oth 3x16


The seeds were planned for him to pick Peyton in the pilot, in the first episode. When Lucas is on the rivercourt at the end of the pilot, you know, I think we feel like this is the girl that is his soulmate and you know the pilot ends with him saying “I’ll be seeing ya.” — Mark Schwahn(insp)

Just finished the shooting episode and it gets me every time. And Jimmy’s pain and his voice cracking and Brooke standing up to the reporter, then sobbing. And Abby Brown running away and Haley leaning into Nathan and Mouth crying into Rachel. And Keith standing protectively in front of Lucas and Peyton. And Keith screaming, “NO!” And Dan. And the look of Keith’s face when he stands up is so confused. Like he couldn’t believe it was real. Because no matter what, he couldn’t ever imagine his little brother pointing a gun into his face and pulling the trigger. No last word, no last goodbye. Just confusion and pain, and then his body is blown backwards. And Dan’s only reaction is his fluttering eyelids as the credits begin to roll. 

If you can’t tell, I’m in emotional trauma right now.


"Does darkness have a name...is it your name?"

I just rewatched 3x16 of OTH. Its the school shooting episode and I don’t remember being this emotional even the first time around. 

The sad thing is, Jimmy Edwards is just a kid who wanted to fit in. In a way, I felt his pain. I can’t say I understood it, because I’ve been blessed to no end with love and friends and happiness, but Jimmy just wanted the pain to stop. He talked about how cruel kids can be. How cliques divide up everyone…and there are kids you spend 4 years with but never even know their last name. He talked about the pain of watching your father leave and being denied from your dream school. He talked about being forgotten and invisible- nobody even noticing that you were gone for 2 weeks after you tried to commit suicide. 

I think it really hit me when Jimmy was talking to Keith. When he started pounding his heart, shouting that it hurt so bad. All Jimmy needed was a little love in his life. He just needed someone to care. 

The sad thing is, at this very moment, where I’m crying for a fictional character, some guy or girl is sitting in their room, crying, heart in pain, wondering why the world must be so cruel.