That’s me cosplaying Terezi and Molly cosplaying as Redglare from Homestuck!

I was so ridiculously happy to get pictures with her in this cosplay, easily one of my favorite cosplays I’ve ever done, and possibly even my very best~ Also she made a fantastic Redglare!

Plus I totally feel like I’ve got a Terezi/Reglare thing going on with her anyways, this whole “man I wanna grow up to be JUST LIKE HER” thing, except instead of executing people in the name of JUSTICE, I just wanna do erts. Thanks, Molly, for being so awesome! <3

Oh yeah, that’s my sister as Pikachu back there, she’s so adorable C:

MOLTO BENE (otakon 2011) on Flickr.

look at all these attractive people :D

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