otakon thursday


Some more food and cosplay pics- from Otakon and the week after. xD 

Genos and I got breakfast at the hotel every morning of Otakon, and the first day we got smoked salmon and a cheese/charcuterie plate, then traded different pieces. :3 A salty breakfast but worth it. The other pics are from the dim sum meal we had on Thursday before Otakon Day 1 near Chinatown…and then some pics of food from the week after at a Japanese cafe. 

…and our snack situation in our room. XD Mostly due to my constant desire to be snacking. X3 


As promised, here are some pictures from Otakon. This was from Thursday when we wen to pick up badges, so I decided to give Johan a try. I think I need a better wig tbh, but I still liked cosplaying as him, though he’d be much better for a fall or winter con due to his suit/sweater.

I’ll post most pictures as I get them, since I’ll be getting some as Gundham and as Waver as well. I also hope that these don’t turn out to be blurry either since they looked that way in the preview =/


Throwback Thursday to all the princess/upper class/queen/khaleesi cosplays I’ve done over the years. Weirdly enough, all done during my time in college, after I swore I would quit my senior year of high school. I think somewhere, deep down, I cosplay because I still like to pretend to be a ~pretty pretty princess~.

Cosplays are:
Evil Food Eater Conchita fanart from Meiko’s Conchita
Briar Rose/Aurora from sleeping beauty
Twisted Princess artwork version of Briar Rose
Arachne from Sakizou’s artwork
Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon (Manga/artwork version)
Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire.