||–Tumblr Crushes 8/23–||

Wow I haven’t posted one of these in a long time 8( !!! Seeing as how I only follow about 146 blogs, I thought this is better than a Follow Forever ;;; 

Anyway, thanks for making my dash awesome and making sure it’s always filled with feels (both good and bad…!) You all are perfect and amazing. >wo Have a great day you guys~


twentyfourhour-war ~ ♥12% (Look at you, so much love) ^-^!

kawochin ~ ♥9% 

sakigamii ~ ♥5%

otakuai ~ ♥5%

whippcreame ~ ♥4%

tsumikis ~ ♥4%

rin-chii ~ ♥4%

jennhii ~ ♥3%

teppeii ~ ♥3%


1. Always post the rules

2. Answer the questions of the person who tagged you and write 11 new ones

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4. Let them know you’ve tagged them

1. Where are you from?

south korea wooowoooooo 

2. Ever had a crush on a fictional character? 

not like a full blown crush but i’ve had STRONG FEELINGS OF ATTACHMENT

3. Favourite actor ever?

jake gyllenhaal <3

4. Favourite movie ever?

oh… hm. Wristcutters: a love story, Tangled, Spirited Away, Donnie Darko… I have a lot lmao

5. Activity you enjoyed most during childhood?

drawing! and i still enjoy it :p

6. Your dream job?

concept artist for a video game company ahhhh or an animator

7. Place you’d like to visit right now?

japan?? i guess? lol

8. How good can you cook?

on a scale from 1 to gordan ramsey it’s like a -16

9. How many languages do you know, or tried to learn?

I know english, i can undcerstand and read korean near fluently (not very good at speaking it :( ), and i took spanish in school for 5 years

10. A fictional artifact you’d like to have in your possession?

you know the chalk from chalk zone

11. If I begin building an underwater city, would you assist me?

fuck yes

new questions: 

1. what’s your favorite hobby? 

2. What’s a very vivid memory from your childhood?

3. Whats a talent about you that not many know about? 

4. what’s your favorite food?

5. Can you drive?

6. what does your room look like? 

7. Have you ever cosplayed/do you want to? 

8. what video games do you like? 

9. have you ever killed people in the sims and made huge graveyards? (because i have)

10. what is 1 thing that fascinates you?

11. how messy is your hair?


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