So today I hit 1000 followers!!!!!! I know that might not sound like much to some people but to me it’s a huge huge deal and I’m like, ridiculously happy rn!!! So I wanted to do a follow forever to give a shout out to some of the babes I follow on this hell hole of a site! (I’m sorry if I missed anyone? I tried to get everyone in!) (Big thank you to Jess for the gif header thing ilysm I owe u my life)

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Hiiii!!! If u can, please do an NCT reaction to their S/O being a nerd? Like, she likes animes, Star Wars, that stuff. Thanks!!! (English is not my first language but I hope you could understand!)

 AWE I LOVE THIS REQUEST! And your English is perfectly fine, I understand clearly! The only thing is, you didn’t specify a certain NCT unit, so I’ll just do all debuted NCT members for you :) Enjoy!


 Taeyong is a nerd, so I think he’d be happy to join you! He would probably know just as much as you, and you can chit-chat about your favorite animes, I could also see him setting up little dates where he shows you his favorite movies. You’re his favorite person, so he’d love to share this with you!

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 Taeil would be surprised that you liked nerdy things. He’d be shy about it, not being very into things like this, he wouldn’t be opposed to it though. He’d eventually find things he enjoyed about it, like how you would rambled when told him the Star Wars plot lines. He loved listening to you talk.

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 Johnny would tease you at first, causing you to pout. He’d wrap his arms around you and call you “his little nerd”. Then you’d force him to watch your favorite anime. (spoiler alert: you make him eat his words because he’ll end up liking it and binge watching)

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 Yuta probably wouldn’t be that into it, but he loved seeing you happy. I can see him asking others about these interests, so he can surprise you with little gifts; like plushies, video games and manga/comics.

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 Doyoung would think it’s so cool and would want to know everything about it! You’d have little dates where you recommended him things to watch and read. You’d stay up all night to binge watch things with him, then you’d have your very own nerdy boyfriend!

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 I don’t think Ten would want to get too much into it outside of when you talked about it, but he’d use your movies as an excuse to cuddle with you all night, but he would wind up getting really interested.

Originally posted by nakamotens


 Jaehyun would just love hearing you talk. His cheeks would flush red as you spoke. He’d think it was so cute how indulged you were in your favorite fandoms. He loved to hear you talk and explain things.

He’s just so sweet! oh my god i love jaehyun pls

Originally posted by nctjay


  I think Winwin would question it at first, but he’d accept your interests. He loved you so much, he’d pick on you every now and then, lovingly. It was okay though, because he loved playing video games with you.

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  Mark is a very busy guy, and doesn’t have a lot of time to be into fandoms as deep as you are. He’d admire your determination and think it was cute. He’d rest his hand on your head as you buried your nose deep in the latest manga “You’re so weird, but I love my weirdo.”

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 I think he’d be like Johnny and tease you at first.

“Awe, my Y/N is an otakuu~”

Don’t worry though, you’ll get him hooked on your favorite video game.

And beat him every time. Jokes on him.

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 He would flash his adorable smile and ask you to show him your favorite anime. He ask a lot of questions that you were happy to answer, and he would get so frustrated when you told him spoilers. But he would be so into it, it would be so adorable.

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Jeno would shy about asking questions, he wouldn’t know where to start! He would want you to teach him, because he really wanted you to share things you loved with him.

Originally posted by 1aeyong


 I think Jaemin would be a lot like Jaehyun. He would be so into it, blush-y, and cute. Listening to you ramble about movies all day made his heart skip a beat.


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 Chenle would want you to show him something action packed. He would enjoy rooting at fight scenes with you, and you’d argue over which characters were the strongest. He always let you believe you were right (You were always right anyway)

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 Jisung would think your interests were so cool! You’d get him into a lot of video games. Sometimes you wondered if he was just letting you win, or if he as seriously losing that bad to you. It was okay though, it was cute when he claimed to “let you win”.


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@jill-makes-art tagged me in this and since I love positivity I’ll do this. (I Screenshoted the message so I didn’t have to reblog that long ass post I’m sorry)

1. I think I’m a kinda objective person, that’s cool
2. I love my laugh cause it sounds like a child’s
3. I always try to help
4. I’m creative
5. I’m very grateful for the things I have! 

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Hello everyone! I decided to start summer off with a huge follow forever since I recently hit 700+ followers! I still can’t believe that over 700 of you decided to click that follow button \(´ ▽ ` )/  Thank you so much for the follows and for making my dash wonderful everyday! You’re all so amazing and have introduced me to new anime and manga series, as well as inspiring me to try making my own gifs and graphics. Uta is here to wish you a great day and to thank y’all for being awesome <3

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I have never done anything like this. I wanted to thank everyone who follows my blog. My friends. Those who have helped me out in the past and those awesome people in the fandom. It all started with Be My Princess. I have only being using tumblr since April this year but in that time I have met some truly amazing people and have enjoyed every minute of it. I apologize about my lack of fics lately but I hope to start again eventually.

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Wow that was a long list. I love all you guys. *hugs everyone* You are all amazing people. 💖

And I’m sorry if I missed you! I tried really hard to include everyone I could.

@melody-otakuu This is my drawing of Levi from quite a while ago but I thought today was a proper day to show you so I can express how much I admire and appreciate Levi. Thank you mama, for making such great characters which help all of us in various ways when we are in need of some smut ;)

Great job on the art! I especially admire the shading! Keep it up! Also sorry for only posting it super late. I love you!

Cats in the Closet


Natsuki sat silently on her desk, twirling a pencil between her fingers as she had nothing to do.
Jibanyan was in her closet, why not bother him?
“HEY KITTY CAT YALL WANNA PLAY?!” The devil, Natsuki yelled in hopes of waking up the cat..

Guess Who...

Hello tumblr, it’s Sam here!! Miss me? I CERTAINLY missed you guys!!!! After a few weeks and three successful surgeries, I’m back(^∇^)Danny read me all your comments and well wishes, you guys made me cry so many times. Thank you to all of you for your prayers and thoughts, and for keeping Danny in high hopes. I’m nearly 100% again and looking at life in a new way. I love you guys, thank you again so much, I’m glad to be back and glad to be alive.
Tagging all you wonderful people who liked, rebloged, or replied to the post Danny made.
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Happy holidays everyone! I know Christmas is over but 2016 isn’t so I wanted to do a ff in honor of me creating this blog, tbh it’s the best thing I’ve done this year, exo and bts mean so much to me and I’ve met such incredible people thanks to them. Every single person I’ve met here is so welcoming and great, thank you guys so much, I am so grateful for you all. 

I wish everyone all the best for 2017, I hope it’s much better than this year! Thank you all for putting up with my awkwardness and dorkiness, ily and here we go!

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