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Never Sleeping Again, Part 8


“…and so then I held his hand and he did that thing where he put his fingers through mine—” Ronan said before Gansey interrupted with a quiet, “Lacing. He laced his fingers with yours.”

“Right. So, what do you think it means?” Ronan asked. He was sitting on the floor next to the model Henrietta, Noah sprawled out beside him, and Gansey kneeling on Main Street, gluing a porch to the general store.

“He likes you,” Gansey said, at the same time that Noah offered, “He wants to bang.”

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Passione in Japan AU continues with another commission from the amazing @laveerie! This time it’s idol otaku Mista. By the time the gang goes on their trip, Trish Una has become an international pop sensation with an especially devoted Japanese fanbase. It doesn’t take long for Mista to get caught up in Trish-tan mania. 

The Cold King (Got7 JB- Kingdom AU: Part 1)

I finally did it! I now have the next installment of the kingdom au series and it’s for JB. I hope that you enjoy it!

Warning: this part of JB’s kingdom au is a little dark, so take caution!

“Bring in the next one,” King JB said as he sat on his golden throne. His golden crown covered most of his short black hair and his golden robe covered most of his attire. The guards exited the throne room and returned with a man that was thrashing and screaming for mercy in their arms. King JB kept his face expressionless and his cold eyes assessed the man. 

The man was in his mid-forties. He was on the larger side. He was short and from his high position, King JB could see a bald spot in the middle of the man’s black hair that had many visible gray hairs. His eyes were red and his mouth was wide open as he was screaming.

“Please,have mercy! Have mercy on my soul!” he repeated at the top of his lungs, tears and snot streaming down his face.

One of the guards harshly warned him to be quiet. The man continued to sniffle, but his mouth remained closed and he was still.

One of the guards announced, “Your majesty, this man has been arrested for the rape of 30 women within the course of the past year. What is your ruling?”

King JB looked at the man that was looking at him with fear in his eyes that begged for mercy. But, he knew that he didn’t have that look in his eyes when he did those things to those women.

“Send him to the dungeons until it’s time for him to go to The Knife in two weeks,” King JB said before the guards dragged the an away, pleading for his life. His screams got quieter and quieter as he dragged farther and farther away from the throne room and closer to the dungeons that were below the castle.

“Bring in the next one,” King JB ordered. His guards quickly and quietly left the room and came back a few seconds with another man in between them.

The man was dirty. Hi hair was long and reached his shoulders and almost completely covered his eyes. His body was covered in filth and dirt. When he went into the dungeon, he went in with the clothes that were on his back. Now, the clothes that once fit him properly were now disgusting and too big for him. Not to mention the smell that came off of him was horrendous. 

The guards brought him to the center of the throne room and held on to him, not because he was struggling (he was perfectly still), but because he was too weak to stand up on his own. But, he was able to lift his head and look at the king.  Through the uncut hair, the king could see the eyes of the man. They were blank and soulless as though the person that was inside his body had been gone for a long time.

He probably doesn’t even remember his own name King JB thought. Whatever life he had, he has most likely forgotten all about it.

“Your majesty,” one of the guards began, “He has been in the dungeon for one month for the murders of his wife and children and attempted suicide after claiming bankruptcy.”

King JB looked into the eyes of the man with no hope in them.

“What is your ruling, Your Majesty?” the guard asked.

“Send him to The Knife,” King JB said before the man was taken away to his death without a word.

“Bring in the next one,” King JB said.

The guards exited the throne room once again and returned with the next person that had to stand trial. When the guards came through the doors, JB took a look at the person and sat up a little straighter in his throne. 

The person was a girl. She was beautiful to say the least. But, she looked like she had gone through a struggle. he could see some cuts and bruises on her skin and her hair was a mess on top of her head that could’ve served as a bird’s nest.

But, King JB was intrigued by her. Not because she was a girl in a room that mainly received visits from men. Not because she was beautiful. Not because she was using every ounce of her strength to unsuccessfully fight the guards. 

It was the look in her eyes. He had never seen eyes like hers. The defiance and the strength in them had King JB wondering about what was going on her head.  He wondered about where she came from. He wanted to know her name. He wanted to know everything about her. 

“Your Majesty,” one of the guards says, bringing King JB out of his thoughts, “She is under arrest for the involvement in the movement to overthrow you, the king.”

“Oh really?” King JB asked.He looked into the girl’s eyes and she glared back at him with pure hatred.

It’s not the first time that King JB has seen someone that hated him, but something just interested about her and he couldn’t put his finger on it. But, he was determined to get to the bottom of it.

“Your Majesty, what is your ruling?” one of the guards asked. 

The common protocol for someone that tries to overthrow the king is immediate death by The Knife. But for some reason, King JB didn’t want to see her die. This so much about he that he still didn’t know

“Her punishment ….. is to be my personal servant until I will decide her fate in one week,” King JB finally announced.

In the throne room, no one made a sound. no one moved a muscle. All eyes were filled with shock as they turned towards King JB, who had gotten off of his thrown and began walking towards the girl.

“She’s still young. And besides,” King JB smiled as he stood a foot away from her, “Don’t you think it is a punishment to be with the person that you hate the most?”

Well there we go. It’s almost 11 pm, I’m full off of orange soda, and JB’s Kingdom AU has officially started. Thanks for reading and look forward to the next part.

Blind? Lame? Love! AU

Prompt given by agileo-101 , Based on her AU. 

(I hope that you like it! I don´t think that it is what you were expecting

Darkness had been always a companion of his. An old friend that greeted him each time with open arms when the other children´s tauntings would become unbearable, it became a blanket on which he would wrap himself with, he had never been scared because he knew that it would never hurt him.

Never it crossed his head, not even in his most horrific nightmares that it would never let him go.

As he had never believed that his mother would be gone, to him she was immortal, sick but everlasting, she would be there his whole life, leading him through every step of his life.

But she was gone without warning, as if a cold breeze had blown out the flame of her life. As if taking his soul with her, Midousuji behaved like a robot, eating, speaking, meer reflexes, he was dead inside, but focused on training and training until he passed out, it became a routine, until the cursed day.  He could remember yelling for his mother, pleading for her embrace while fighting against a high fever, in his delirium he could feel cold hands on his feverish skin, clawing at it, gripping his organs and squeezing the live out him, faceless beings mocked him, how weak his was, how wortheless, his mother was dead, his sanity leaving as well.

The nightmare remained even when he opened his eyes, the voices of his relatives abused his ears, coming from nowhere, he blinked to chase away the blackness and blinked even more when not even a beacon of light broke through it, his heart beated wildly, fear choking him, he was drowning in confusion and panic so he rubbed his eyes desperately, screeching at everybody when they tried to stop him, and  screamed as he started scratching, leaving red marks on his eyelids and cheeks.

He saw nothing. Not the blood drying under his fingernails. Nor the worried, terrified faces of his aunt and uncle.

He had lost everything.

Midousuji became bitter about the new developments, the once kind boy was no more, he was rude with his aunt and uncle, he ignored his little cousin for the sake of brooding in his room (but he had the /right/ to do so), not moving, barely reacting unless it was in a negative way.

After all, he didn´t have a purpouse, not anymore.

Until life slapped some sense on him. When he heard his cousin crying to his aunt (“Why we don´t visit aunty anymore? Why Akira-niichan is so sad? Why does he ignore me, mama?!”),  her mother let out a shaky sob and no more,  and that was the moment that he realized:  

He was a burden.

Midousuji had readied himself and listened to the last advice that his mother gave him. He moved forward. So he left his aunt´s house. 

And he never regreted it, (he forced himself to not do it)  it was diffcult, it was tiring but he lived on. And when he went to his doctor appointment, with bandages wrapped tightly around his eyes and little hope, he met the one that became his eyes. Onoda Sakamichi. The other was disgustingly happy ( always, even when he was in pain constantly.–He later found out, when they started living together.)

Ishigaki was the person that opened his eyes (metaphorically speaking) when he couldn´t stop talking about him,  he liked Onoda. He liked his cheerfulness, his laugh, his soft voice, he even liked how Sakamichi could babble about everything and nothing, describing them as best as he could. But mainly, Midousuji loved how Onoda could erase all blackness, and paint the whiteness with happiness. With yellow.

Midousuji fell in love with Onoda´s heart. With all the goodness that the petit body was able to hold and he promised himself that he would repay Onoda, with the same amount of joy and love that his (almost) lover gave him.


It was a promise.