otanjoubi omedettou

“basketball is a faulty sport in the first place. the goal is at the height of three metres, which alone makes the word ‘fair’ obsolete. it is made for the big guy to win, that’s the basis of this shitty sport. what’s so fun about this? no matter how much you small fries hone your tricks, you can’t win against absolute height.”

Happy Birthday, Atsushi! [09.10.13]


31 reasons why I love Aiba Masaki.

  1. He has the brigther, most beautiful, smile in the whole world
  2. He loves Arashi above all
  3. He always does his best
  4. He treasures his family and friends above all
  5. Is one of the kindest persons in the world
  6. He smiles even in the worst moments
  7. He’s not afraid of showing his feelings
  8. The way he treats and loves animals
  9. He loves kids
  10. His voice
  11. His eyes
  12. His hands
  13. He can be sexy and cute at the same time (And I hate him for it! XD)
  14. Because he’s a damn coward XD
  15. The way he speaks english
  16. His noisy laugh
  17. Even when he looks childish he can be incredibly mature
  19. He can make me happy even in my worst days
  20. His sense of fashion 
  21. His drawings (XDDD)
  22. He can be so hyper
  23. His sense of humor
  24. He’s a dork (and he’s not ashamed of it)
  25. The way he dances
  26. Even when he looks so outgoing he’s really shy!
  27. His wise quotes
  28. The way he enjoys everything
  29. He lets the rest of the members bullying him (?)
  30. When he talks about his family
  31. … Cause he’s AIBA MASAKI

Thank you for this 31 of perfection, continue being always the way you are.