((OOC: My little sister and I got to the movie theater pretty early, so we were watching the pre movie ads, just being silly, and waiting patiently. There was a commercial for something Harry Potter, whether it was the videogame, merch, or Crimes of Grindlewald I can’t remember, all I do remember is their ending tag line:



I was in a rage, I was almost yelling and my little sister was like SHHHHHHH ))

I actually don’t think i’ve said this properly yet, but, YES, I do have an Instagram!

I usually post the same things I do here, with an additional sketch or two occasionally, so please follow that account as well! Love ya guys <3

Hello mello;;

Reddy @redicidium here,

I’m currently at this cheesy Lithuanian singing competition thingy, turns out this whole deal takes longer than expected – Turns out I kinda misunderstood the situation and stuff like that, so this shroom is practically here for hours to hear 10+ bad pregnancy jokes (made by high quality straights™) and all that

Might come late, with a died social battery and might end up eating garbage food before heading to bed to hibernate;;

So, just saying I might not do a single reply for today, after all

have a pic with me and my friend @shiroi-hato-san suffering in the event instead