Some happy news 🌸

● I start work on the omegaverse webcomic, the name will probabily be “Of Tears and Purity”.

I’m sorry.
● I don’t know when it will be ready
● Me and my Boyfriend also create the YouTube channel i talked about months ago and one of the first videos will probabily be a speedpaint of the webcomic’s cover ❤
● No ones care lol but in one month is my Birthday AND I’M ALWAYS HAPPY! Yayyy 🎉 (ok the last one was an useless news ahahah)

Usapang otap.

Sobrang peburit ko kase talaga yung otap lalo yung Shamrock na galing sa Cebu. Ayon may isang balot pa palang natitira dito. Sa sobrang excitement ko sinubo ko yung tatlong otap. Bale muntik muntikan nakong mamatay hahaha pota kase nabilaukan ako tapos basta. Haaay.

  • Knock knock..
  • Who's there?
  • Otap
  • Otap who?
  • (In the tune of Beyonce's "Love on Top")
  • "You put my love on otap... otap.. otap... tap... tap....My love on otap!"
  • You reading right now: K