otf: she is my heart


Y'all take a look at my cat.

When my boyfriend and I first brought her home, she was a mess. Her fur was greasy, it was matted as hell, and she had flea dirt/dandruff everywhere.

Now, she purrs loud enough to keep us awake. She sleeps with/on us every night. She meows at us when she’s hungry. She’s a fluffy puff and grooms daily (in the shelter she didn’t at all). You know what else? This angel is 15 years old.

I’ve been so happy since we’ve brought her home. My mental illnesses have been so much easier to deal with now that I have a little someone to look after. As I’m watching her grow into a more social cat, I feel myself healing too.

Please, always adopt when looking for a new companion. Shelter animals are the sweetest and most loving babies you’ll ever come across.