otf: swan mills

Swan Queen was made by you and me.

Swen, Swan Queen has always, and will always belong to the fandom. They never have belonged to those in power, and they never will. We decide where they go, what they do, and who they are. Swan Queen has been divorced from the show for basically it’s whole existance, to their (the show’s) detriment and our benefit. Think about the things you love most about Swan Queen - they have been truely brought to life through fanfiction, fanart, debate and discourse.

There are two options here: either these people have been living under a rock and they really are so ignorant that they dont understand what they do (unlikely), or they don’t care. Everything we’ve ever had from them in the form of comment or action has shown us that the latter is true.

If you were (or are) holding out hope, I am truely sorry that you have been hurt. I would encourage you to ditch this sunken boat once and for all and come be a participant in fandom where we can (and have all along) create with this pairing endlessly and imaginatively. The people of this fandom have paid this pairing more respect than those “leading/creating” this show ever will. They have done countless hours of work to educate on the importance of representation, and advocate for others.

I don’t mean to represent or imply that this fandom is perfect - it definitely is not. There are fights, disagreements, poor decisions made all around. I am positive that I’ve done some of these things myself. But I’ve also seen lively, productive debate, helpful and quality education, and some of the most beautiful pieces of written and visual art I’ve ever encountered. There are wonderful friendships and relationships that have come from this fandom. The shared fandom of this relationship has changed lives.

That’s what Swan Queen is really about. It is ours because we’ve built it, we’ve loved and nurtured it. We’ve welcomed it into our lives, and in many ways our lives have been made better for it. No one can take that away from us.

Swen on, friends.

Emma: I wish there was somewhere where we could be together.

Regina: I might know a place…

Emma: Seriously? Where?



Happy Holidays!! Here’s a cheesy swan mills charming video from me to you (っ´▽`)っ