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Shounen Note Volume 2 by Yuhki Kamatani!

i bought this because my love for kamatani sensei is just..WOw i pretty much sold a part of my soul to her because of nabari no ou and i am super excited to read shounen note!

these are some of the really abstract and very beautiful pages from the volume FDSLKJ SHES AMAZINg n i just wanted to share… sorry i can’t take better pics because i don’t want to bend it!


Here’s my Strike Witches scale figures - Yoshika Miyafuji, Sanva V. Litvyak and Mio Sakamoto (my favourite). These are pretty cheap secondhand nowadays, so building up a collection of these isn’t too difficult. Plus, I like their sculpts and they’re very well finished, so they’re a high quality product for the money. The only problem is space, but that’s always an issue for a collector…


Here is my first impression on the Winter 2016 Anime Season! 

What do you think about the shows from the current anime season?

This might not look like much of a collection but for these figures I consider them just as special as the rest of my collection, thanks to the fact that Gunbuster, or Top Wo Nerae! (トップをねらえ!) by it’s original Japanese title, is quite possibly my favourite anime series ever. I definitely wouldn’t be sad if I was marooned on a deserted island and Gunbuster was the only anime I had with me.

When reflecting on Gunbuster, I always find it curious that despite all the anime produced over the last 20 years that I’ve watched, it’s something from 1989 that takes top spot. It’s not ironic though, as there is very good reason for liking Gunbuster so much. Gunbuster was the first work produced by Gainax, the famous anime studio behind Neon Genesis Evangelion, and after watching Gunbuster you can see just how much influence NGE derives from it.

It’s also interesting that Gunbuster itself is far from original and takes great effort in parodying other series from it’s time. Despite the parody - or maybe because of it - Gunbuster transcends the realm of mere imitation and instead comes across as a clever, emotionally moving blend of all the best bits of those other series. Indeed, it’s that unique blend that I think set the tone for great anime in the 26 years since then to live up to. Oh, and Gunbuster also saw the birth of the Gainax ‘bounce’…

Moving onto the collection itself, it may be small but I’m still happy with what I’ve got. The largest figure of Noriko, by Bome, actually belongs to my wife but our collections are pretty intertwined anyway, so it makes sense to show it here. It’s also interesting because it wasn’t a figure I was initially keen on - it’s plastic blister packaging was unflattering, it was being sold very cheaply which normally activates alarm bells in a collector’s mind and she has a very prominent hair shine ‘splodge’ which slightly spoils an otherwise well-painted figure. However, out of the packaging she’s actually pretty decent.

My favourite figure - strictly, set of figures - are the Kotobukiya figures of Noriko, Amano and Jung which clip together and their bases form the head of the Gunbuster itself. These were pretty hard to find, first finding Jung in Osaka’s Den-Den Town on one trip, then finding Norikio in Akihabara on another trip and then finally, ironically, finding the whole set in the Volks store in Utsunomiya on my last trip! It’s a really nice, dynamic set and looks great as a tribute to Gunbuster.

The figures in the collection are finished up with a Bandai trading figure of Noriko and another small chibi of Noriko.

Very finally I’ve just recently picked up a Gunbuster CD collection dating from 1994 which has not only the soundtrack for the Gunbuster anime itself but also audio from what might be a computer game, since there are loads and loads of voice-acting snippets that don’t appear in the anime. It’s a great set and I love the retro Gunbuster music.

So, that’s another part of my collection reviewed - hope you enjoy seeing and hearing about it, and look forward to the next instalment!


Sorry for the lack of art! I’ve been in a huge rut and there has been a lot happening recently, but hopefully I’ll be back on track!! Ahh, the scan on this doesn’t do it justice. Does anyone have any tips on how to properly scan + enhance watercolors ??? because dang this was kinda hard lol. On this monitor anyway, the leaves look super dull and they’re supposed to be an emerald color! ;–;


god bless the pokémon company