dick

hi!!! so 2016 rly is the year of Realizing Things so if u romanticize abuse, ship pedophilia, (dickdami, bruce/any of the batkids, etc.) or anything else Gross pls unfollow/softblock/block me rn!!!!!!! i rly want this blog to be Pure and not to make anyone uncomfortable so bye y'all!!! ✌