“Pssst, y/n"Lydia nudged you in the side.

“Ouch, why are you whispering"you whispered as you rubbed your side.

"Brett’s checking you out"she mumbled in your ear quietly so that no one could hear.

Stiles and Scott made their way over.
"No he’s not"you quickly muttered back.

"Yes he is"Scott smirked as he sat down.

"Scott what have we said about listening to our conversations"Lydia exclaimed as she flicked his ear.

"Brett’s heartbeat is through the roof, it’s so obvious"Liam sat down next to you.
You cried out in frustration.

"Stop listening to our conversations, you werewolves are so annoying when it comes to being nosy!"You held your hands in the air.

"But the other day I was in detention and you, stiles and Lydia were talking in the jeep, I thought I heard you say that werewolves are smart"Malia said smugly.

"Stop listening to our conversations!"You,Stiles and Lydia shouted in unison.


You quickly walked home from Scott’s house, which wasn’t far from yours. You had been at a pack meeting, discussing the list of problems the pack had to deal with, which were a lot. It was dark and the cool night air made you shiver. You had a feeling someone was following you but you hadn’t seen anyone. You walked fast as you approached your front porch.

You unlocked the door and made your way through before closing and locking the door behind you. You breathed a sigh of relief as you dropped you stuff and made your way to the living room. You were startled when you saw Theo Raeken sitting on your couch in the dark living room.

“Theo what are you doing here? ” You asked in shock.

“You don’t seem happy to see me.” Theo said as he stood up.

“After everything that’s happened, of course I’m not happy to see you. So why are you here Theo? What are you up to this time?” You bitterly spoke.

“What exactly makes you think I’m here to cause trouble? Can’t I visit an old friend?” Theo said with a smirk as he stepped closer to you.

“Your Theo Raeken, that’s what you do, cause trouble. And no we are not friends!” You said sternly, taking a step back.

“That’s a shame. But I guess your right about one thing Y/N, I am here to cause a little​ trouble.” Theo stated calmly.

The moment you heard his words your heart began to race. You could tell that Theo had picked this up as well. You looked at him and stayed silent. You then grabbed a vase from the table near you and threw it at Theo before making a run to the door. Theo effortlessly caught you and pinned you to the wall. Theo moved so fast you didn’t even see the handcuffs until they were around your wrists.

“What are you doing!?” You asked in shock. Theo ignored you and lifted you over his shoulder. He grabbed your keys before walking out the front door with you.

“Let me go!” You yelled as you struggled against him.

Theo opened​ your car door behind the driver’s seat and put you in the back before he slammed the door. He got into the front seat and started the car before pulling out of the driveway.

“Theo, where are you taking me!?” You angrily asked.

“Somewhere not too far from here.” Theo finally spoke, his tone softer than it had been earlier.

“Why?” You questioned with a huff.

“The Dread Doctors are up to something and I’m supposed to cause a distraction.” Theo said taking a turn.

“So you kidnapped me to cause a distraction?” You asked in confusion. You were surprised he was giving all this information up so easily.

“Basically. If the pack is busy saving you, they can’t be in the Dread Doctors way.” Theo explained.

“But why me, out of everyone, why me?” You asked.

“I guess you could say it’s ​because your my favorite.” Theo said with a smirk. You didn’t know what to say to him after that. You could feel the blush on your cheeks.

“And don’t worry, I don’t plan on anybody getting hurt tonight.” Theo spoke.

“That’s a shocker.” You sarcastically said to make up for you loss of words.

“Believe me, I know.” Theo muttered as he glanced at you in the rearview mirror.

Scott McCall
Song:The other side-Vacay

His hands wrapped tight around your balled up fists. Scott knelt down in front of you. The two of you were posted behind a large hedge in the middle of the woods.

Gunshots were making your ears ring, and flashing lights were making your eyes ache. But when Scott was next to you everything faded.

His eyes widened when he realized blood was pouring from your side.
Scott started to choke on his words as his hand pressed against your wound. Your faces were dangerously close.

“Y/n- your bleeding-your-they’re coming for us-and yo-I-
He reached up and caressed your cheek.

"I’ll make it"you nodded quickly.

"You need to get out of here"he mumbled, lifting his head to look for an escape route.

"I’m not leaving you Scott, we agreed that we would come out on the other side together. I swear I’m not leaving you I’d rather die"you exclaimed.

"You’re bleeding out"he cried as he lifted you up unwillingly.

"Scott what are you doing?!"you yelped as he sprinted over to Stiles’ Jeep. Your arms wrapped around his neck.

Lydia jumped in the front seat ready to drive you to Melissa.
"Scott no"you cried, reaching out to him.

"I love you y/n, and I promise we’ll all come out on the other side"Scott tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear.

That was the first time Scott had ever told you how he felt.
You quickly wrapped your hands around his neck once more, bringing his body down. You pressed your lips against his quickly.

When you pulled away his hands were gripping onto yours.
"You need to go you’re bleeding out and it’s getting worse"he said worriedly.

You nodded sadly.
"Don’t die on me Scott McCall, I love you"you warned before pushing him under cover from the hunters bullets.


Being part of Scott’s Pack😍

“Losing a member of your pack isn’t like losing family. It’s like you lose a limb.”

Scott’s pack

[1/5] squad

"Melancholy" (Teen Wolf Pack x Reader)

A/N: I wrote it awhile back, but I didn’t wrote down the author of the prompt, so if you know them or it’s yours just let me know 😊 It’s really short, but I might write part 2 if any of you will like it and I will have idea to add the new devil in Beacon Hills 😂Requests are open
Prompt: “Most of the time being a werewolf sucks. But in 2020 there will be a full moon on Halloween and I’m going to win all the costume contests!”

P.S: I’m writing this second time cause my phone hates me and it deleted everything! I need ice-cream…

You were best friends with Scott and Stiles since you were four. Your bond became stronger with time and even Lydia, your other best friend, couldn’t separate your trio. It wasn’t a big surprise when you became a werewolf just like Scott, and it wasn’t shock that Derek bite you.
You’ve been with Scott’s pack through all the drama and now, that Ghost Riders were gone, you finally were able to relax. All of you sat in your living room, since your house was the biggest one. Lydia talked about the college and you were in your own world until Scott said something about fresh start away from the supernatural.
“Most of the time being a werewolf sucks. But in 2020 there will be a full moon on Halloween and I’m going to win all the costume contests!” You spoke up and everyone smiled at you or even laughed
“What will you do if some of us will be at the same party?” Liam asks still smiling
“I will chain you up in the basement acting like it was part of my plan” You said confidently
“Do you really think I will let you go in your normal clothes?” Lydia asked changing the subject
“Oh no. I thought you might find something sexy for my boring werewolf” You smiled sweetly at her and she sat back pleased
“Need a sidekick?” Theo asked smirking
“Nah” You shook your head “But you can be my wingman. I’m sure some gays will have hot friends for me” Everyone started laughing
You looked at your friends. They all were so careless not thinking about supernatural anymore. You glanced at Theo again and you shared a sad smile and knowing looks. You were the only people, or creatures if you prefer, knowing about the incoming danger. Beacon Hills will be even more different and scary. You just hoped that you won’t loose more people that you care about.