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ANIME:  (Please be Safe for Work for the most part please!)
-Au Haru Ride
-My Little Monster
-Attack on Titan
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Dragonball Super
-91 Days
-(Anime in General)
-Japanese Culture

-Twenty One Pilots
-Fall Out Boy
-My Chemical Romance
-Panic! at the Disco
-Kendrick Lamar
-Childish Gambino

-Mass Effect
-Hotline Miami
-Persona 5

-Achievement Hunter

CREEPY  (Please be Safe for Work for the most part please! No gore, etc.)

99 Annoying Things Weeaboos Do
  1. Cosplay in public
  2. Thinks that anime and western cartoons r two separate things
  3. Belongs in an anime club
  4. Traveled more than 200 miles to get to a convention
  5. Made a bento lunch
  6. Go to an Asian shop on a regular basis
  7. Has actually gone to Japan solely for the anime/manga
  8. Learned Japanese on Rosetta Stone
  9. Learned Japanese just so that they could watch anime without subs
  10. CLAIM to be Japanese
  11. Fantasize over an anime character
  12. Kills anyone who doesn’t like anime
  13. Thinks Pearl Harbor is an anime that just started airing in Japan
  14. Thinks Japan is the greatest country on earth
  15. Can name all the vocaloids
  16. Without looking it up
  17. Only play Japanese video games/watch Japanese shows/ listen to Japanese music
  18. Have a diet that’s only Japanese food
  19. Use Japanese honorifics
  20. To refer to yourself
  21. Fill their room with anime merch
  22. Change their name to something Japanese
  23. Legally
  24. Has had surgery to make one look oriental
  25. Stalk the Japanese exchange students
  26. Has gone to jail for doing so
  27. Try to sound Japanese
  28. Claim their Japanese on Social media
  29. Their not
  30. Their not even Asian
  31. Thinks doing Japanese stuff keeps them I touch with their culture
  32. Their not even Japanese
  33. Wear a naruto headband to the gym
  34. Wants a girl to say “I-it’s not like I like u or anything. BAKA!!!”
  35. Break out into Caramelldansen in public
  36. Want to date a Japanese person
  37. No other nationality will do
  38. Wear the headbands from naruto
  39. Everyday
  40. Bitching at me bc their properly called “forehead protectors”
  41. Has gotten their headband- I mean “forehead protector” from hot topic
  42. Thinks anime dubs r the spawn of satan
  43. Thinks kingdom hearts is awesome
  44. Axelxes Roxas is KAWAII DESU NE
  45. It’s seiyu, not voice actor
  46. Adds “desu” to the end of every sentence
  47. They only draw anime
  48. Their taking a art corse
  49. All they submit is anime
  50. Are in an anime club
  51. Most of their friends r also weeaboos
  52. Has embarrassed their non weeaboo friends in an attempt to talk Japanese
  53. Want to become a mangaka
  54. In Japan
  55. Most of their anime/manga is hentai
  56. Writes fanfics for English class
  57. Specifically yaoi fanfics
  58. Knows nothing about anime culture except for anime, video games, school girls, and porn
  59. Everyone says they have no life
  60. And it’s true
  61. Has seen hetalia
  62. Japan was their favorite character
  63. Has such a high standard for a girl/boy friend bc of anime
  64. “I love watching the mangos and reading the animes”
  65. Spends all their money on anime merch
  66. Literally degrades their own culture
  67. Says “kawaii desu” all the time
  68. Has tsundere waifus
  69. Owns many body pillows
  70. Is “married” to a fictional character made by the Japanese
  71. Has watched a 24+ episode anime in less than 24 hours
  72. All of their clothing is anime related
  73. Spend 100+/ month just on anime/manga/hentai
  74. Has had anime related dreams
  75. Go to /a/
  76. Have a katana collection
  77. Own Japanese weapons that they will never use
  78. Their cabinets r filled with anime figurines
  79. Their walls r nothing but anime posters
  80. Have grown sexually attached to an anime character
  81. Spend a majority of their time watching anime
  82. They wish they had a girlfriend who would cosplay with them
  83. Have unrealistically high standards for the opposite sex bc of anime
  84. Have a collection of 20+ animes that are pirated
  85. Can list off 20+ animes never shown off on American TV
  86. Wants to create a machine that will make their waifus real
  87. Have watched fairy tail solely for the boobs
  88. Wears kimonos
  89. “Anime is the best thing ever!!!”
  90. “KYAAAAA I know three Japanese words. Kawaii, Baka, and desu so I must be Japanese”
  91. Says Japanese is their native language
  92. Try’s to recreate the scenes from their favorite anime
  93. Specifically naruto
  94. Puts anime/manga on a pedestal
  95. “Kyaaaaa japan is the best!!! It’s so kawaii desu!!!”
  96. Defends Pearl Harbor
  97. Automatically likes anything Japanese
  98. Anime/manga is their world
  99. When ppl call them a weeaboo they prefer the term otaku (like it’s any better in my opinion)

From all of us at ENM to you, our amazing fans & music lovers, have a happy holiday and thank you for listening, voting and giving us all your comments — we love you all! We hope for your continued support for the rest of this year and beyond! (。♥‿♥。)