otc fun

My Trucker's Atlas

I am currently out of my mind on Propylhexedrine extraction. This is bizarre. Had a 40mg Vyvanse earlier today, and I decided to take it up a notch with 150mg of this concoction. So, I’m riding the remnants of a stimulant high with yet another stimulant high. And I’ve nothing to do. How much does that suck? Quite a bit, you know. Tried to convince my ex to get back with me. Why? Not because I’ve feelings for her or anything. Cuz I was bored. God damn. I’m just starting conversations with anyone who will listen. And I’ve got school tomorrow. This is fucked up…

Going so hard right now, you don’t even know how hard hard is, man. My legs are sweaty, and I’ve got a sheet on them. But without the shit, they’re too cold. With the sheet, I feel the sweat. Fuck.

Music is nice, though. Never thought that it’d be nice to kick back to some ModMaus, Number Girl or Colorchromatic while buzzin’ this hard. Trucker’s Atlas is the booomb.