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  • Trying to sing along to anime is a display of embarrassment
  • Attack on Titan: *incoherent heartfelt muttering, something something* JAAAEGER!!
  • Free!: MAKE US FREE NO SPLASH KASANETA, *something something some sooomething*
  • Durarara!!: *intense mumbling* BLOW UP LOUDER! *more heartfelt mumbling*
  • Noragami Aragoto: TONIGHT WE HONOR THE HERO! *air guitar, deeply felt rambling* FLAVOR FLAVOR FLAVOR, JUST WANNA HOLD YOUR HAAAAAND
  • InuYasha: I WANT TO CHAAANGE THE WORLD! *mumble mumble humming*
  • Space Dandy: *bum bum bums, muttering with passion* VIVA NAMIDA *something something something da da dum da daaaa*

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“No one’s going to give you a map, you’ve gotta walk your own path.”

The great words of Hilda from, Outlaw Star. This was absolutely one of the most iconic and most memorable lines from the series. Everytime I hear this line I get hit with nostalgia. And it feels good. I wish she was still alive, she was such a great person.