Vote for Kagamine Len!

Vote for Kagamine Len in the Ongoing Ikemen Tournament! If Len Wins 1st Place, All Len Merchandise Get 35X TOM Bonus Points

TOM is currently having a competition to vote for the best ikemen out of the characters listed below. Currently Kagamine Len is in the Top 3, meaning even if he wins 3rd place, Len products will receive a 15X TOM Points bonus and if he wins 2nd place all Len products receive a 25X TOM Points bonus.

However, if he wins 1st place, all Len merchandise receive 35X TOM points, meaning that new orders with this figure[x] would receive $41 worth of points. That’s practically a figure for less than $80!

If you haven’t ordered this figure yet and are interested (or you want to pick up some other Len merch for cheap as well), vote for Len every hour to make sure he wins! If he wins 1st place, this would be the cheapest way to obtain this figure. The TOM points bonus would be available August 24 through September 1st. 

(On an ending note, while you may or may not agree with the contest idea of voting for best ikemen and having to vote for Kagamine Len, it is important that Len wins simply because having him win 1st place shows that there is a demand for more Vocaloid merchandise and that there is still an active fanbase/consumer base willing to buy merchandise of other Vocaloid characters in addition to Miku. For those who wish other Vocaloids would get more stuff, this poll is your chance to prove that the demand is there for merchandise for other Vocaloid characters!)

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