you would literally not believe how excited I was to see this cosplayer, I was busy having a serious conversation with my friends and then, mid-sentence, squeaked loudly and dashed out to get a picture


if this was you, please let me know, because you made my weekend! :D


Friday - Otakuthon Day 1

Meeting one of my favorite artists : Sakimichan !
When I saw the artworks I recognized her right away and had to purchase something from her booth ! She was so welcoming and kind to everyone.
I wasn’t the only one fangirling like a crazy, one girl almost cried :3
(My wig was falling because my wig cap was slipping.. I might take another picture with her if I have any other chance !)


Tactician (Robin) - Fire emblem Awakening - Final

I finally finished it! Yay! I’m very happy with the final result, there was a lot of work to do and I’ve learned quite a lot of new things! Each cosplay is a new learning experience and this one was pretty fun! For the final pictures before the convention I wanted to show that there is a lot a little details that you actually can’t see whit the cape on :)  Now I just hope to be able to make one spell book before the con!

p.s. please don’t mind my face i’m very tired xD