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Joy talks about filming her last shot on One Tree Hill!:) x

As you know, I had the chance to go to the OTH FanMeet in Milan this weekend. I wrote to you about it informing you that Hilarie was one of the guests. Sadly, due to work commitments, she couldn’t come. I can’t even begin to tell you how sad I was about it.

But still, it was an opportunity to meet part of the cast of the show that I’ve followed since the begin. I grew up with OTH. When the core 5 where in high school, I was in high school.

Despite the sadness of not be able to meet Hilarie, I was still excited to meet Joy, Tyler, Paul and Antwon.

First I want to say to the people who send me stuff for the scrapbook to worry not. The girls of KLZ (they organized the event) were very sweet and I gave the book to them and they will send it to her manager. They have my e-mail, so they will write to me when they send everything.

These girls are wonderful btw. Super nice and very well organized. If you ever got a chance to attend a convention or a fan meet with them, you won’t be disappointed.

Now to the guest! They are ALL sweethearts. I promise I’m not exaggerating. They were so lovely, so down to heart, so thankful and so humble. It’s hard to even say which one was my favourite because they’re truly amazing.

I wanna start from Joy. First, she’s b e a u t i f u l. In person even more. Second, she is so sweet. During one of her panels she made fans come to the stage with her while they were asking questions and she gave them hugs. I had an autograph with her and I managed to say something (as you can imagine I was excited/nervous at the same time). I said “You’re great. Your performance in s9 was amazing”, she was so grateful and she said “thank you” and she added “I love your fish-tail braid”. I also thanked her for coming.

What I loved the most about Joy is that she gives you her complete attention. When it’s your turn, she hears everything you want to tell her, and when she thanks you for your words, you can see how much grateful she feels. Her smile is amazing.

She’s a fan of Game of Thrones, her favourite character is Cersei. During the autographs, one of my friends told her she loves Cersei, too, and that Joy should be on GoT, she was so enthusiastic about it. She said to my friend “You have to start a petition about it!”. She also loves Mad Men.

I loved hearing her answers to every question. She even sang a part of “Feel This” with 2 fans (she has such a beautiful song!). She’s such an interesting person. She told us that during the last scene she shot (it was the one with Jamie on the rooftop), on the last take she sang a song that came through her mind (it’s a song about hello/goodbye), and she sang it for us - I actually teared up during her speech and while she sang.

With Tyler I had a photo op and the meeting room. He’s sweet, hilarious and you can sense his “being a musician” in everything he says/does. During the photo he was so sweet, he asked my name and when I asked if we could hug he was like “sure!!”, I also told him it was so nice to meet him. During his panel today he sang for us 5 of his songs (the ones we asked him to sing - When The Stars Go Blue, Loaded Gun, You’ll Ask for Me, Missing You, How Love Should Be - if there was time he would have sung even more songs). He didn’t stay on the stage, he went down to the audience and he wanted us to come closer while he played. Of course, he has a wonderful voice, we all could have listened to him the whole day. During the meeting room he was really up for conversation. He answered all our questions (granted we were all nervous ans shy xD). He told us some anecdotes like for example, that when they were shooting 3x07, in particular the scene where Chris was in bed with Brooke and Lucas comes in, Chad and Sophia were gong through divorce so Chad was living with him, but he’s friends with both of them… so during the takes it was really awkward for him and he was like “so what’s up?”, and then he said that in s9 the actress who played Chris’s “girlfriend” Tara (Chelsea Kane) is the real life girlfriend of Stephen Colletti, and he and Stephen are buddies so it was kind of weird and then he asked us “I don’t even remember why we broke up in s9” and we were like “because she was also sleeping with Chase” and he was like “Schwahn is so twisted, he always puts me in embarassing situations” xD

I managed to tell him that I’ve always loved Chris Keller, even in s2 and he was so surprised (at his panel he said “I know that in s2 everybody hated Chris, but then I’m so glad I came back for s9 and he could kind of redeem himself) - btw I wasn’t the only girl who said that during the meeting room, high five to the other Chris Keller lover. Anyway, I continued saying that I liked him because he was the troublemaker, but also because he was a complex character and I liked that he pushed Haley to follow her dreams (believe me I was so nervous, I wasn’t even sure I was telling something with sense xD) and Tyler listened to me for the whole time and he added that he liked that Chris was true to himself, that he didn’t say things in a nice way or anything, but he always stuck with what he truly believed in.

BTW, he’s super tall (and of course hot!), and he was just so grateful to be there and he wants to come back. The thing he loves the most about working on OTH is that he made friends for life. He knows that even if they have different projects now, he’s always so glad to see them again. He said nice things about everyone in the cast. He said they were all so welcome when he came into the show at 19 during s2.

Paul is hilarious and so sweet. He’s the opposite of Dan Scott. He gave many hugs during his panels and he made a lot of selfies with fans. He even showed us a photo of his son dressed like a mountain for Halloween. He walked through the audience and he jokes a lot. We could never stop laughing during his panels. But he’s also smart and very opinionated. It was interesting earing his view on things.

You can tell how much he enjoyed playing Dan from everything he says. It’s really the role of a life. He loved his whole journey, particularly in the last season.

Another thing you have to know about Paul: he’s in love with Joy. He always talks about her, he gaves her so many compliments. He also joked around (I’m not so sure it was a  joke xD) he would have loved to have Dan and Haley together xD or to start a show/movie in which he and Joy are a couple. During his panel he talked about the scene where Dan kisses Haley in the 40s and she slaps him. He said at the end of the shooting his face was super red, lol.

Antwon is exactly like Skills. He said that and it’s actually true. It was so obvious how grateful he was to be there. At the end of his first panel he thanked us for having him there and for supporting the show for so many years and for all the love all the cast always receive from us. If he had to choose a word to describe this weekend he would say "Love”.

He really loved when Skills and Deb were together - he had a thing for Barbara.

He also told us that he had a crazy fan experience - he had a stalker. Believe me, the whole thing was truly creepy… this girl followed him everywhere and she was  like “You’re mine”. She even knew things about his house… super creepy. (From this story I wondered if Mark took inspiration for psycho Derek…)

Some facts:

  • Someone asked Joy if she was team Leyton or team Brucas. She said “Team Leyton” - welcome to the family Joy!!!
  • She would have loved to have more scene with Tyler. He said Joy is his female version and he is the male version of her.
  • Paul, Joy and Tyler talked about the scene in 9x03 where Chris Keller screams. Paul was directing that episode and he loved hearing Tyler’s screams. Joy couldn’t stop laughing while shooting that scene so they had to shoot it many times. Tyler screamed for us xD it was hilarious just like the first time I saw the scene. Tyler added that for him it wasn’t that hilarious when they told him he had to shoot a scene where there was actual fire.
  • They asked Joy to say “Always and Forever” and she and James had a lot of fun when they shot the scene in 5x12 where it’s raining in the house.
  • Paul said in Italian “You can’t kill Dan Scott!”, it was hilarious.
  • Barbara surprised Antwon in the swimming pool scene in season 6, because she was actually topless and he didn’t expected it. He was like totally prepared before the scene, and after finding out about it, let’s just say he liked it, lol.
  • Antwon also talked about the dance scene with James and Lee in 4x12. At first they had very tight boxers and he wasn’t totally comfortable with it because he said “my junk was going everywhere” but the costum designer was like “don’t worry about it”. Until the shot the scene with Chad, Hil and Joy in the first row and he imitated Chad’s face (it was hilarious) and then he said “Hilarie came to me and she said ‘bro, your junk was all over the place’; Hilarie is my sis, she’s got my back”, so they put the basketball shorts. He also said that he, James and Lee can’t dance, so they had to practise a lot for that scene.
  • Tyler said that his first scene was with Hilarie, and she was truly great to work with, she put him at ease. Chad and Sophia invited him at their house/houses all the time.
  • Antwon wanted to made out with Brooke, and he wanted Skills to date one of the 3 main girls - he even suggested this idea to Mark around season 5.
  • Someone asked Tyler who Chris Keller would choose between Brooke/Peyton/Haley, and who would he choose as Tyler. For Chris he said Haley. For himself he said “these girls are all married” - Paul and Antwon were like “whatever, man” - so he said that now he’s super in love with his girlfriend (and it was so obvious from everything he said about her), but when he first came into the show he would have probably chosen Hilarie. Paul of course would choose Joy. Antwon Brooke or Deb.
  • They all said nice things about Sophia. Paul said she’s very driven and super professional. Antwon said how Brooke’s character was a necessary addition to the show.
  • Joy told us about her audition, that was with Chad. They had a very natural chemistry from the very start. Before the production called her to say that she would have been Haley, Chad said to her that he was sure she had got the part.
  • Paul said he loved Peyton’s character and of course he loves Hilarie and he would have liked for her to stay on the show or at least to come back for the final season.

It was such an amazing weekend. I truly enjoyed this fanmeet. It made me all nostalgic, and it made me love these actors even more.

I was there with two of my dearest friends. But I also met some other girls. It was just so nice to talk with other people that love this show.

I’m sure I’m forgetting many things. They answered so many questions! But if you go on twitter, in particular, I’m sure you will read something I don’t remember at the moment :)


I was putting the brick back in the wall. That was my last shot on camera on One Tree Hill. There is this song in Sunset Boulevard when she (the character Norma Desmond) returns to the theatre for the first time. She sings this song, so I said lets do one more take, and I pull the brick out of the wall. They had a camera in the wall, right? So here is the wall, there is a hole in the wall, and I’m the camera and you’re me and so, the camera is filming me through the hole in the wall. So I pull the brick out and I said:

I don’t know why I’m frightened
I know my way around here

the cardboard trees, the painted scenes
the sound here, it’s the early morning madness
it’s the magic in the making
yes everything’s as if we never said goodbye

I started weeping because I realized I did that song because it’s a hello and a goodbye. It was a new time for me and I was saying goodbye to all the old. I barely made it through the song because I was crying. - Bethany Joy Lenz on the last scene she shot on One Tree Hill (x)

(As a sidenote, these gifs are made according to the new gif proportions in case they look blurry to some!)


Joy talks about favorite Haley musical moments x