Baby Otter!!!

Otere headcanon since no one bothered to explain why she was no longer leader of the Amazons (or there, period) by “Them Bones, Them Bones”: 

Otere still remembered that punch Yakut gave her. It fucked with her pride, son. She felt like getting some punchy payback because, you know, in between expanding their tiny but efficient group, Otere liked to have a little fun. 

So she searches for Yakut who isn’t where she usually is (practicing her Shamanessnessness) and can’t find her until a fellow Amazon points her in the direction where she last saw her. 

That direction is the frickin’ graveyard. Why would she go to the graveyard?

Otere investigates and comes upon Yakut just as she’s hovering over Alti’s bones. 

Otere’s like “What are you doing? That’s a pretty terrible idea, friend.” And Yakut is like, “If I can get her power and use it for good, blah blah blah” you know, that pitfall every well meaning power-curious character falls in. 

They go back and forth about it and finally Otere declares that she’s gonna have to stop her. They get into a fight and Yakut ends up winning and killing Otere in the process.

She’s obviously a little shaken after killing the Amazon Leader, but she grabs Alti’s skull, stuffs it in her lil’ old Amapouch, and heads back to camp with some half-cocked story about…oh…I don’t know…a horse stampede or something.

Important pls.

This blog will be on semi-hiatus till the 25th August! This is because i’m in China for 5 weeks and China being the government of no fun denies access to Twitter aka where I get updates and get photos from. 

So till then this blog will post fanfics, like imagines and drabbles etc.

Soooo please submit your request (to this blog) of imagines/fanfics you want and I shall write them :D 

And to the people who I said i would write one for them like wayyyy back I procrastinated a lot sorry T3T so a Wei and Hwanhee fic is coming your way :D I dont remember your usenames so again im sorry. 

anonymous asked:

Has anyone ever had to deal with their husband having low testosterone levels? My husband barely shows interest in me. I have to ask him to have sex, I have to tell him more than once that I'm horny before he forces himself to have sex. He doesn't kiss me anywhere besides my lips, no foreplay. We are newlyweds & I feel unwanted. Sometimes he loses his erection as soon as I get naked. I told him he should get checked & he got angry. I don't think this will ever be worked out. I feel hopeless.

There may be a medical reason to it anon but if he doesnt want to go to the doc you can’t force him. Explain to him that you are just worried about his health when you bring up the doc. That low testosterone can lead to oter health issues. But again its his choice not yours


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name: Leila

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hogwarts house: Slytherin

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last thing I googled: Norse Mythology

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dream trip: Australia, Japan, USA…so much.

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when I post this fan art of Clexa!Vampire Slayer http://a2alielart.tumblr.com/post/146408397528/clexavampire-slayers-for-holy-heda-clexxa-af

why did you get tumblr: I need a place where find peace, fan art, fan fiction and NFSW

do you get asks on a daily basis: ahahah nope! I’ve shy follower xD

why did you choose your url: I like my mirror name.

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