Your name is KIYOMI AMATUS.

Like all the silly trolls, you have a buncha INTERESTS. You really like MANGA, and everything KAWAII. This caused you to become a big fan of FASHION, and now you are really good at it!! You also love to be a matchmaker, because people being in LOVE makes you very HAPPY. You used to FLARP all the time, and although you were really good and had lots of fun, everyone stopped playing. :C

You are really SWEET and KIND, but watch out!! You have a really evil DARK SIDE that you don’t want anyone to know about!! You are also FEFERI PEIXES’ LONG LOST SISTER, but you don’t know that, because you lost all of your MEMORIES. :C

Your trolltag is otakuPrincess and you love to talk about thinsg with a kawaii ambinyance ~ desu nya!! <33


MSPAWikia Style Facts –

ahhh this doll is so kawaii ~ desu nya!! <33

TITLE: Princess of Love

Age: 6 Alternian Solar Sweeps (13 earth years)

SCREEN NAME: otakuPrincess

Typing Style: Speaks in all lowercase, uses the Japanese honorifics “-chan” and “-kun"sometimes spells things wrong but does not correct them, and ends her phrases with ~ desu nya!! <33

Shirt Sign: A bow!!




Likes: Likes cats and manga and FLARPing and kirei and kawaii things!!! 

Hates: Dislikes when pepole are mean, and when people think magic isn’t real!! 

Other Facts about Her –

[Long Lost Sister] Feferi. 
[Best Friend] Nepeta. 
[Crush] Karkat. 
[Love Rival] Nepeta [but gives Karkat to her]//Terezi. 

[Matesprit] Karkat. 
[Kismesis] ex. Terezi, now Feferi!!!
[Moirail] Nepeta. 
[Auspistice] Nepeta//Equius. [Because of their bad relationship!! It really is bad!!! Equius is a pedophile!!!] 

She is a Magenta!Blood. 

She also always says "nya” where possible: ex. “nyank you! <33” She also really likes the faces C: :C and x3.

– Banished by the Condesce for being in love with Karkat when she was five sweeps, everyone had their memories wiped of her, and she lost all her memories too. 
– Thinks Karkat is so cute and handsome and wonderful and adorable!!! <3 
– Thinks Aradia is no fun. :C 
– Thinks Tavros is cute. c: 
– Thinks Sollux is a weirdo!!! 
– Likes Nepeta a lot, thinks she is sooo kawaii; she is her total BFFL!! <>
– Likes Kanaya for her fashion; thinks she is really cool! 
– Thinks Terezi is too mean. :C 
– Thinks Vriska is scary but soooo pretty! 
– Doesn’t like Equius, thinks he is mean to Nepeta. :C 
– Thinks Gamzee is a little scary!!! 
– Thinks Eridan is a perverted creep!!!! Ew!!!! 
– Thinks Feferi is the coolest sister ever, until she finds out she was evil and hates her and tries to kill her because she is pretty!!!!
– Has an evil dark side, and when going after Terezi for Karkat, got Vriska’s help and killed Terezi! 
– But then she felt bad, and so she revived Terezi. 
– Karkat saw them kiss, so he was confused. So then they had a makeup scene because Karkles is a baka, and then Karkat confessed! THEN LOVE!! 
– Later when they are a bunch of sweeps older and they have grubs, Karkat and Kiyomi are the first trolls to stay and parent their grubs together!!! 
– She also teaches Eridan the power of friendship and magic and that being a pervert is not nice. :C 
– Thinks John is really silly and cute. 
– Thinks Jade is silly too– her human best friend!! And Jad totally loves her!! 
– Thinks Rose needs to be a little nicer; btw she is wayyyy smarter than Rose! 
– Thinks Dave is pretty cool; Dave has this totally ironic crush on her, too!!
– She is a super awesome fashion designer [better than Kanaya, shhhh!!] and the clothes she makes for John and Jade make everyone fall in love with them. C: 
– When she goes godtier, she gets a super cool transformation!!! 
– Her godtier outfit doesn’t have a hood [because what princesses wear hoods???] so instead she gets a CROWN!!! 
– She doesn’t know why, but she actually has two dream selves, one on Derse AND on Prospit!!! 
– Unlike a lot of the trolls, it is really hard to kill her!! She is almost invincible thanks to the power of LOVE! 
– Her symbol is not that of the “heart”, but of “love”, so it’s different! 
– “Kiyomi” (清見) is a Japanese name meaning “pure beauty”, and “Amatus” is the Latin form of French name “Amé”, meaning “beloved”. 
– Her horns are shaped like a heart, for love!
– Her lusus is a really cute cat that looks like Hello Kitty!! It even has a pink bow and pink overalls! It’s really nice! 
– Her web browser is Aphrodite [the Greek goddess of love and beauty]. Her associated element is light, her associated musical instrument is the harp and her associated item for underlings is a hairbrush.