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Uwahh … This blog has reached over 300 followers! Thank you to everyone that has followed this blog thus far~ I’ll be posting six songs today in celebration, rather than the usual two songs. Posting will continue normally: two songs a day at 4:20 pm & 4:40 pm (PST). Or three songs if there was a song requested.

Well, we’re continuing through the spring anime season and I’ll be posting some more great music. What’s your favorite anime airing this season? I’ll add the opening and ending songs to my queue if I haven’t already. My favorite this season would have to be Shingeki no Kyojin!

Ahhh … Three more weeks and I’ll be graduating from high school! Can’t wait ‘til the day comes. Time to study for finals and finish these end-of-the-year projects.

‘Til Next Time