grumpygrounder  asked:

I just saw the baby monkey ask and felt it necessary to add I have seen a monkey in a stroller on numerous occasions at one of my two local SuperTargets. Not sure if it's a service monkey (which are usually for mobility-inspired and both people accompanying monkey are perfectly ambulatory) or if Boynton Beach's SuperTarget is very lax about enforcing its "service animals only" rule but I enjoy seeing it nonetheless.


anonymous asked:

So I was opening yesterday morning. My groggy self- over tired and coffeeless goes through the motions of opening the register, making sure there's change, it's all good. I have a cardboard box of bags to be stocked under the register, and I start to slowly move them in between guests. Lo and behold, I move back to do something and just trip on this box. I don't fall but hear a cracking sound. Turns out I managed to severely sprain my ankle on third dumb box 😂

RIP you will be missed