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Oii, can you write like the kouha would ask your partner in marriage?

how Kouha would propose to his s/o (the reader) ;3;

Kouha Ren

  • The day would be beautiful. Unless something majorly unexpected happened or the weather suddenly went ballistic, it would be a bright and sunny day; not too hot, not too cold, a light breeze carrying stray leaves and flowers and birds singing their songs high in the trees.
  • He would have you stay in his room the night before, making sure you awoke in his softest sheets with servants bringing you all of your favorite foods for breakfast. You would wake up to find him laying beside you, smiling at you with adoration.
  • After breakfast, Kouha would let you decide how quickly you wanted to take the day. If you wanted to stay in bed for a while that was fine, if you wanted to get up and take a bath that was fine too. Eventually, though, Kouha would take you on a walk through the flower gardens, just the two of you.
  • Next would be a delectable lunch with his brothers, which although wasn’t quite what you would call the most enjoyable, was fun. Kouen and Koumei would both compliment you on your appearance and your accomplishments, would update you on the happenings of the palace, and for some odd reason would bring up what happens when someone marries into a royal family.
  • Usually during this time the two of you would go off and do your jobs, but Kouha would insist that today would be a break from all of that. He would tell you that you could do whatever you wanted that day, all you needed to do was ask.
  • Once evening rolled around, you and the prince would return to his rooms, going over all the fun and exciting things that had happened in the hours before. Kouha would draw another bath for you, and with your permission, would join and help you wash yourself off.
  • Both retreating to the bed, warm, happy, and comfortable, Kouha would pull you into his arms and ask if you’d had a good day. Upon receiving your (hopefully) good answer, he would then tell you about how happy he was and how much he cherished you, even if it didn’t seem like it sometimes. All he wanted was for you to be happy, and he knew, he hoped that he could be the one to help make you happy.
  • Telling you these things, Kouha would also apologize for his sometimes eccentric behavior and thank you for loving him anyways. Taking your hands in his, raising them to his lips, and lightly kissing your knuckles, Kouha would tell you that he loved you.
  • Without producing a ring and still holding your hands to his lips, he would smile, lean his head forwards so that your foreheads were touching, and ask you if you would marry him.