Some happy news 🌸

● I start work on the omegaverse webcomic, the name will probabily be “Of Tears and Purity”.

I’m sorry.
● I don’t know when it will be ready
● Me and my Boyfriend also create the YouTube channel i talked about months ago and one of the first videos will probabily be a speedpaint of the webcomic’s cover ❤
● No ones care lol but in one month is my Birthday AND I’M ALWAYS HAPPY! Yayyy 🎉 (ok the last one was an useless news ahahah)


Promotional video by the Occupational Therapy Association of the Philippines

It’s World OT day and the OTAP made a video to spread awareness about what we do as a profession. It’s in layman’s terms in Tagalog so it should be pretty helpful for our clients here in the Philippines :)

  • Knock knock..
  • Who's there?
  • Otap
  • Otap who?
  • (In the tune of Beyonce's "Love on Top")
  • "You put my love on otap... otap.. otap... tap... tap....My love on otap!"
  • You reading right now: K