That’s me cosplaying Terezi and Molly cosplaying as Redglare from Homestuck!

I was so ridiculously happy to get pictures with her in this cosplay, easily one of my favorite cosplays I’ve ever done, and possibly even my very best~ Also she made a fantastic Redglare!

Plus I totally feel like I’ve got a Terezi/Reglare thing going on with her anyways, this whole “man I wanna grow up to be JUST LIKE HER” thing, except instead of executing people in the name of JUSTICE, I just wanna do erts. Thanks, Molly, for being so awesome! <3

Oh yeah, that’s my sister as Pikachu back there, she’s so adorable C:

Other than things being an ice cold water blast at Otakon, of course, I’d have to say, it was super fun!  I took a lot of pictures at the AC meet, but it’s late, so let me just leave you with one of the gems of the weekend (I think you’ll just have to agree with me here.)  

The meet was largely cosplay oriented, so I didn’t really get to meet or draw for a lot of you people.  >:  Maybe you might remember a girl in a purple dress and a blue backpack, taking pictures with her phone?  That was me, being a fan for all of you!  ♥♥♥♥♥