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This november I’m voting for an issue that is very personal to me - Immigration rights. I was born in Cuba, I’m Cuban-Mexican. I came to America when I was 6 or 7 years old, I came over here with my mom. My dad came over a year later. As an immigrant, I know the struggle and I know the importance of this election and these laws that affect us and everybody in our country, but especially Latinos. This country was founded by immigrants, that’s what makes this country great. If you haven’t already, please register and make your voice heard.

anonymous asked:

how are you able to remember all of these anecdotes from one day of work? do you write them down as the day goes on? or are they all really just that eventful?

I used to just remember them, but once this kind of took off and I had an Obligation to keep up the stories, I started writing them down on receipt paper

maloriesara  asked:

I love hearing about all the magical Starbucks drinks your coworkers and managers make you. Can you post how we would order some of these special drinks? (Like the Starbucks secret menu where it tells you exactly what to ask for at Starbucks) Please?

Unfortunately it’s not any sort of secret menu! It’s just the baristas playing around behind the counter when there’s downtime