We Might As Well Be Strangers (SPOILERS!)

Has to be the point in One Tree Hill where I can’t continue to watch until The Worst Day Since Yesterday.

Knowing what is going to happen and the truth, it kills me.

1. Nathan lies about High Flyers for Haley.
2. Chris Keller
3. Jules
4. The beginning of the sort of end of Naley.
5. Brooke losing trust in Mouth
6. Dan ruining Karen’s relationship
7. Lucas and Ana (I just didn’t like them together)
8. Peyton’s spiral
9. Time capsule of doom.
10. Semi-formal
11. Taylor James

Honestly the list could go on forever. Season two is so cringe worthy because everything I love is being torn a part - mostly Naley… It’s like 90% Naley.