|Kissing Pact| R. MANTLE IMAGINE

IMAGINE ABOUT: Reggie and Y/N play a certain dangerous game. 
Who kisses first loses.
 Enjoy fam. Have a wonderful weekend babies. 

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I guess you could say this is what an awkward tension filled environment feels like. Veronica and some of my other friends arrived a while ago and since then, everyone’s been doing their own thing really. Joaquin and Kevin keep pissing each other and then making out a few seconds later. Veronica and my friend Betty seem to be getting along, I think I can play matchmaker one day and set them up on a date. I don’t know if Betty is into girls or not though, but damn they’d look adorable together. Chuck and Moose have been on their phones since they got here, only casually getting up for some drinks, and Reggie and I have been trying to keep our hands to ourselves for the rest of the night, well maybe only he is.

I thank god that the lights are turned off because if nor, everyone would have given us ‘what the fuck are you doing’ look and I would killed Reggie with my bare hands. Speaking of hands, his seem to be wandering around me quite much and it’s making me want him even more. 

Out bodies still lay beside each other, pressed and warm. His hands circle my waist an the other falls on his lap. I keep my hands to myself, intertwining them together not allowing them to fall to my stopach. Every other minute, he starts rubbing my hip as slow as posible and lowers his hand, teasing me with his fingers. His eyes stare at me, almost like he’s waiting for me to crack and jump him in a minute. 

I decide to play along with his unfair fucking game and un-intertwine my fingers from each other, slowly letting my left hand reach the hem of his shirt. 
I feel his stare burning thorough me but I ignore, letting my hands unbutton his pants and pull down his zipper. I hear his hot breath getting louder around me and I smirk to myself, dragging my fingers along the place his zipper was once zipped, making him shift in his seat. 

Interrupting my worrying thought, I feel his hot breathe circle around the back of my head beside my ear “You’re driving me fucking insane,” he bellowed. 
My lips twitch at his words and before I could comperhend what in the hell I’m doing, I tug on his shirt and stand up, motioning him to follow me. 

I make sure I get out of the lounge and down the kitchen as slowly as possible, knowing they’d question why the both of us leaving together. But in all honesty, I think everyone’s too busy to even care. I reach the kitchen and start pacing around. What the hell am I doing? I’m such a darn idiot, oh my god. There’s no backing out now, I’m doing it, I don’t care. I’m so damn frustrated. What am I saying? 

Cutting my thoughts, I see Reggie’s figure hop down the last step of stairs, running his hands through his hair and tugging at the ends. He comes towards me, which to me seemed like it’s taking forever for him to walk those steps. 
I roll my eyes at his smirking face and pull him by his shirt until we reach the middle of the kitchen, right in front of the counter. 

Catching me off guard, I feel his strength filled arms pulling my waist to his, wrapping them around me. One hand goes to my hair and the other stays safely on my waist, his thumb running over the exposed skin. His back is leaned against the counter table and my body is pushed against his, there’s no backing away now, huh?

I keep my eyes focused on his chest, not daring to look up at him, knowing well enough his piercing brown  eyes are looking right at me with a smirk plastered to his face in defeat. 
“Princess,” he whispers, his thumb and finger pulling my chin upwards to look at him. I melt in his arms the moment I do, making my knees go weak at his touch. “Finally?” his lips pull into a satisfied smile, leaning his forehead against mine, our nosing touching and our lips only inches away from each oters. 

“Shut the fuck up, Mantle.” I menage to whisper in his lips before he attached his to mine, cravingly. I almost immediately kiss him back, savouring the taste of his lips. His mouth works perfectly with mine, letting my hands go up to his neck and playing with the ends of his hair, tugging at them. 
Suddenly, I feel as if there is no one in this house and tonight might as well be the greatest night I’ve ever lived. The place goes muffled and the only thing I hear and feel is my hart racing and his hand all over, holding me in all the right places. 

Reggie’s lips feel like geather against mine, I feel them wanting and longing for more and I love it. I feel his smile on my lips, making it impossible not to smile back. He bites my lower lip and pecks my lips as soft as possible before pulling back with a grin on his face. He licks his lips and stares at me, waiting for my reaction. His warm hands don’t stop fiddling with my hair and resting on my shoulder. 

Both our hearts are beating hevily and anyone can tell by the heat between our bodies and our rising chest. I chuckle down to myself an bring my eyes to look up at his. “So, I guess no one wins.” I sigh

“I should’v bet something on this. I knew you couldn’t keep your hands off my for that long.” 

“My god, you just ruined a perfectly good moment, you dick face, and I just get you down here, you kissed me first, don’t make assumptions” I shake my head and shrug confidently. 

“No, princess, we both know you did.” 

“Don’t fucking argue with me, this is all your fault!” I throw my hands in the air. He laughs at my response, shaking his head. “You kissed me first and you know it, okay?” I conclude. 

“Hey,” he nods at me, “shut up.” before I could protest, his lips reattach to mine, this time harder and with more longing passion. I feel as if we’ve been doing this for eternity. His touch feels so familiar and his lips on mine feel like the simplest thing. I laugh in his lips, earning one back from him right away. 

Seconds later, his body pushes mine further into the center of the kitchen and kneels down enough for me not to have stand on the tip of my toes and struggle. His tongue licks my lower lip for etrance and I grant it the following second, wanting to feel him closer and stronger. 

He detaches his lips from mine for a second, still not leaving room for my lips to move or they’d be rejoined once again. “Jump,” he whispers, his hands sliding down in-between my thighs. I let out a shaky breath as his surprisingly good felt touch and do as he demands. I jump into his arms and wrap my hands arond his neck tighter, bring my legs around his waist. His scent flows over mine, irking of men’s cologne, and cold, he just smells like cold. 

His hands are supporting my body as if it’s the simplest thing in the world, not flinching nor letting out any sign of uncomfortable movement. He spins me around and settles me down on the counter table, his height still towering over mine by a few inches. Our lips don’t let go of each other, still battling and moving in synced action. My hands pull at his shirt from the back signifying I want it off. He takes no second to quickly let his lips pull away from mine to pull the shirt over head and onto the floor. I pull him closer, runnig my hands through his hair. Reggie’s lips reconnect with mine, kissing me slower. 

As I am about to tug on my own shirt, I feel the front foor pushing open. Fuck, not this again. I pull away from Reggie, staring at him in horror. He quickly reacts, pulling his shirt over his torse. I jump off the counter and sit on one of the stools, still cathing my breathe. 


Surprise! I have another Reggie fucking God Mantle. 

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Just A Normal Saturday

Your day usually starts with you waking up before all the boys. You have to climb over all three of them from your shared bed and tried not to fall over when you tripped over Kenny.

You wash your face, brush your hair and teeth, and put on your clothing of the day. You put on your binder before slipping on your t-shirt and jeans. By then, Kenny is downstairs making breakfast for himself. You slip into the kitchen, wrapping your arms around the man’s waist.

“Morning, handsome,” you always tell him. He blushes lightly and turns to kiss your cheek. He usually makes a bowl of cereal, and takes a bowl out for you. You thank him as he makes your bowl, and you fill up four cups of orange juice.

“What do you think Dallon and Brendon will want?” He usually asks. You never knew, but they’d usually eat what you left out. Today, you decided on toast with Nutella. Once you were done making their breakfast, you sat down next to Kenny to enjoy your cereal.

“What are today’s plans?” You ask. He shrugs and eats more cereal.

“We don’t have a show or anything, so Dal and Bren might want to stay in. Have a lazy day,” he answers.

“Well, I have to go grocery shopping,” you said, “I’ll go at noon.” Kenny nodded, taking a large bite of cereal.

Dallon walks in, dark circles around his eyes. He sees his breakfast already sat out and sits next to you, “god bless you.” He moans as he eats the toast. You kiss his cheek. You know that when Dallon wakes up, Brendon usually follows. He claims he misses the warmth of all his babies, but you all know it’s because he doesn’t like being alone. You don’t blame him.

“I will never get used to this site in the mornings,” Brendon usually says before taking a seat by Dallon.

“Who wants to go grocery shopping with me today?” You ask. They all perk up. You giggle and think for a moment, “I’m guessing all of you want to?”

They all nod, hurriedly leaping from their seats. Brendon stuffs all of his food in his mouth as the other two quickly eat what’s left. You giggle ad you watch them race to the bathroom.

“We have 3 bathrooms for a reason!” You call after them. You hear Kenny and Brendon groan and assume Dallon got in the master bath.

“He’s taller! Of course he’s the fastest!” Brendon groans, walking toward one of the other bathrooms. You hear Kenny grumbling about being more aerodynamic.


One of the perks of having your three boyfriends is always having someone who can drive you places.

Brendon almost always drives when its all four of you, but sometimes when he’s tired, Kenny does. Dallon always gets shotgun because he is the tallest, and you usually sit behind him. Kenny sit’s in the seat behind Brendon, but if he is driving, Brendon sits there.

You read over the list multiple times to make sure you didn’t miss anything. If you miss something, the boys point it out. Kenny reminds you that you need pads, and Dallon reminds you that you are low on soap. Brendon always tells you Nutella should be on the list and you tell him that if you are under the budget at the end, you’ll buy some. The boys always insist you don’t need a budget, and you always tell them that you work better with one. Everything has to go according to plan. Your set pattern.

“Do you want to split up and make it go by faster?” Kenny always asks. You shake your head, you say you all should stick together. Brendon always pushes the cart, and you walk beside him, one hand on top of his and the other holding the list. Kenny is in charge of the calculator, typing in every number you say. Dallon is in charge of putting items in the cart, already used to your organization methods.

Dallon sometimes tries to toss things into the basket, resulting in him failing miserably and putting the item back. You can always tell if Kenny forgot to add a number, because he repeats what he has added up and you help him fix it. Brendon gets quiet so you stop.

“Can you two go get the cheese?” You ask Kenny and Dallon. They both nod and walk off with the cart, teasing each oter back and forth. “What’s up Bren?”

“I… I’m just happy,” he says, “I’m so happy, with all of you.”

You smile and wrap him in a hug, to which he returns, burying his face in your shoulder, “We’re almost done, baby boy, how about we get that Nutella?” You ask. His eyes light up, and he skips off toward the two boys, dragging you behind him.


When you get back to the house, or “the castle” as the boys call it, you immediately get to work unloading the groceries. Kenny helps you in the kitchen as Dal and Bren bring the food in. Once everything is out of the car, everyone works together to put everything in their proper spot.

Kenny suggests you have a movie marathon in true Saturday fashion and you agree. Dallon makes popcorn, Brendon gets blankets and pillows, you pick the movie, and Kenny gets everyone a drink.

You all sat in your usual order, Kenny on your left, Brendon on your right, and Dal on Brendons right. By the end of the movie, you’re mostly in Brendons lap, Kenny is cuddling up to his side, and Dal has an arm around his back. You all lay in content as Saturday slowly comes to an end. When it’s time to go to bed, Dallon carries you and Brendon carries Kenny to your shared room. You all forget about your usual order and just enjoy laying together.

“I love all of you,” you whisper, “so, so much.”

They all say they live each other too, and your heart soars. You truly are a unit.

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mine naem is shadow and i a ver good cat! one human not have rite bones and somtime break 🙀🙀 so bring lots of maus and guard speshuly wen she break a bakbone!! then oter human come home and feed wet food 😻😻😻 so i curl up wen she starts to rite (she says it skool-wurk but i not understand??) and make lots of purrs 😺😺 and then wen its nite i SCREM until morning and fite oter cat 😼😼😼😼


There are two sides to the fangirl within me

- The side that loves to talk about canon, debate theories, debate character development, defend my favorite characters as they were in canon, talk about canon relationships


url change! i waz seh*oters but uhhh too much of my family knos my url n i suspect them of visiting my blog so i had to change so here i am hehehe itz still me ur meme demon dont worry


Q: What do you like about Joshua/Jeonghan

JH&JS: I like everything about him ♡

The fan asked them the same question and received the same answer. <3

cr. m_you_me

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come away with me by norah jones (the song harry tweeted in march of last year) is literally i know places. its all the same thing how they have to be in secret and escape together away from people "where they cant tempt us with their lies". also that song that harry wrote with gavin degraw literally called not out fault and gavin said that its basically when a couple give up not bc they dont love each oter but bc of things they cant control like its all too much and that tweet was directed at T

I’m so sad

Reshuffling my queue, and apropos to absolutely nothing
  1. Andrew Scott is pretty. So very, very pretty.
  2. The Marvel fandom has some of the most gorgeous fanart I’ve ever seen. Seriouly. This stuff belongs in a museum.
  3. So was Benedict Cumberbatch consciously mimicking Capaldi’s acting choices, or was it the oter way around?
  4. Seriously: Andrew Scott. Seriously.
  5. Shirtsleeve-garters really need to become a thing again.

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Oh my gosh! I love your art and all! I rly want to chatt with oter artists that i admire but I'm shy ;^; would you get mad if i messageed you on DM ?

Ofc I won’t be mad! But as a fair warning I SUCK at holding conversations 😞 So prepare yourself for my awkwardness