otani x koizumi

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Otani and Risa from Lovely Complex?

A: I love it
B: It’s really cute
C: Not a bad ship
D: I’m neutral on it
E: I don’t really like it
N/A: I don’t know the ship well enough

Holy shit. I thought I only ranked two pairings as an OTP but this one is also up there. I’ve watched this series about 8 times and I’ve read the manga because it was just so good I wanted more. What I love about their relationship is it’s not perfect and I’m not even talking about just physically (lol). Anyone who has read/watched Lovely Complex will know where I’m coming from.  These two just work; they have their own issues with themselves and each other but they over come them. One of my all time favorite series and one of the greatest pairings ever.