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I don’t really know how to feel about this movie, seems like it touches such important topics like racism and tells the truth about whites. 

This is a much more frightening concept if you’re of a race that was only recently freed from barbaric enslavement.

Any way the trailer is really great! This is already scary! I’m looking forward to seeing this movie!


Keith took Uschi with him to a party to celebrate the end of the tour. They went to the side room where there was an erotic lesbian dance performance for the Stones. But that apparently wasn’t Keith’s thing. “He made me feel like a queen” said Uschi. “He made me feel really good. Women were tearing their clothes off in front of him and he didn’t even look.
—  1972, Keith Richards: Satisfaction by Christopher Sandford

Some Peggy Carter fans are fake as hell. Who do you think that means more to Peggy, the man she kissed once or the niece who she saw growing, who she probably took care of and who she inspired?

Yet, you shit on Sharon because how dare Steve move on, after Peggy did the same years ago, after Peggy told him in TWS to start over and live his life like she lived hers.

Oh, and by the way. Stop saying that Peggy was killed to prop Staron. Peggy was killed so Bucky was the only link to Steve’s past. The Russos themselves said this.

Peggy would hit you with the nearest object if she heard you talking shit about her niece.

Excuse me, Castle and Beckett, you’re missing an Esposito and I need you to come claim him now. He somehow creeped in on my This is Us, and he wasn’t invited. Take him back to precinct, please, he’s getting in the way of Jack and Rebecca and that can’t be a thing because Jack and Rebecca are perfect and I refuse to accept any substitute.


In my AP World History class, we had to make a poster reflecting on our year and giving tips to the students next year, and the project had to correlate with World History. So, I made the four horsemen of the apocalypse from Revelation as Christianity is one of the major religions we learn about in WHAP. Except instead of horsemen i used frog memes.

btw it’s inspired by this twitter post so pls dont think im a dirty idea thief thnks


Check out this incredible video capturing this man’s trip around the world over 3 years in 60 countries!