otf: keep the faith

I know the fact that Jemma is still filming while Catherine is on a wee break has got some people jittery, but… isn’t it f***ing fantastic? That Bernie isn’t just in the show to serve as an add-on for Serena? That she’s still got her own stuff? That Jemma is sticking around for at least a while longer? That Catherine’s tweets even suggest that Jemma will still be there when she gets back to Elstree in April??

as the panic for tld starts to set in remember that while moffat might be famous for his grim angsty shit, he’s also the author of all the most romantic moments in the series, ie the whole of asip, “john watson thinks love is a mystery to me”, the aborted love confession on the tarmac… so basically we will be in pain but we will be happy about it 💕

When Bernie comes back

I hope that Serena isn’t clingy or desperate. I hope she doesn’t forgive Bernie too easily. I want Bernie to understand how hurt and alone Serena has been whilst left to deal with the cruelty of the rumours and sniggering. I want her to realise how close she comes to losing Serena. I hope Bernie is braver and more honest. I hope we get to understand just what the hell she was thinking. I hope she gives Serena credit for knowing her own feelings, rather than deciding for both of them. I hope she’s had the time and space SHE needed to admit the truth. I hope she can finally tell Serena that she loves her and not be afraid or ashamed.

Mostly I hope for bloody good make-up kissing scenes! This is gonna kill us all!!

1 week of being away from my love. Hayyyyy. 😭 yes, everyday i’m longing for your presence, the way you hug me, kissed me and everything you’ve done for me and zoe. I missed how you kissed my tummy and the way you talked, sang nursery rhymes to our little one. But we must be strong and i know you’ll be with us soon. We miss you Ian. Always remember that zoe and i loves you so much!!!!

PS: habang nagddrama ako, sumisipa and umiikot na naman si zoe. Miss ka na din daw niya.

If it doesn’t happen, then they have predicted our reaction to it with this scene. This would be a perfect representation of all of us. Those with shattered hearts, weeping into the arms of those who feel our pain but are better prepared to provide comfort.

There’s no doubt that Sherlock felt John’s pain. His heart ached but he knew that he needed to console John. He went to him him and held him in his arms so they could be together in that moment.

Feel whatever it is you need to feel right now but if you have hope and come Sunday we all realize that it just didn’t happen, then please know you are not alone in your sadness.

Ok so I haven’t seen the episode yet but based on the spoilers everyone needs to calm down! I’m 100% certain that by ‘Let’s end this’ Yuuri is talking about their professional relationship - not their personal one. I mean think about it, so many of their interactions, even as a couple have had some link to skating - Yuuri asks Viktor to be his coach until he retires, Viktor says they’ll get married once Yuuri wins gold etc.

What if Yuuri doesn’t want Viktor to be his coach anymore because he wants him to be his husband! I mean we’ve moved on a ton since the hero worship of the early episodes they’re on a much more level footing now. By setting him free from being his coach Viktor is free to pursue a professional future away from Yuuri. Let’s be honest Yuuri is still an anxious bean, he’s probably thinking if he keeps Viktor as his coach then he’ll grow to resent him, or worse, really leave when he retires.