otaku problems

Being an Anime Fan AND a Gamer Who Can’t Read/Speak Japanese... is Hell

…because you rapidly learn that there are so, so, SOOOOO many video games based on the shows you love - and you can’t possibly hope to know what they contain.

Like seriously, it’s driving me nuts how damn near every anime I’ve gotten hooked on has video game adaptions and I want EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM but like, none of them exist outside of Japanese.


Why I hate going outside

Me : starts walking to shop. Plays anime song/episode/etc as I am walking. Violently imagines what it would be like to be part of that world. Starts doing gestures as if I’m in an episode. Mouth or actually speak to anime characters in my head. Loving every moment.

 Everyone else : what the hell is wrong with you 


 Me : goes back to pretending that I would rather be in the place I am but really wanna be back in my own privacy so I can continue my fun

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