otf: princess

April 27, 2013- The first time in a long time I had done two things: wore a dress and let my arms free. This was my prom dress and I remember not wanting to go for so long because I was afraid I wouldn’t have a date or that I would be too fat, too ugly to show up. Well. I didn’t have a date, but I had an awesome best friend who was dateless as well, so we went together. I found this gorgeous dress and when I put it on I felt anything but too fat. I remember telling my mom when I found this dress that I was aiming for princess status and let me tell you, prom night I felt like I had reached it. My senior year of high school was a hard one, but prom surprisingly wasn’t hard for me. It was a night of positivity and feeling incredible. Anyway, I was digging through Facebook pictures and for a while I hated this picture, because I was 80lbs heavier here, but I was still fucking gorgeous. I love how happy and pleased I looked. I love happy and pleased I am with myself now. 

Dziś kończę 18 lat…
Miały to być najpiękniejsze urodziny w moim życiu.
Ale niestety los/Bóg chciał inaczej.
Spędzam je samotnie przy butelce wina. 
Zawsze mogło być gorzej  tak się pocieszam.
Mam dla siebie piękne życzenia.
Życzę sobie bym już nigdy nie cierpiała. Bym już do końca swojego życia była szczęśliwa. Nie ważne czy sama czy z kimś. Ważne bym była szczęśliwa.
I bym już do końca swojego życia była taką księżniczką jak zawsze byłam.  


A friend took us to visit her local temple, Sennen-ji 「専念寺」 in Honyabakei 「大分県中津市本耶馬渓」, which boasts a 450 year history. They have a huge display of dolls for Hinamatsuri 「ひなまつり」 “Girl’s Day” or “Doll’s Day.” These are only a small sampling of the hundreds of dolls on display.

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