oth party

I woke up to Seungri´s explosive updates. It took me a few minutes to realize that it wasn´t TOP… When I was able to understand with my limited Korean what the occasion was, WOAAAAH:O

The Gatsby party wasn´t for fun??? He used his celebrity position to bring everyone together to make donations??? He raised the previously planed 30.000 charcoal briquettes to 130.000??? So he can give a little back what he received from the people??? He even showed up early to volunteer in the cold weather with other celebrities (and if I know him, and I know I know him, he was the one who moved the most of them to come along)???

DAMN! I was always proud of him but I was never prouder of him like today… So proud that I’m ashamed of sleeping when he was volunteering  in this cold weather… So proud I feel like a mom proud of the success of her child… DAMN! DAMN SON! YOU’RE THE MOST UNDERRATED CELEBRITY INDEED!