you would literally not believe how excited I was to see this cosplayer, I was busy having a serious conversation with my friends and then, mid-sentence, squeaked loudly and dashed out to get a picture


if this was you, please let me know, because you made my weekend! :D


Saturday - Otakuthon Day 2 (August 23, 2014)

My female Ravio cosplay ♥ 
Made it with the help of my awesome mom ! Wanted to make the headpiece and dress a bit different, giving it a little style :3
What do you think about it ?

noimnotobsessed  asked:

I apologize if you've already posted something about this and I'm just being redundant but that Bill Cipher mask-thing you have? How did you make the eye and how did you get the hat to stay on? Your Bill cosplay is by far my favorite, b-t-dubs

Oh thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked my cosplay! Unfortunately, I don’t have any progress shots of the head-build that early on- though I will be posting a photoset tomorrow of the paintjob - so I’ll just let you know.

The whole head- minus the hat - is made of foam core. The eyes are holes cut out, and on the inside, I covered the holes with semi-see through black and white fabric, I could see okay through them, nothing fancy, not perfect vision of course but good enough to be able to navigate and freak people out with constant stares. I then painted a pupil on each from the outside. It’s all acrylic paint, nothing fancy.

The helmet stays on with the help of a head harness I constructed out of three strips of stiffer fabric, one going around my head, one going from front to back over the top and the last going across, left to right. I measured and hotglued the sides of the harness to the inside of the box and that way I have turning mobility and security. Although nodding was a little wonky, I’ll be making improvements, I’m not actually a master craftsman after all! ahaha.

In my progress shots, I’ll include a shot of the inside, as ugly as it is. Thanks so much for the question!

OOC -- Otakuthon advertisement

Otakuthon will be held in Montreal, QC (Canada) in August, and I would really like to get myself a table to try and sell (f)arts. I am looking for a table partner ~ (cause tables are expensive and I’m a poor potty)

Also, it’d be my first time having a table at a con! I’d really be happy if anyone was interested to come with me and have fun QvQ 
If you’re interested, please contact me in a private message so we can discuss it further~

(If you’re not, then spreading the word would be nice too QvQ) 

Thanks everyone, I love y'all~