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dannymay day eighteen

So I accidentally made a new AU today, and it might not be scientifically accurate, but it is pretty Rad. And also gives an interesting take on today’s prompt.  

ao3 link here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10780767/chapters/24348504

prompt: green/nature

Green was all Danny saw. Shades of green were the only things he could see. It was all he knew, nowadays. He didn’t know why, but Tucker had a theory about why. The portal accident not only gave Danny his ghost half, but he was hit by a ton of ectoplasm. Possibly a literal ton, but that force might’ve crushed him. But Tucker believed that the ectoplasm somehow managed to worm its way into Danny’s optic nerves, to where he saw everything through a green lens.

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dannymay day two

So this one’s a bit shorter than yesterday’s, but I did throw in a bit of my Jedi Danno au! Also there’s Valerie, so. There’s that. 

ao3 link here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10780767/chapters/23946705

prompt: fire/ice

Danny had never understood why he preferred their base on Hoth to any of the other Alliance bases. It was freezing, always, but the freezing weather hadn’t ever bothered him. As a matter of fact, Danny volunteered for patrols on a semi-weekly basis, and he typically got to go out on most patrols. And Danny loved it, he loved the cold, and now he had a basis as to why now.

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anonymous asked:

Ahh damnn ushiwaka looks so hot and handsome in your otaku!oikawa/rich!ushi. (●´□`)♡ Would you mind giving some more headcanons about it? I'm so in love with this au!!

-Ushijima had to fight tooth and nail for Oikawa against his 2D boyfriends

-Oikawa’s #1 2D husbando is The Handsome Knight™ from the hit anime Final Haikyuu Quest

-Oikawa is internet famous because he posted a selfie on his twitter once and people said he looked like the antagonist from FHQ

-Oikawa is open about his hobby in the internet, but not so much in real life. When Ushijima first started courting Oikawa, he didn’t even know about it. ,

-Some time into their relationship, Oikawa stopped going on monthly shopping sprees and Ushi was worried at first, but turns out it was because Oikawa was saving up for an expensive wristwatch for Ushi’s birthday. That watch easily became Ushi’s favorite and would rather wear it than the other fancier ones he owns.

-Ushijma didn’t finish off his college education because he was well off taking care of his family’s business while Oikawa is still in college finishing off his master’s degree. Oikawa is initially 22 in this AU while Ushi is 25. 

That’s it for now!! I’m glad you guys like this AU ;w;

Medium AU

Everybody had argued about Onoda´s most striking feature at one point, let it be his warmth, his will, his cheeriness or something physical as his smile but every discussing person would agree that Onoda´s eyes were special, unforgettable, beautiful but.. eerie, the surface was calming, relaxing  but  there was something deep within them, something that they couldn´t understand, like the ocean that they resembled, there were things hidden in those eyes, the people that had met Onoda weren´t sure that they wanted to know his secrets.

Not when it would mean to know why Onoda would be found staring at a corner unblinkingly or talking to (seemingly) no one. A chill ran down their spines when they thought about how Onoda would look some days, so tired, so /defeated/ as if his light had been sucked out him.

But then again, those were his bad days, in his good days Onoda looked so happy, so joyful as if he had done a great deed.

Many had wondered what a trusting boy like Onoda would hide behind that smile of his but no one was brave to finally ask the question.

Onoda´s mom had always said that he was special, her special little boy, but she didn´t know how truthful were her words. Onoda was unique, wonderful boy, that could see the dead, he was stood in the middle of both worlds, he was a medium for the spirits or any other creature in between, below or above, whether it be kind or malicious, he could see them, hear them, he was an easy prey for posessions.

The shadows scared Onoda because he was aware of what was hidden there, he hated to be alone but he didn´t want anyone to know either.

Of course, on the bright side, there existed  wonderful moments when he could help a ghost to pass to the other side.

To bring peace to a strayed one, in return bring happiness to his wornout heart.

That was why he was ready to help anyone that needed him, he didn´t dare to ignore their pleads even if he was believed to be crazy or weird.

Even if he was put in peril, most days than not.

Onoda Sakamichi was a victim of his own kindness.

Never he dreamed to have people around that would not leave but there was he riding with people that he could call friends and he did his best because Onoda´s will was strong as he was stubborn (He needed to be, really. So he wouldn´t succumb to the madness nor the rage, so he could overcome the hate and feelings that were not his own)

Sometimes he needed to help living people as well, like a broken boy that hide behind wickedness and a sharp tongue.

Onoda could see Midousuji´s pain, he could see the darkness swirling around him, trying to swallow him in misery just the being near him stopped it from dragging Midousuji to a dark, horrible path.

As soon as the first race of the inter-high ended, he moved on shaking legs (for fear? for tiredness?) and found Midousuji away from his team, the darkness had became thicker and he shuddered.

His voice was soft when Midousuji was mocking and rough, his voice stayed strong when he retold a tale of a boy that was bullied and hurt, of a lovely boy that visited his mother in the hospital each day of the summer, Onoda gained strenght as Midousuji´s voice became high pitched, threats fell on deaf ears as Onoda continued, Midousuji sank on his knees the moment when Onoda began with the reassurances, Midousuji couldn´t stand them, they were lies, lies, gross lies, LIES!

But the pain was diminishing, Midousuji was reminded of his mother´s love (“She loves you, she is so proud of you, Midousuji-kun, she is happy for you, she knows that you will become the best cyclist, the best man that you can be”)

“W-why are you saying this? How do you know?!”

When Onoda cupped his cheek, Midousuji gazed up at him , moving his gaze from the ground and his breath hitched because it seemed as if a heavenly, divine light was shining on him, though, Onoda was looking over Midousuji´s shoulder. And instead of answering the queries thrown at him, he smiled, he smiled and looked down, trapping Midousuji within his gaze.

“Your mother.. Her wings are beautiful”

dannymay day twenty eight

So I need to get to sleep so I can get to work on time tomorrow, and this was going to go up but the my browser crashed so. Up again, it seems. 

ao3 link here:http://archiveofourown.org/works/10780767/chapters/24583521

prompt: vortex/nocturne

Sometimes, Danny’s mind drifted during the day, to one ghost he’d never really understood. Nocturne. For one, he looked like a snuggie, don’t get him wrong. Nocturne was at least a bit intimidating, but he looked like space. And a snuggie. But what Danny didn’t understand was what compelled him. Why he would need dreams, of all things. It was odd for Danny to consider dreams as a source of power, and it didn’t really make sense. But it simultaneously did.

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