One of the things I’ve kept on saying is “Find your own niche.”

It’s about adopting your own unique character.

There are not many who can do as you wish, representing what you really are.
Till the days you’ll be recognized as what you are, you may need to
pursue your way off the mainstream.

Yes, something unique. Something that’ll break people’s stereotype.

I have some ideas.

What about 清楚なギャル? Pure, clean gyaru.

In Japan, gyaru is not associated with cleanliness. As the word 汚ギャル
(ogyaru) was talked a lot about, they are considered almost the
antonymn of お嬢様 (ojousama).

Hard to imagine what ojousama is? Minimico of Otakuowls
(ttp://www.youtube.com/user/milkymico/videos) is the closest match.

gyaru and cleanliness are farthest concepts. That’s why I think
representing the combination will work.

Challenging stereotype, that’s the same spirit as what surrealists
fought with against contemporary notions.

How to act it? It’s simple, Don in gyaru, act as if you were an ojousama.

Watch on pakaianniob041.tumblr.com

I’m not excited very much about net idol groups, but Otaku Owls is an exception, though they may not be an “idol” group.

I watched the most recent performance by them (MCM EXPO). 

I’m not a proponent of synchronization, but watching their dance in synch, I feel like believing it. It’s sweet on the eyes.

This group has a charm. They attracted attractive contestants for audition this time. Atrractive members joined this attractive group.

They have an ability to make attractive videos.

Like this. This is simple, but very good.