okay wow can we just talk about ayu/morita friendship dynamics again here??

so i just started the watching this drama adaptation today, and i have to say i am beyond ecstatic about how much attention their friendship has gotten so far, just in the first episode. morita and ayu are constantly communicating through not only eye contact and words, but even the smallest gestures, their chemistry onscreen is so great. 

but moving on to this screenshot. okay so the amount of emotion and things not said just in this one image is pretty astounding to me? like as soon as mayama’s phone starts playing moon river, everyone is instantly aware of the situation. and morita’s first, first split second instinct before he even has another thought is to gauge ayu’s reaction, assess the damage, and make sure she’s holding up. because ayu just literally had that whole interaction with mayama; and i’d bet you anything that morita could see clear as day that ayu didn’t just randomly find that book that mayama wanted, he could see that ayu had searched and searched tirelessly for it and had been waiting all that time for the moment she would be able to give it to mayama. he could tell in an instant how crushing it must have been for her to have that moment interrupted, by the woman mayama was really in love with, that moment ayu had probably dreamed of and planned meticulously and practiced in her mind a hundred times over. and then that whole perfect moment was swept away in the span of two seconds and how awful is that?

and as he basically said before in this episode, in one of the really great lines of his they wrote in for the drama, he really does consider her his one of his best friends. and knowing all that disappointment she must be feeling, he kind of feels it too. now i’m not going to imply he wants to sugarcoat things for her, because the manga makes it pretty clear that he doesn’t. but he wants to help her through what he knows are tough times, and let her know that no matter how many times she falls down he’ll be there for her to help her get back up.

so overall: i am so pleased and astounded with the ability of these actors that all those varying thoughts and emotions can be conveyed with a single look. i applaud this adaptation, and look forward to seeing more of this amazing friendship onscreen. 

Fic rec: Overlapping Spaces, by khilari and persephone_kore

After Loki was dragged back to Asgard, it was decided that he’s suffered a complete psychotic breakdown and isn’t mentally sound enough to stand trial. Instead his magic is bound and he’s put into the care of the healers. He has free run of certain parts of the palace, but he’s constantly accompanied by a small army of guards and caretakers, who can step in when he has another psychotic episode. (I’m working on the premise that Loki did actually have a serious mental breakdown).

Some time later Jane gets to visit Asgard. She’s warned that ‘the mad prince’ is skulking around somewhere, but she’s still shocked to suddenly run into him one night in the library. The two strike up an unlikely friendship.

Somehow Jane and Loki being friends who bond over astronomy and physics/magic works and it’s touching even though there’s cultural misunderstandings and Loki is still shaken up by the coercion/control/brainwashing/fractured sanity that lead to the events of the Avengers. They spend a lot of time in the library and constantly tell each other their feelings and it’s just… Dammit Loki, you aren’t supposed to end up being an honorary science bro and pulling a Tony and trying to convince Jane to stay in Asgard so you can be science BFFs and feel appreciated for your magic.
Aside from that unlikely friendship there’s a heap of wonderful world building, which doesn’t try to handwave science too much. Then there’s a garden which I’m going to call the Khloidanikos because it’s a thaumaturgical piece of architecture and Frigga tends to it and it sounds so pretty. There’s also poetry as therapy and plenty of interweaving history and folklore into this fic’s universe.

It’s long though, I haven’t read it all yet and it is a WiP, but Loki being a science bro just delights me.

ETA: Now complete and on AO3. Jane completes her version of the Bifrost on her own terms and everything is glorious.