otaku dolls

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Headcanons for Todoroki, Bakugou, and Kirishima's reaction to having an otaku s/o? Like a die hard otaku.

He will agree to watch a few episodes of an anime with them just to show some interest in what they like. He’ll listen and watch as they become dramatically emotional over their favorite scenes and even comment after hes analyzed it himself. Over all its enjoyable for both of them and it may become a weekly anime date night who knows

He’ll tease them like crazy about what a nerd they are but as he looks through all the manga they have and flips through a few pages they can quickly tell he has some interest in them. Suddenly hours have gone by and hes on his way home with a few copies and if you tell anyone your dead !!!

They have more action figures then he does and he thinks thats fricken awesome! He cant help but be all over them, looking through their collection and asking a bunch of questions about who the figures are and what they can do. He will also point out how big some of their breast are and why do some of them look so seductive??? i didn't know you were such a perv?? dont worry hes just teasing

My Disney doll collection! Recently I’ve been massively downsizing this collection of mine as was getting out of hand and hadn’t been as fun yo collect as it used too (not to say I’ve stopped collecting, i haven’t by any means, just being more choosy as what comes home.