otf: look after yourself

Unhealthily healthy?

I was thinking today,as I took the dog on our usual afternoon wander,that although I am ‘healthy’ I may actually be doing it in an unhealthy way and that I really don’t take good care of myself.🤔

Yes I eat my greens,I don’t eat meat and I don’t load up with sugary things,I work out regularly and I watch my weight.


In order to keep my weight down I struggle massively with food guilt and if I feel guilty enough,I will stop eating for a few days,especially before weigh in day.

I don’t drink half as much as the recommended amount per day.

I don’t look after my hair or skin or get enough sleep.I feel that all I do is rush from one place to another,forever fighting against the clock.

So yes I am fit and healthy by most standards but at what cost?and I asked myself what am I gonna do?

I work full time so I am faced with 7 evenings a week to call my own,I normally Zumba twice a week,I gym twice a week etc I need to set aside some me time and ensure that I spend that designated time on myself whether it be getting into bed early with a book or giving my body a bit of a pamper.

Self care is so important and I feel like I am burning the candle at both ends,it’s so much more than just weight loss.

If this storyline/spoilers are stressing you out, if speculation is messing with your head and making you anxious, take a break. Step away. Even if it’s just for a few hours, it will help to clear your mind and give you an opportunity to just relax and calm down. It’s really not worth stressing over spoilers and definitely not over stuff that isn’t even official.

It’s ok too...

Sleep in late - Your body is just getting the rest it needs and by letting it do that instead of waking up at like 7am with an alarm you’re looking after yourself. There’s no need to feel guilty about looking after yourself!

Take some alone time - Sometimes you just don’t want to hang out and be social or whatever and that’s totally fine. Take the time you need to just relax by yourself. You don’t need to feel guilty about this!

Take a break - It’s probably the best thing to do anyway. There’s no point in getting so worked up that you don’t get anything done. Go take a break for a while, relax and come back to whatever you’re doing when you’re calmer, more focused and less stressed - no need to feel guilty!

Say no - For whatever reason it’s 100% fine to say no. Whether it’s to being asked if you want to come out tonight, if you can finish some extra work, babysit siblings or even bigger things like sex. Don’t feel like you have to do something for fear of letting other people down - it’s fine to say no

Ask for help when you need it - Whether it’s for homework or something bigger like mental health - asking for help is fine. Nobody is going to judge you and you don’t need to feel bad about yourself for doing so

Take time off - Kinda comes under take a break but kinda doesn’t. If you need to take time off school or work or wherever else for whatever reason, that’s fine as long as you don’t over do it. If you’re ill and need some time off don’t feel guilty - crawl into bed with hot chocolate and relax and just know everybody will appreciate that you’re not spreading it.

Make mistakes - Everybody does it and it’s perfectly natural so don’t beat yourself up over it. Apologize if necessary, try to fix whatever went wrong if possible and just know that nobodies perfect.

Treat yourself - There’s no need to feel bad about spoiling yourself every now and again. Sometimes it can be the best thing for you so go and have some chocolate or go to Lush or do whatever you want to do for a treat and know it’s perfectly fine to do so!

Generally look after yourself!- It’s fine to do all of the above (and a lot more) to make sure that you’re a functioning, healthy human being both physically and mentally!

*sorry for this and how cringey it is but I felt that it was important and was mainly for my benefit when I was feeling bad anyway*

Just a gentle reminder

Not feeling great today?

You know, if you are not feeling very well today, and feel that you performance at either work or school maybe effected by it, remember it is ok to take a day out to allow yourself to recover…

Whether it be physical or mental illness, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving yourself time to recover :), sick days are meant for that

Just a gentle reminder :)…